Versatile Blogger Award – Take 2


A way way back I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award and I took part in it. Recently my pal Justine at Justine’s Movie Blog nominated me again. It has been a while so I thought it would be fun to do it again. Thanks Justine! If you don’t frequent her site you’re missing out. Loads of great content worth checking out. I know you’ll enjoy it.

The rules state that I nominate 15 other bloggers. No need for the nominees to feel obligated to join in. This is just my opportunity to offer up recognition to some very deserving bloggers who put out quality content. Check these folks out:

Now the rules state that I list 10 unique facts about myself that you might not know. Here ya go:

  1. I have been a die-hard video gamer since first getting an Atari 2600 back in the 1980’s. I was a gamer then, still am today. Love me some video games.
  2. I absolutely adore Paris, France. The city has cast a spell on me. I could live there in a heartbeat.
  3. I absolutely detest feet. Yours, mine, it doesn’t matter. They sicken me to my core. Baby’s and young children’s feet don’t bother me, but once they hit a certain age…Ewwwwwww.
  4. I’m a church deacon. Yep, betcha didn’t know that one, right?
  5. My wife and I are about to celebrate 20 years of marriage. That may not sound like something to put on here, but it’s something I’m extremely proud of.
  6. I was once told I look like George Clooney……by a long-haired hippie guy who I am fairly certain was ‘under the influence’. Sigh.
  7. Baseball Hall of Famer Bob Feller once bought me a chocolate milkshake at McDonald’s.
  8. I’m thoroughly and unshakably convinced that the 1980s were the best decade for music EVER (and I do mean EVER).
  9. I have a massive comic book collection and a collection of close to 1,000 sports autographs.
  10. I am one of the world’s biggest Humphrey Bogart fans. In addition to having nearly every film of his, I have a Bogart tie, Bogart stamps, a life-sized Bogart cutout standing next to my bed (my wife is awesome for allowing that), and even a certified copy of Bogart’s death certificate.



47 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award – Take 2

  1. Haha that’s fascinating Keith! It’s nice to find out a little more about fellow bloggers, including line of work, other hobbies and so on. I love the fact you have a cardboard cut out of Bogart next to your bed! I guess when you said you were a fan of Casablanca you weren’t kidding!

      • It is very good of her! I used to have a lifesize cut out of Jim Carrey in my living room when I was a student, but that’s a little bit different!

      • Yes that’s a little different. She probably wouldn’t allow that. Although she did allow me to take her to see Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls during our honeymoon!!!

  2. Thanks, Keith, for thinking of me 😉 Your support is award enough for me! Now to you: Paris, yes. Feet–Ha! I feel that way about ears. What ugly appendages. Deacon, 20 years married, Bogart–no surprises there! I’m very happy for you and your family. Always a thrill to hear couples are happily married. Number 7, Wow! I can’t wait for baseball season to begin next week. Number 8: Nope! It was the 90s as in film.
    A fun list, Keith 🙂

  3. #7, wow, I’m so jealous. Huge baseball fan myself. Go Yanks!

    #3, I’m with you. Not a fan of feet, at all.

    #1, Haven’t gamed in quite a while, but I got my start with Pong, just before the 2600.

    Great stuff, Keith. Congrats on the award!

    • Hey Wendell! I played Pong at a local Tastee Freeze. But the 2600 is what launched my craze.

      Also I’m just thrilled to hear from someone who actually remembers the great Bob Feller! He pitched before my time but reading about him and hearing my dad and uncle talk about him – WOW!

  4. Awesome Keith, congrats for your well-deserved award! Thanks so much for thinking of me man, what an honor. I’ll participate in this later in April, always fun to do something personal once in a while 😉

    Since I’ve known you a bit more in the past few years, I do know you’re a church Deacon and that you love Paris (me too!) I had no idea you’re an avid video gamer! My two brothers are big gamers too, but I just never got into them. Btw, I’m sure you’re better looking than George Clooney! 😀

    • LOL! Thanks Ruth but not to the hippie fellow. He was certain I was a Clooney carbon copy. I just shook my head and said “thank you”.

