K & M Commentary – That Odd Thing Called Taste

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There is something all of us possess that highlights our own special uniquenesses. It’s this odd thing called taste. Our wide variety of tastes show themselves in a wide variety of ways. Just think about it. One person may love 19th century classical music while another loves 1980’s hair metal. One person may only read crime novels while someone else only reads biographies. I know some people who love Italian pasta while others hate it and would prefer a thick-cut ribeye steak anytime. I could go on and on but you get the point.

Our tastes are just some of the things that set us apart from each other and our tastes are defined by an assortment of different things. They help to reveal our own unique personalities, our own unique voices, our own unique preferences, and our own unique passions. We may share specific tastes but an individual’s collective tastes help to give them an individuality that can often times be fascinating.

I’m especially drawn to people’s different tastes when it comes to movies and television. There’s such a widely varied gamut of likes and dislikes when it comes to these areas of entertainment. I also love how a person’s passionate taste for something helps identify them. For example I know that Ruth at Flixchatter adores British cinema and the many great actors that come from the U.K. Mark at Marked Movies is all about Robert DeNiro and his many great films. Lady Sati over at Cinematic Corner is incredibly passionate about “Game of Thrones”. I could go on and on.

But for me there’s an even more fascinating way to look at our different tastes when it comes to movies. It amazes me how two people can look at one movie and have such drastically different responses to it. Tastes can so wildly vary that one person may despise a film with all their being while another person adores the film and is passionate in their defense of it. There was a time in my immaturity where I would get frustrated when someone disliked a movie that I thought was brilliant. I know, it’s a silly notion but it’s true. I just couldn’t grasp how a movie that gave me such a wonderful experience could be such a pain for someone else. Movies are a funny thing.

It all comes down to this – movies are subjective. They have the uncanny ability to effect every soul differently and appeal to specific tastes in various ways. Movies can scare one person but not another. They can make one person laugh while another sits stone-faced. They can bring one person to tears while another rolls their eyes. There’s just a unique quality about movies that is directly connected to our individuality. What works for one doesn’t always work for another. That’s why movie critics most often debate the writing, the direction, technique, etc. And even then the critic can’t separate his or her own individual taste if they’re being honest in his review.

Still, I can’t promise you that I won’t scratch my head or roll my eyes when I hear that you like Seth Rogan or Will Ferrell movies. I can’t promise that I won’t sit in a state befuddlement when I read a rave review of a Nicholas Sparks film or I see an Adam Sandler movie take in over $100 million. I can’t promise you any of those things. But I can say I better understand it. Like I said, taste is a really odd thing.


26 thoughts on “K & M Commentary – That Odd Thing Called Taste

  1. Hear, hear! It is an odd thing, and it’s taken me a while to appreciate some people’s taste isn’t the same as my own! How self centered, I know! I was talking to someone just the other day about how much they hated Midnight in Paris and it took every fibre in my being to not scream ‘you’re just wrong!’ at them. This person also likes ‘terrible’ rom coms and refuses to watch anything with subtitles. Some people just can’t be helped 😉 See, there’s my judgemental hat on again!

  2. There’s certainly no accounting for it. I try to watch as many different genre’s and styles of moviemaking as possible but I have to be honest, rom-coms are one of the first to be left behind. I’m normally drawn to crime drama’s but I can happily sit down to a bit Shakespeare or a quality period drama. I try not to pigeonhole my viewing but I suppose we’re all drawn to a particular type at the end of the day.

    Great post bro and thanks for the shout-out. I do love me some DeNiro.

    • We are definitely all different. I’m being honest, back when I was a young movie fan I would get ticked off hearing someone slam a movie a love. Now I just passionately defend it. 🙂

  3. 😀 This is such a great post. Individuality always impresses me, and it is always interesting to see how vastly different peoples tastes and opinions are.

    I always love how just because you don’t share the same taste in movies/books/etc. with another person, doesn’t mean you can’t get along. My best friend is into some serious rom-com crap and romance novels – me? Not going catch me dead with that type of stuff, but it is awesome how we can get along yet just can’t like the same things (well that, anyway). I appreciate that it makes her tick, just not my cup of tea.

