Random Thoughts on the “Batman vs Superman” Comic-Con Trailer

BATMAN poster

San Diego Comic-Con has evolved over the years. That can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. What started as a comic book convention has evolved into a full-blown entertainment extravaganza. Movie fans have grown accustomed to a host of new reveals from an assortment of superhero, horror, or sci-fi films. This year one of the big ones was from Warner Brothers and DC Comics. It was a new trailer for “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

The sheer scope of this project was enough to excite me beyond measure while also concerning me that WB had bitten off more than it could chew. The first teaser certainly scratched my comic book superhero itch, but it also left tons of questions and worries. Well at Comic-Con we got a bigger, bolder, and more revealing trailer that shot my excitement levels through the atmosphere. So many nuggets of information was shared. It is impossible to process it all with one viewing. Here are a few random thoughts and observations about the new footage we were given:


  • Finally context is given to the whole Batman vs Superman concept. The trailer unfolds the entire reasons for the impending superhero scuffle and it is pretty compelling. We still need to see how it plays out but it looks promising.
  • I love how this film will address one of the major gripes most people had with the last Superman movie – the seemingly careless disregard for Metropolis or human life in the finale. According to the trailer that subject plays a huge part in the BvS story. We see it early in the trailer through the people’s and government’s anger. We also see it later as a force behind Bruce Wayne’s drive to stop Superman.
  • WONDER WOMAN!!! I have to say Gal Gadot look fabulous and she could truly be a force in this film. The trailer shows her in the middle of an undisclosed fight unleashing a really cool move with her bracers. But we also see her in an evening gown which shows that her role is probably multidimensional. Gadot has me excited and I think Wonder Woman may prove to be a pivotal character among the warring alpha-males.


  • Lex Luther appears in the trailer and he definitely has some devious plans at work. The trailer shows three key Luther images. First we see him with what appears to be Kryptonite. Second we see that he is in possession of Zod’s dead body. Third we see him talking to Superman from a rather dominant position and Superman doesn’t look too happy. Lex is clearly getting his hands dirty while the two heavyweights are duking it out.
  • Speaking of Lex Luther. We get our first look at Jesse Eisenberg as one of DC’s great villains. I have to say at first I wasn’t convinced with Eisenburg’s casting. Unfortunately his spots in the trailer did nothing to ease my concerns. I’m not sure what Eisenburg is channeling but it doesn’t resemble Lex Luther. From his terrible wig to his weird almost Joker-inspired line delivery. Hopefully better things lie ahead. The Luther character deserves greatness.
  • Jeremy Irons as Alfred. In the first Batman series Alfred was almost strictly a butler. In Nolan’s Batman Alfred was a butler, a sage, and occasionally a little more. In the trailer Irons’ Alfred is still dishing out wise advise but he looks as if he is ready to jump into the action. Not sure how I feel about that. But Irons is a great actor and I’m anxious to see what he brings to the character.
  • DC’s movies have generally been a bit darker than Marvel’s and we definitely see that in the trailer. It is something that may not work for some, but I love how it distinguishes the universe. And this is definitely a story that would call for a darker tone. Hopefully the movie sees it all the way through.

BATMAN robin

  • Could we have gotten teasers of a possible Joker appearance? We see Bruce Wayne looking at a newspaper with a message written in red. We also see a suit of armor with another written message along with the familiar “HA HA HA”. Is this the Joker? We know he is set for “Suicide Squad”. How does he fit into this equation?
  • Speaking of that suit of armor, it doesn’t appear to be Batman’s. In fact, after a closer look it just may be Robin’s????
  • Batman in a trenchcoat? There is a brief shot of Batman in his batsuit but also sporting a trenchcoat. It is a very cool look but my bigger question is where is he? The next scene shows him fighting in this dusty ravaged almost otherworldly location. I’m curious.


  • Speaking of that fight, the soldiers appear in several scenes. They are decked out in all black armor including face shields and helmets. Most intriguing are the Superman crests found on their shoulders. Who are these guys? Where are they from? Better yet, are they human? Why do I ask? In the scene with Batman we see him snapping one of their necks. We know Batman doesn’t kill, right? RIGHT???
  • That final shot! Superman rips off the top of a destroyed batmobile probably expecting to see a hurt and defeated Batman. Instead Batman slowly rises from the wreckage and we get a heart-pumping face-to-face. The absolute perfect way to end the trailer!

Those are just a few random thoughts about this exciting trailer. There are so many other potential nuggets of revelation. Have you seen it? Did you think it was as thrilling as I did? Whether you did or whether you didn’t, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

18 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on the “Batman vs Superman” Comic-Con Trailer

  1. I gave my own thoughts on my website, and I’m definitely more interested in Batman V. Superman now than I was when the first teaser came out. I’m absolutely sold on Ben Affleck as Batman. I think he’ll knock it out of the park. I’m leaning towards the cautious side when it comes to Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, but I like what I see. Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor? No way. I’m not buying it. Bryan Cranston should have taken the role. That being said, aside from X-Men Apocalypse, I’m far more interested in Batman V. Superman than any Marvel movie coming out in the next few years. I’m all Marvel’ed out at this point. I think DC needs a chance to catch up. So….bring it!

