Know Your Movies – One Image, Three Hints


It can’t only be reviews, Phenomenal 5 lists, and commentaries, right? Know Your Movies is all about having fun. Here’s how it works: I’ll share a single shot from a movie. It can be extremely serious or completely absurd. After that I’ll provide you with three hints. The rest is up to you. Hop in the comments section and share your guess as well as any thoughts or memories you have on the movie, actor/actress, or the scene itself. It should be a blast.

Today’s image is from a film that is another of my favorites of all time. So here is the shot. Three hints will follow.


Hint 1: Released in 2007

Hint 2: Most of the film was shot in Las Vegas, New Mexico

Hint 3: Nominated for 8 Oscars winning 4

Now head to the comments and share your guess. It’s a great shot that should make it obvious for some. I would also love to hear your thoughts on the film, the scene, or anything else related to it. Now feel free to guess and discuss this modern movie classic.

26 thoughts on “Know Your Movies – One Image, Three Hints

  1. Fun, Keith. No Country for Old Men. Great flick. This was the first time I came fully aware of the talent of Javier Bardem. It was the last great film for Tommy Lee Jones, too. It was dark and depressing film. I remember how the silence, the lack of a score, affected the mood. The setting is ugly and dreary which only added to the plot line. I appreciate the film as a well made film, but honestly, it’s not one I could watch over and over. There are other Coen Br. films I enjoy more.

    • You describe the movie so well Cindy. All of those things are such strong contributors to the movie’s overall look and tone. I will say that I have a different feeling towards it. It’s a movie I can watch any time and any place. If I see it on I have to watch it. It is a masterpiece to me.

  2. No Country for Old Men. I am big Coen Fan and I could instantly recall the squeaking sound of the cop’s boots and that horrifying expressions on Chigurh’s face.

    • Yes! It was a look of exertion but almost pleasure as well. And when he job was done he let out an almost sexual release. Extremely intense scene but very good at setting up the kind of character we are dealing with.

    • One of my favorites of all time. I’ve called it a perfect movie. I can watch it any time and never grow tired of it. Great characters, great adaptation of a great novel, and those great Coen touches are found all through it.

  3. Boy I have no clue what this is Keith, I’m horrible aren’t I? 😉 But then again it’s one of those films too scary for me to see.

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