    • I think you need to sever ties with that friend right now! I mean romantic novels!?!?!? 😉

      Seriously, you’re exactly right. Individuality is such a fascinating thing. Honestly I don’t always understand it, but still, if we all liked the same movies this blogging thing would be pretty boring wouldn’t it?

      • I know, right? Couldn’t be more out there even if she tried! And she is so damn intelligent, too! 😛

        Meh, I am with you. No diversity would lead to immense boredom. I do not think that would be cool… think of an Equilibrium nation without the Prozac 😛 Just boring, and all into the same thing. If we all did, no one would have that much emotion about anything. I think, anyhow haha!

        I agree. I like reading and agreeing with someone, but I also love reading an opinion and thinking “are you insane?!”

  4. You are right… taste is a fascinating thing and sometimes discovering what someone likes can give you a whole different perspective on them. Although I’m going to agree with Mark… romcoms… whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???

    • LOL! I’m not going to say I don’t like rom-coms. I just don’t like the mass majority of modern day rom-coms. The romantic comedy goes back to great flicks like The Philadelphia Story, etc. but boy how they’ve barfed it up today!!!

  5. Nice post. Taste is different for everyone and I always try to hold my tongue when I hear someone say something I completely disagree with. For example, I once met a guy who told me they thought movies like Citizen Kane were overrated but enjoyed Here Comes The Boom.

  6. One of my earliest visits to your site was to disagree with you on a movie that you passionately loved and I just as passionately hated. Despite those difference, I always appreciate when someone can explain their position even if I disagree with it. Yesterday we can agree on Russel Crowe, tomorrow you might make the mistake of defending Will Ferrel. Our history influences our taste as does our willingness to take chances. Listening is the key, and if we hear each other out, we might learn something. Even if it does not change our minds.

    • Great comments! Always have appreciated your comments even when we disagree. I do have to say, you probably won’t be hearing a Will Ferrell defense anytime soon.

  7. There are certainly a lot of times when I’m shaking my head at some striking difference between what I like and what other people like. Most of the time, I agree, it’s just down to individual taste. But occasionally I think it’s down to ignorance… when somebody says they don’t like classic movies, across the board, I’m inclined to think they just haven’t watched any.

  8. Awesome topic and very well said. Movies are subjective, rendering our ‘Reviews’ to simply being conversational sharing of our thoughts and opinions regarding something. They’re not meant to be a definitive judgement on a film. I understand how some people find Reviews helpful in determining whether to watch a movie or not, however, I try to avoid all Reviews of a film I haven’t seen, so as to not prejudice my own opinions through others’ perceptions of it. Not to say that in this day and age you don’t get some sort of general feedback from Twitter, Facebook, Internet about a movie regardless how hard you try to avoid.

    But what you mention is another reason why I don’t review Comedy movies. I find comedy to be even further subjective than other genres, as it completely depends on a person’s mood and personality in general, or during the viewing. I can swear to despise Ferrel movies, but his earlier work had me in stitches. Was that because it was a different time for me personally? Who knows. I can find a movie dumb and ridiculous at one time, but seeing it on TV years later, may make me laugh. Also, jokes are hard to really ‘critique’ objectively.

    Loving these commentaries!

    • Great, great comments especially about comedies! They are absolutely the most subjected to taste, sense of humor, etc. Everyone have certain things they find funny. Admittedly I sometimes have a hard time with that one!

    • Great, great comments especially about comedies! They are absolutely the most subjected to taste, sense of humor, etc. Everyone have certain things they find funny. Admittedly I sometimes have a hard time with that one! 😉

      • The great ones usually do. 😉

        I also try to avoid any talk of Box Office numbers in my “Reviews.” I don’t think monetary success speaks to the quality of a film.

  9. So true, it’s especially strange though when you’re about the only one that liked a certain film (Movie 43). But if you’re passionate about it you just have to respect that opinion. Great post again m’man!

  10. Very nice piece. It’s easy to forget that taste in film is subjective. Sometimes I catch myself getting frustrated when a friend or family member mentions liking Grown Ups or something in that vein, but hasn’t even heard of one of my favorite films. I have to remind myself that not everyone is as “into” movies as I am, and that we simply don’t have the same taste anyway. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure, so they say.

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