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Your Voices

Possibly the coolest thing about doing this site is the thought that people may actually enjoy reading what I write. Obviously that isn’t the driving force behind writing but in terms of movie blogging it does make a difference to me. That’s why every comment, every visit, and every ‘like’ brings a smile to my face. It’s very satisfying and in a way it’s an encouragement to keep on. So in other words, I really appreciate all of the contributions that so many of you have made either by commenting, visiting, or just reading my content. Thank you.

But today I’m starting something called Your Voices which asks you to contribute in a slightly different way. I’m always interested in what people have to say so I thought it would be cool to hear from you about Keith & the Movies. I want to hear your opinions on the site and the content. I don’t want this to be about self-aggrandizement (okay maybe a little). Instead I thought it would be cool to see what people enjoy the most when it comes to the content I put out . I want to see what’s working and what isn’t.

So the first Your Voices post goes like this: I’ll throw something out to you and you respond in the comments section. Here we go!

Place these 6 Keith & the Movies features in order from your favorite to your least favorite. Also throw in a what thoughts you may have.

KMKM The Movie Reviews
 The Phenomenal 5
Classic Movie Spotlight
 The Public Movie Defender
Keith & the Movies Valhalla
 K & M Commentary

I hope you’ll take time to rank these features and share a few comments about them. I can’t wait to learn what’s working and what you all like the most! This will also let me know some things I can fine tune to make this site better and more fun for everyone. Thanks again!


44 thoughts on “Your Voices: On Keith & the Movies

  1. 1: The movie reviews.
    2: The Phenomenal Five
    3: The Public Movie Defender
    4: K & M commentary
    5: K & M Valhalla
    6: Classic Movie Spotlight

    I really enjoy everything your site has to offer. It is really difficult to rank these 6. Ultimately, for a relatively new film blogger like myself, your site and content gives me something to strive towards. I hope one day to have a site as large and respected as yours is.

    • Thanks for being the first to comment. I appreciate the kind words. I’m really glad to see the movie reviews at the top. I enjoy putting together the other features but reviews make up a slight majority of my posted content. I’m trying to get better at reviewing so its great to see where you have them.

      Thanks again!

  2. Good stuff, Keith! Yours is one of my favorite blogs and it’s a pleasure visiting!
    Now, to my ranking:

    1. The Movie Reviews
    2. Keith & the Movies Valhalla
    3. The Phenomenal 5
    4. Classic Movie Spotlight
    5. K & M Commentary
    6. The Public Movie Defender

    • Thanks my friend! You’ve contributed with your comments and visits for a long time. It means a lot!

      Again, I’m really proud to see the movie reviews at the top. It’s something I’m working at, trying to get better. It also makes up a lot of this site so I hope people are getting something out of them.

      Thanks again!

  3. Alrighty, let me tell you, and this is not that easy (cause I love your site):

    1. The Movie Reviews
    2. K & M Commentary
    3. The Phenomenal 5
    4. The Public Movie Defender
    5. Keith & the Movies Valhalla
    6. Classic Movie Spotlight

    Sheesh, that was not a simple cause. But I took the time, and I enjoy this site so much! I think you have a really good thing going for you!

    • Thanks so much Zoe and your a big part of it. I REALLY appreciate the great comments and the many visits.

      It’s going to be interesting to see the trends of things. Hopefully if enough people chime in it will give me some good info about what’s connecting to people and what isn’t.

      Once again, Thank You!

  4. It’s hard to rank these, but I’d like to throw my two cents in and say that Movie Defender is my favorite 🙂 It takes a lot of guts to go against the grain like that, and I’m always interested in peoples’ rationales for their choices in those areas.

    Just out of curiosity, will you ever do the opposite? I.e. condemn a movie that critics usually tend to love?

    • It’s funny you mention that. I have been thinking about doing that because there are several that come to mind. I’m thinking about making it a law feature. One part defense and one part prosecution.

      Anyway, thanks for the comments. I’m really glad that someone enjoys that feature because it’s been a lot of fun to write.

  5. 1. Movie reviews
    2. Phenomenal Five
    3. K&M Commentary
    4. Public Movie Defender
    5. K&M Valhalla
    6. Classic Movie Spotlight

    That was a difficult decision mate, I enjoy all the stuff you do. You’ve got a really good variety of pieces and it always feels like there’s something different to read.

    • Thanks buddy. I really appreciate you.

      Big part of this site through your steady visits and your RTs on Twitter. Means a lot. Like I’ve said elsewhere, it’s good to see the movie reviews at the top. That’s really what started this site and it’s good to hear people may be enjoying them.

  6. 1: The movie Reviews.
    2: The Valhalla
    3: Classic Movie Spotlight.
    4: The phenomenal 5
    5: K&M commentary
    6: The public movie defender.

    The last one is only because I’ve not always seen the film your defending, so it’s hard for me to rate that properly at the moment. Still, all the features are full of good stuff, bro.

    • MARK!!! Good to hear from you my friend. I know you’re taking some away time and working on a project but I sure miss your content and seeing ya around. Looking forward to your return!

      Another ranking with the movie reviews on top. I got to admit I’m a little surprised that the reviews are getting that much love. Makes me feel pretty good about them.

      • Thanks for the enthusiasm bro. I’m hoping to be around over the next week or so before I have to embark on my project again. Got a review up today and hopefully a few more posts will follow.

        You should feel good about your reviews man. They’re very well written and always a pleasure to hear your opinion.