      The video game thing stuck at an early age. Still play them a lot. I’m such a kid at heart!

      • Ahah, well that sounds like the best response to say to a seemingly intoxicated fellow.

        What kind of video game are you into? My brother loves Assassin Creed, the visuals of today’s games are incredible and they have awesome music too, just like in the movies!

      • I’ve played several of the Assassins Creed games. The most recent Creed game took place in Paris during the French Revolution. The recreation of the city is absolutely stunning.

      • Cool! I wonder where they’d set the film version of Assassin Creed, if they set it during the French Revolution that’d be awesome!

  5. Always fun to get background on the people you read. I think I could have guessed the Bogart love (though not the standee in the bedroom), Church deacon is a surprise. 20 years married is always an accomplishment (how that happens when your bride sees Bogie every day is hard to fathom, I suppose if Clooney is the contrast it is more understandable lol), 80s music is great, but you are delusional, the 60s were the greatest music years. Gamer eh, where do people find the time? Thanks for the mention, I look at several of these sites already but this gives me a few more to explore. You deserve the award recognition, your posts are always interesting and if I’ve not said it before, extremely well written.

    • Loved, loved, loved the comments! The standee is a little ridiculous, right? That wife of mine, she is a patient and tolerant one for sure. Oh, and that Clooney comparison has that one interesting caveat! 😉

  6. This is totally deserved, I love reading your stuff. Some interesting facts there too. I’m with you on the feet one. I hate all feet except mine, but I keep mine in pristine condition haha. Church deacon! That is surprising. Congrats on 20 years of marriage. The fact that you have a life-sized Bogart cut out next to your bed is both hilarious and awesome. Kudos to your wife.

    • Kudos to my wife no doubt!!! How she allows it is beyond me! As for feet, I don’t even care for mine! LOL!

      Thanks again for nominating me. I’m so appreciative!

  7. Thanks so much for the nomination Keith, made my day! 🙂 I really hope to visit Paris one day. It’s funny how you visit some cities and instantly feel at home. That’s how I felt about Barcelona and Athens, I would live in either city in an instant!

    • No problem at all! Oh I fell in love with Paris the first day we were there. The city, the history, the culture – it all resonated with me in a way that I never expected.

    • Thanks so much! Appreciate your contribution and visits. I really do enjoy doing this and all of the encouragement really keeps me doing it!

      • Same, these community awards are cool, I got that Liebster one and it was cool to switch out of one writing mode and into a more personal writing mode. Though perhaps thats not such a big ask for me as I’m writing a non-fiction story based on my own crazy times hehe

    • By the way, nice to know you have a comic book collection. I have one as well. Been collecting since I was a kid. I used to co-own a CBS in the Bronx, in the late 90’s. Very cool! 🙂

      • Wow! Very nice. Been a comics fan since I was around 7 years old. I’ve been a little disgruntled lately and haven’t read over the last year or so. Not a huge fan of the direction of some of my old favorites.

      • Dont blame you. I am very picky about which books I pick up these days but there are no shortages of good books even outside of Marvel and DC. I also collect trades so I can read a complete story arc without waitng 6 or 7 mos. Also read digital books from comixology and places like that.

      • I will be honest, the whole digital thing was the first thing that pushed me away. I know it’s a sign of my old-school ways, but digital never feels like a comic book to me. It’s definitely the future or maybe even the present but I don’t care for digital at all.

      • I do it merely for cost purposes. I still have a cbs and online retailer I use. I am old school and nothing will ever take the place of that feeling of a comic in my hands. When I rebag and rebox my books this summer I will send you some pics of my collection.

      • Absolutely do that! I would love to see it. I have six long boxes full and a ton of overflow. I really need to get in there and re-bag and board some of them.

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