Know Your Movies – One Image, Three Hints


It can’t only be reviews, Phenomenal 5 lists, and commentaries, right? Know Your Movies is all about having fun. Here’s how it works: I’ll share a single shot from a movie. It can be extremely serious or completely absurd. After that I’ll provide you with three hints. The rest is up to you. Hop in the comments section and share your guess as well as any thoughts or memories you have on the movie, actor/actress, or the scene itself.

Today’s image is from a film that is one of my favorites of all time. So here is the shot. Three hints will follow.


Hint 1: Released in 1992

Hint 2: Adapted from an 1826 classic historical novel

Hint 3: Directed by Michael Mann

Now head to the comments and share your guess. It’s a wonderful shot that should make it obvious for some. I would also love to hear your thoughts on the film, the scene, or anything else related to it. Now feel free to guess and discuss this fabulous movie classic.

26 thoughts on “Know Your Movies – One Image, Three Hints

    • Isn’t it good? I never get tired of the film. I remember seeing it in the theater when it was first released. Even as a young man I left with my jaw dropped. It has definitely held up over the years for me.

    • Love the soundtrack as well. In fact parts of it found its way into our wedding. I agree that this isn’t Lewis’ most profound performance, but it does show his incredible range. And for me, as a movie whole, its one of his best. I just love everything about it.

  1. I’ve only seen this once but that screenshot definitely brought it right to memory. Very re-watchable but it just isn’t on anywhere too much. Do you think this was DD-L’s big break?

    • That’s a good question. It certainly earned him even more exposure. That said he had already won his first Oscar by that time so he was definitely on the radar.

      I only occasionally see this on TV. Thankfully I have a blu-ray copy that I frequently revisit.

      Did you like Madeleine Stowe in it? I thought she was great and I really like her as an actress. But she never went on to do much.

      • What had he won an Oscar for? Totally missed that.

        Madeleine Stowe, ehhhhh, I thought she was kind of forgettable. That was a role that a ton of actresses at the time could’ve played and she didn’t do anything in my opinion to “own it”, necessarily. You’re right though, she never reached that leading lady status, but she does well as a supporting actress I think.

      • He had won an Oscar for My Left Foot. I think that was in 1988 or 1989. I know I had not seen My Left Foot at the time Mohicans was released. So it was Mohicans that actually introduced me to DDL.

  2. Oh easy! I LOVE Michael Mann’s work and The Last of the Mohicans is another one of his stellar work. I also love the score from this film, Keith.

  3. One of my favorite films although the sound quality is poor. I visually love the scene behind the waterfall but can’t understand a thing. I love the score so much, I still listen to it regularly. It’s a perfect film. I’ve seen it fifty times and use it as a teacher for over fifteen years, now. The battle scenes, the literary tie in with Cooper. Sigh.

    • Love hearing your enthusiasm matches mine. Its such a great mix of history, action, and romance. Love the performances and the direction. Wow! And its such a beautiful movie!

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