    • Well said. I too think Affleck can handle this. He certainly looked right as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. I really like the look of Gadot. Obviously we need to see more but her first impression was really good IMO. Cranston would have been a sweet choice for Luther. As it stands I’m worried about Eisenberg.

  2. It looks to me that the Robin costume is a reference to “A Death in the Family”, a storyline where Joker kills Jason Todd (Robin) with a crowbar then leaves him in an exploding building. Batman kept the costume in the Bat Cave and vowed to never endanger another life again. I’m interested in seeing how they portray Bruce Wayne still dealing with Robin’s death in this movie and how the Joker will be involved with the plot. We’ve never seen a movie of Batman at this stage in his life and I’m so excited!!!!! It’s going to be epic! It can’t be any worse than “Batman and Robin” right? Haha. I do agree with you about Lex Luthor. I’m not sold on Eisenberg yet.

    • It’s absolutely inspired by A death in the Family and that’s really cool. It looks like he has bronzed the armor. Yet the Joker’s writing is bright and visible. Was this written after he bludgeoned Jason Todd to death or some other time? Very intriguing.

  3. I am a real Batman Fan, actually a lover. I have watched all the films of the series including some cartoon ones. At first it was hard to digest that Ben Affleck is replacing Christian Bale as Batman, but now I think that he will not disappoint us. The first trailer of Batman vs Soopsy 🙂 was interesting, and this one is really exciting and brings curiosity. Lots of stuff happening all around there. Screenplay looks brilliant and the characters too. And as you mention, the last scene makes things more energetic. I feel it the best trailer i have ever seen, I really mean it. By the way I am on the Batman’s Side.

    • It looks fantastic. I don’t want to let my expectations get away from me, but I have found myself even more excited after watching this trailer several times.

      I too am a huge Batman fan. I’ve seen the movies (even the terrible ones), love Batman: The Animated Series, and still get a kick out of the classic series from the 60s. But my true love for the character comes from the comics and I’m thrilled to see the recent films show a great deal of respect for their comics roots.

  4. Glad you’re blogging about this Keith! I was meh about this project initially but I have to say this new full trailer changed my mind a bit. But like you, I guess I’m more cautiously anticipating this as though there are things that excite me, there are also a lot of concerns (esp Luthor’s casting). “…WB had bitten off more than it could chew” is a good way of putting it. The scale is just massive, I’m curious if Snyder can pull it off. That said, the premise is VERY promising and I really like what I’m seeing in Gal Gadot. I heard she was the darling of SDCC and people were impressed w/ her poise and energy, plus she is just so gorgeous!!

    I also LOVE that final shot, that was an OMG moment… I was geeking out quite a bit when that scene came on!! Now the wait’s gonna be agonizing!

    • You are so right. The wait is going to be agonizing. There is so much about this movie that excites me. I love the characters and have since I was a kid. I love its darker and more serious tone. I love its ambition. But ambition doesn’t always equal a good movie. But I love the story angle (that we see so far). I’m really impressed with Affleck’s look and demeanor (again, in the small sample size we are shown). I love how the movie doesn’t just throw aside the frustrations people had with the Man of Steel ending. I could go on and on. My fingers are crossed and I choose to be optimistic now. This could be REALLY good!

    • That’s true. But I don’t really want Alfred swinging from a bat line or duel wielding auto pistols. All depends on how they employ it. 😉

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  6. I agree on all of your points here Keith and i’ll see the film just because I love Batman and it’s the reason the film will be a big hit; people loves Batman way more than Superman.

    But like you I cannot see Eisenberg as Luthor and from the trailer, I got worried even more. It’s fine if they want some kind of a new villain but don’t call him Lex Luthor. I want an intimating Luthor and Mark Suckerberg doesn’t look intimating to me. Heck I know I can kick Eisenberg’s butt.

    • Yes, yes, yes. Luther is an iconic villain. In my opinion he doesn’t need to be tinkered with. Now I am all for an actor bringing their take on the character, but someone as uniquely specific and well defined as Luther doesn’t need an overhaul. Hopefully that small bit that we see doesn’t equal the greater whole.

  7. Hey mate, thought it was about time I popped by. I have mixed feelings about this. I’m certainly more interested than I was before and there is some really exciting stuff in the trailer, but there is just so much going on. I’m slightly concerned they’re trying to do too much and it’ll just be a bit of a mess. But time will tell!

    • Hey bro! Great to hear from you! As I mentioned I too am worried they may be tackling too much. But I’m being a bit more optimistic after the trailer. Some concerns are still there. I really hope they put it all together.

  8. I am insanely hyped for this film! Great notes on the trailer.

    Love how they set up batman’s past and reasoning for the conflict.

    Joker killed robin. Dark but it explains the batman we’ll be getting.

    • Yep. The Robin timeline is fascinating. The Death in the Family arc seems to have taken place. It’s VERY compelling to see how this older Batman will evolve.

      The one strange thing is this – how has an older Batman not ran into Superman by now. Obviously the movie isn’t bound by the comic book continuity, but Batman and Superman knew each other a loooong time before Joker killed Robin. That is a kink in the timeline that I’m anxious to see them address.

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