Your Voices : On Underrated Actresses

Your Voices

A couple of weeks ago we looked at underrated actors. Guy Pearce and Karl Urban were two that always pop into my mind. Today it’s the ladies’ turn. I’m talking about those actresses who have shown their amazing talents yet fail to get the appreciation and respect they deserve. There are several that come to mind but I’m just going to mention one who deserves some love. After that, it’s time for your voices.

BLUNTIt should be common knowledge now that I love Emily Blunt. Yes, I think she’s absolutely beautiful, but I also think she’s a tremendous actress. Blunt has been popping up in a lot more films recently but it’s clear she’s not considered a top tier actress. I think that needs to change. She’s a natural actress armed with an infectious sense of humor as well as a convincing dramatic presence. It may be easy for some people to dismiss her but I love her undeniable charm, razor sharp wit, and the grounded believability that she brings to every role. She’s a much more versatile actress than many give her credit for and I’m always interested whenever I see her name attached to a product.

So you now know my choice. It’s time or Your Voices. Who do you think are some of the more underrated actresses in film?

So lets get to it. I hope you’ll take time to list some of your choices and share a few comments about them. Throw them some love and let everyone know why you feel they are underrated and underappreciated. I can’t wait to learn who you think deserves some more recognition! Thanks again!


27 thoughts on “Your Voices : On Underrated Actresses

  1. Emily Blunt for sure, but I’d add in Mary Elizabeth Winstead (She was amazing in Smashed last year) and Rose Byrne (just because I’m a Damages nut)

  2. Great question for sure, I think Diane Lane is pretty underrated. She hasn’t really proven herself as of yet but I think she has it in her for a blow out performance.

  3. I know I’m gonna catch hell, but Kristen Stewart. Her work in On the Road, Into the Wild, and Adventureland is phenomenal. Oh and Rose Byrne and Brit Marling for sure. Also, don’t forget Rebecca Hall :). Sorry, there are so many!

    • Both are good and it seems they are finally getting roles they deserve. Williams already seems to be a critical favorite but I love seeing Mulligan getting love.

  4. I like Zoey Dechanel. I think she gets (and allows herself to be) pigeonholed in quirky roles, but there’s a strong actress there with the mainstream good looks to be an A-Lister. But again… she does some crap movies.

    A makeover to her image and she’d be a strong actress.

  5. I like Blunt but I think she became extremely lazy over last few years, playing in those tired, silly romantic comedies. Granted, she is always good in them, but I wish she took more risk.

    • I’m not sure I agree mainly because I don’t know what else she has been offered (hence the reason I see her as underrated). I have heard several interviews with her and she seems very open to riskier projects IF they were to come her way.

      • That’s good to know, I haven’t seen some of he recent movies but they seem different than usual romantic comedies. Have you seen Gideon’s Daugher or My Summer of Love? She was great there!

  6. I like Blunt but I don’t think she’s underrated, there are plenty of roles she got offered. I’d say Minnie Driver is massively underrated, as she doesn’t seem to fit into Hollywood’s ‘mold’ of what they consider beautiful 😦

    • Oh I think Blunt is looked at almost exclusively as a supporting actress. I really think she’s better than that. She has a natural charm about her that sells nearly every role she tackles. She seems like a natural.

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