Great Images from Great Movies (4) – “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Truly great movies leave indelible marks. It may be through an emotional connection to the story. It may be through a remarkable performance or a signature scene. But it could also be through the brilliant imagery that films carves into your mind. That’s what this feature is all about – highlighting great images from great movies. And it just so happens that we got one of those movies last year.

MAX poster



















So what are thoughts on this fantastic action movie from last year? Is there a particular image that stands out to you? There truly are more than a simple post can contain.


33 thoughts on “Great Images from Great Movies (4) – “Mad Max: Fury Road”

  1. Nice. I thought the movie was more of a thrill fest than anything deeper though I can see the appeal, I guess it didn’t speak to me as much. I’d give it a 7/10. But the scene where the women were milked had me shocked and my jaw juts dropped lol.

    • Oh yes…THAT scene. It was really bizarre. I really loved Fury Road. I don’t think its rich with meaning, just with more meaning than I ever expected. And I loved the femininity amongst the high-octane action.

  2. Can’t get enough of the suspended flame-thrower-guitar guy. He sums up everything that’s unique to Fury Road.

    • YES!!!! I remember when I first saw that crazed concoction rolling across the wasteland. It’s still brings a smile to my face every time I see it. In the old days of war they had the drummer boys. Mad Max takes that to new levels! 🙂

  3. I saw Fury Road when it hit VOD and seeing it on a TV screen did not do the film justice. There’s some beautiful imagery in this movie and I regret missing it in theaters.

    • I think it looks great on TV but you’re absolutely right, nothing like on the big screen. I’m telling you I left theaters on an adrenaline high! Such a gorgeous visual experience.

    • I appreciate that. I think this is the fourth one of these in the series. Look the others up as well.

      I’m with you, the film deserves a ton of credit. Such a visual delight.

    • Yep! Incredible visuals. I left the theater so impressed. So many images stuck in my mind. I’ve watched it twice more since it has come out on Blu-Ray.

  4. Great choices! That whole movie looks incredible, I was just stunned when I watched it in the cinema. My favorite shot is in the blue part of the movie with Furiosa sitting in the forgeround of the Rig and the girls holding a lantern in the back

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