  7. 1. Movie Reviews
    2. The Phenomenal 5
    3. The Valhalla
    4. Commentary
    5. The Public Movie Defender
    6. Classic Movie Spotlight

    I like all the features you have, so ranking them was difficult. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks my friend. You’ve ALWAYS been a steady contributor to this site so I was anxious to see your rankings. I’m sounding like a broke record, but the reviews seem to be the early favorite for everyone. Makes me feel pretty good.

      Anyway, thanks for your visits and comments. It’s really encouraging.

  8. 1. The Movie Reviews
    2. Classic Movie Spotlight
    3. Phenomenal Five
    4.The Valhalla
    5. Commentary
    6. The Public Movie Defender

    I put the reviews at the top because as I have said before, I like your writing style and the point of view is usually clear and I often agree. One thing that works for me a lot is that the reviews minimize the plot recaps and emphasize story telling elements. Classic Movie Spotlight comes next because those are my favorite movies and it is nice to see others wanting to discuss both current and past films. The Five reminds me to come up with my own responses, and you pick some great topics. The gunfight post still makes me happy to think about. Valhalla is less frequent but not less loved, I just can’t understand why all the film’s I love the most have not been honored (lol). Commentary is next because it is, not because it is unwanted. I’m writing this after all, and most of your commentaries echo my thoughts. Movie Defender at the bottom because I read it after I look at other things. I think the idea of prosecuting as well is a great idea for making the feature more entertaining. You did not include it on the list but I especially like the thoughtful and welcome reply that you give to readers comments. I always feel more like writing a reply when I know it is read and responded to. Kinda like blogging and the purpose behind your post here. Thanks for asking, keep up the good work.

    • I really appreciate the thoughtful response. I’m also glad to hear my Classic Movie Spotlight mentioned. I really love doing it (look for one next week) and I was really curious how it was playing with everyone. I love the classics and I just hope the feature gets them out there to a few people who otherwise may have passed them over.

      The Defender is still a very new feature so I wasn’t expecting it to top very many lists. But it’s one that I think has a lot of potential as you alluded to. It’s more aimed at fun although I do hope to get into prosecuting some movies that I think deserve to be scrutinized.

      Anyway thank you for your many visits and wonderful responses to my content. Those are the kinds of things that help me and encourage me to keep on writing and to write better.

    • Thanks Cindy! I appreciate the kind words. You have a great site and I tend to visit more than I’ve commented (lived the Bermuda post. The pics made me want to be there!) l’ll definitely do better in that regard!

  9. 1. The Phenomenal 5
    2. The Public Movie Defender
    3. K & M Commentary
    4. Keith & the Movies Valhalla
    5. The Movie Reviews
    6. Classic Movie Spotlight

    Not that any of them aren’t thoroughly enjoyable! They’re all great and you have one of the best movie blogs out there.

    • Wow, thanks man. I really appreciate the kind words. I’m also glad to see The Phenomenal 5 top a list. I have a lot of fun with it, both discussing with others and coming up with ideas for it. My biggest fear with it was that it may be getting old to some people. I really hope not.

  10. The Phenomenal 5
    The Public Movie Defender
    The Movie Reviews
    Classic Movie Spotlight
    Keith & the Movies Valhalla
    K & M Commentary

    The first two are definitely highlights for me – very original and very fun to read!

    • Thanks a lot for that! I’m really glad to see that my Phenomenal 5 lists are appreciated. I’ve had a good run of ideas going but I know it will eventually run out. Hopefully I can just keep coming up with lists that people find interesting.

      Like the Phenomenal 5, the PMD is a lot of fun. I wasn’t really sure how people react to it first.

      Anyway, thanks for your input and for checking out the page. You’ve always got something good to say and I appreciate that.

    • Glad to see that my top two personal favorites are your top two is well. I still feel like I could improve on the movie reviews but they are a lot of fun to write. Thanks man!

  11. First off, I think that you have some of the best features out there. Secondly, any of the top three could be number one for me, but the Phenomal 5 took the prize because you included Playtime last week 🙂

    1) The Phenomenal 5
    2) The Movie Reviews
    3) K & M Commentary
    4) The Public Movie Defender
    5) Keith & the Movies Valhalla
    6) Classic Movie Spotlight

    • I knew that Playtime would help me in the end! 🙂

      No seriously, I really appreciate the comments. Glad to see you enjoy the Phenomenal 5 and the K&M Commentary. The reviews have had several top mentions but the other two not as much. It’s really encouraging. Thanks.

  12. Sorry I’m late to this Keith! Well, as you probably already know, I LOVE everything about your blog and you as a blogger as you always have such awesome content day in and day out, you participate in the blogging community and most of all, you have a unique voice in the film blogosphere! But if I were to rate these 6 features, it’d go like this:

    6. Keith & the Movies Valhalla
    5. Classic Movie Spotlight
    4. The Public Movie Defender
    3. K & M Commentary
    2. The Movie Reviews
    1. The Phenomenal 5

    Keep up the great work as always, buddy! 😀

    • Thanks a billion Ruth! Appreciate the kind words and the great support you give. Glad to see the comments on these features and there were a couple of trends that I noticed. Even more its pretty interesting to see what different people respond to the most.

      Thanks again Ruth! 🙂

  13. Hi Keith, it’s tough to rank these, but I always enjoy reading whatever you have to say. 😀 You have a great writing style, very informative and easy to read. I guess I’ll throw in a vote for your classic movie posts, as it’s always great to spotlight films that may have been forgotten. Also, I’m curious to see what you have in store for your Valhalla series!

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