It’s the 2013 Lammy Awards & I’ve Been Invited!


The 2013 Lammys have rounded the final turn and are heading for home. The final nominees have been announced and the voting is now open for the final round. I have to admit I was really surprised to find that my little ol’ Keith & the Movies site had been submitted for four Lammy Awards: Best Movie Reviewer, Best Running Feature (The Phenomenal 5), Best New Lamb, and Best Blog. I have to admit I was pretty surprised to see my named mentioned by some fellow movie bloggers that I respect a great deal. And while my expectations were low, I was hoping I may squeak in and grab a nomination in a category or two.

Monday the Lammys were announced and while I didn’t make it in a couple of the categories I was hoping for, I did snag a nomination for BEST NEW LAMB. I gotta say that’s pretty cool especially when I look at the wealth of talent represented by my fellow nominees. I really don’t think I stand a chance but it’ll be fun to watch things play out. Either way if I do lose it’s good to know I’ll lose to a very deserving winner. And not only are my fellow nominees deserving, but I’ve gone on to become pals with most of them. Of course I hope they all lose to me but you get what I’m sayin’.

Let me end by giving a huge “THANK YOU” to everyone who has read my material, “liked” a post, commented, or shared something from Keith & the Movies. Blogging wouldn’t be nearly as much fun for me if people weren’t reading and seemingly enjoying some of what I’ve written. It wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without the comments and the conversations from you people who visit the site. And a Lammy certainly wouldn’t be possible without each of you (and of course the great people over at the LAMB who put this all together). Finally, a special congratulations to my fellow BEST NEW LAMB nominees especially Marked Movies, Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coup, The Focused Filmographer, Head in a Vice, and Rorschach Reviews. You guys are tremendous.

So get the confetti poppers and the disco ball ready. Ice down the Diet Dr. Pepper and warm up the cheese dip. I would really appreciate your vote for BEST NEW LAMB. But hey, regardless of who wins, we’ll celebrate their victory together at the after party!


36 thoughts on “It’s the 2013 Lammy Awards & I’ve Been Invited!

  1. Congratulations to your well deserved nomination! To get a nomination in this category, it’s not enough to write great posts – you also need to establish yourself, make people take notice of you, which isn’t all that easy when there are hundreds and thousands of movie blogs out there calling for attention. Be proud to be one of the chosen few!

    • Thanks Jessica! I really appreciate that. I’ve met some really cool people and fellow movie lovers through this thing and that’s been the most satisfying part. Now to actually be considered for this award is pretty humbling and it kinda makes me think that some folks may actually be enjoying this a little. That’s pretty cool too!

    • Maniacal laugh!!!!! LOL! I wouldn’t be surprised if this one is yours buddy! You’ve done some amazing things and all the recognition you’ve received has been well deserved! You run one amazing site.

  2. Congrats Bro. You know I’m happy to see you involved here and receiving some well deserved recognition. It’s just a damn shame that when it comes down to it, we end up facing the very people we have come to respect and like. Best of luck anyway, man.

    • Yep you’re right. A lot of head to head between blogging buds. But it should be a hoot though. Thanks again for all the support you’ve steadily thrown this way. MUCH appreciated!

  3. Congratulations, Keith! It’s well deserved 😀 Good luck with the voting now, it’s going to be a tough year to – I want to vote for everyone!

    • Thanks so much. I appreciate it. You’re right. Tough year. There are so many great names especially in this category. I’m up against some amazing and creative writers for certain!!!

  4. Congratulations, it is well deserved. I was surprised you were not in a couple of other categories as well, I always find your writing to be among the most insightful and well written posts I read. I found several of the New Lambs in the last year and I feel proud to have contributed to their recognition by sharing and voting on the nominations. I have some tough choices to make, it’s a good year.

    • Wow, I really appreciate the kind words. I also appreciate the way you supported the site with your posts and visits. Plus you still have the greatest avatar of any. 🙂

      There really are some great new blogs out there. I’m pretty excited to be mentioned along with them. Honestly I was hoping to get a nod in the movie reviewer category. But that just means I need to work a little harder during the next year. 🙂

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