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Well it’s a bit of old news but in keeping with the recent Star Wars trend at Keith & the Movies I thought I would throw this out there. What are you thoughts on Disney’s confirmed plans to bring us new Star Wars movies? Now it shouldn’t surprise anyone. I mean they didn’t pay that much money to just sit on its current profitability. But there are several legitimate questions about these new episodes. Questions about the plot, questions about the cast, questions about the director.

Usually on Your Voices I try to have a definitive position. But I find myself torn on this one. I’m a Star Wars geek so the prospect of brand new movies really excites me. On the other hand, the franchise is now in new creative hands and there are chances that this could end up being a disaster. Is it a money grab? Will it flow well with the established continuity? Will it capture the spirit of the original films? There is plenty of material there for a great new direction. But there are also plenty of obstacles that could cause this to go terribly wrong.

What are your thoughts on the new Star Wars movies heading to theaters?

So now it’s time for Your Voices. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Star Wars films? Do you share the same concerns I do? Are you excited at the idea of venturing back into this universe? Please head to the comments section and let Your Voices be heard.

26 thoughts on “Your Voices: On the new Star Wars movies

  1. I don’t think Abrams would have agreed if it was a money grab. With him behind the camera I am hopeful. Then again, money speaks the loudest. But I’d like to believe some people can’t be bought like Christopher Nolan or Christian Bale with Batman and such. I feel Abrams is one of the good guys and has so much talent. With Michael Arndt penning the screenplay and Cumberbatch looking more and more each day to be attached as well, it has the makings to be amazing. Then again, I’m a huge fanboy like yourself Keith. You know what they say, love is blind…

  2. Though I’m nowhere near the center of the most passionate Star Wars fans — I’m really quite indifferent to it and Star Trek — I think my main concern is with something you brought up Keith. “Will it capture the spirit of the originals?” Somewhere deep down inside me, I think this is a foregone conclusion: No. There will be a starkly different feel to it, no matter the high (or low) quality of the newest installment. That’s not to say whatever new energy or passion or tones that are likely to be brought to the set with Disney and with J.J. Abrams are going to be awful, but personally even with my apathy towards the original saga, I am wary since I’m not the biggest supporter of Abrams. Remember, he’s the one that came in and popcornified Star Trek and all that it stood for.

  3. I’m not a Star Wars geek but I’m very glad JJ Abram’s and the produced have talked about using real sets and more practical effects after the empty green screen nothingness that the prequels were. Seems like they’ll try to actually have a good sci-fi story instead of just seeing how many computer effects they can squeeze onto the screen. The only concern I have is that JJ’s style is very noticeable (i.e., lens flares) and I hope he tones that down. Especially when another director takes over the second movie, hopefully there’s not some jarring shift in the visuals.

    • One of my concerns with Abrams is that he tends to Hollywoodize things a little to much. That’s what he did with Star Trek. Star Wars is clearly different than Star Trek but too much of a Hollywood touch could hurt it.

  4. The George Lucas vision was incredible but the Lucas touch was leaden, this series needs guidance from people who love the characters and the world’s they live in, I think J.J. fits that description. While his style may irritate some, I hope his heart revives the gee whiz enthusiasm the series started with. I don’t watch all the cartoons or read the books or play the games, I just watch and love the film’s and want them to continue but only if they can get back to the original spirit. Less CGI and more intimate story framed in an adventure context. There is a chance here to turn this into a successful decades long film series but you need vision and a fresh set of eyes. Look, if they screw it up, they will have only themselves to blame because fans want it to work. Give it a chance and we will get to decide.

    • Very well said. The Star Wars formula is pretty basic but very effective. I really hope Abrams gets back to it. He worries me because he does tend to want modernize things to the point of irritation and he seems to really be trying hard to be Spielberg, Jr. But looking at Spielberg’s earlier work, well that’s not a bad thing.

  5. I’m torn too Keith. I mean Disney can’t do much worse than recent years under Lucas. I’m certainly intrigued to see what happens and Snyder has handled the Star Trek movies pretty well. I still love Star Wars though so I’ll still end up going to see it!

  6. Hi Keith! I’m actually neutral on the whole idea as I wasn’t a huge fan of the previous films. I grew up w/ two brothers who love ’em but I myself have never really been caught up in the bandwagon. I mean if the new ones are good I probably will see ’em but I’m not hugely anticipating it.

  7. Good question. I know the motives behind the decision is just so Disney will make more money off of Star Wars, but I’m hoping Abrams will get behind a good, original story for the movie.

  8. Episodes 1 – 3 didn’t capture the spirit of the original. I think new creative hands is what the franchise needed if it were to amount to anything. That or someone just smack Lucas upside the head and get him to allow the Thrawn trilogy to be adapted into movies. But, I think Disney will have seen what the reaction to JarJar and the like was and will attempt to steer away from that kind of movie.

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