THE 2013 LAMMYS – For Your Consideration…

CONSIDERATION POSTERI can’t say enough to express my appreciation to everyone who submitted or thought about Keith & the Movies during the Submission stage of the 2013 Lammy Awards. I have to be honest, there’s no way I would have an opportunity to be considered if it weren’t for the visits to the site, the comments, and the support. I’ve met so many cool people and have learned a lot from some really gifted movie folks and fellow movie buffs. So What can I say but THANK YOU! Thank you for making this whole silly little endeavor fun and worthwhile.

So I’ve been submitted and given a chance to earn a nomination in four LAMMY  Awards categories. I’m not much for campaigning but I’ll take a little time here to ask for your consideration in the categories of BEST BLOG, BEST NEW LAMB, BEST MOVIE REVIEWER, and BEST RUNNING FEATURE. There’s so many great bloggers out there and it would be such an incredible honor to join their company as a 2013 Lammy Nominee. Good luck to my fellow bloggers and let The Lammys begin!

Keith Garlington (Keith & the Movies)

28 thoughts on “THE 2013 LAMMYS – For Your Consideration…

  1. Damn you man! You are competing with me in all four? You and I must get a restraining order in the process of the noms. This could get ugly 😉 LOL.

    Best of luck though bro. You deserve to be included.

  2. I’ve applied to be a Lamb, but don’t know how long the process takes to be validated. If I make it into the club, I would vote for you. So who are your favorite three film bloggers?

    • Thanks so much. I don’t know if I could possible narrow it down to three. The cool thing I’ve found out since blogging is that there are so many different styles and approaches to movie blogging. Some focus on different types of cinema while others are more into features or features. It’s hard to compare. But it has introduced me to some really great writers and fellow movie-oholics!

  3. Congratulations and good luck! We share one category (best running feature). Looking forward to it all, still need to sit down for it all before I start voting.

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