The Keith & the Movies ’10 Days of Horror’…..

The Keith & the Movies ’10 Days of Horror’ is here. From now all the way until October 31st, everything on Keith & the Movies will be horror related. I’m kicking it off with a special Phenomenal 5 tomorrow. Then expect horror themed Throwdowns, special horror movie reviews, and a NEW inductee into the Keith & the Movies Valhalla. I love the horror genre and expect this to be a lot of fun. I hope you do too. Please stop by each day and share your thoughts on the content. Also share it with you friends. The more conversation the better. Now, let the horror begin…..

11 thoughts on “The Keith & the Movies ’10 Days of Horror’…..

    • I understand, although there will be a wide variety of stuff. I also am writing reviews for a couple of movies that I think you’ve seen. One surprised me more than any other film so far this year. They’ll be up the day after Halloween.

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