Know Your Movies – Three Hints, One Guess


It can’t only be reviews, Phenomenal 5 lists, and commentaries, right? Know Your Movies is all about having fun. Here’s how it works: I’ll share a still shot from a movie. It can be extremely serious or completely absurd. After that I’ll provide you with three hints. The rest is up to you. Hop on the comments section and share your guess as well as any thoughts you have on the movie, actor/actress, or the scene. It should be a blast.

I thought it would fun to start this feature off with something totally absurd. Here’s the shot. Three hints will follow.


Yes, that’s Gary Busey in drag!

Hint 1: Released in 1992

Hint 2: It was the first film of a series

Hint 3: Has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 75%

Now head to the comments and share your guess. Would also love to hear your thoughts on the film, the scene, or anything else. The correct answer will be announced first on my Twitter feed (@KeithandMovies for those who want to follow).

29 thoughts on “Know Your Movies – Three Hints, One Guess

    • Just something I’m playing around with. It sounded like fun. The comments section will certainly give it away. But hopefully people checked out the image, read the hints, and made their guess before going there. I also hope it will incite people to comment about the movie or the scene depicted. Could be pretty fun.

  1. There has got to be a widget somewhere that allows people to guess without revealing it to others. Then you could put a time limit on the post and reveal the answer only after someone guesses. I like the idea though. You picked a good picture for this and the movie has got to be Seagal’s best film. Second clue could have been Tommy Lee Jones playing the harmonica.

    • It’s still a work in progress. Pretty it’s something fun I’m playing around with. Speed system hopefully people make their guesses before looking at the comments section. I do want to find a way to fix it so that it isn’t revealed too soon.

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