5 Phenomenal Movie Cities I Would Love to Visit


Don’t you love how movies can sweep you away to new, interesting, and imaginative places? Don’t you love being transported to cool and unusual locations brought to life through the power of visual creativity? Yep, me too and today’s Phenomenal 5 is spotlighting five great movie locations. Originally this was an insanely broad list so I first narrowed it down to movie cities. Then to narrow my search even more I decided to look at cities I would like to visit. For that reason places like Gotham City (which would have been my #1) doesn’t make the cut. Just too much crime. But there are plenty of movie cities worth visiting so I wouldn’t call this the definitive list. But there is no denying that these five movie cities are nothing short of phenomenal.

#5 – Asgard (“Thor”)


Being a comic book guy Asgard has long been an intriguing place. Seeing it brought to life in Marvel Studios’ 2011 film “Thor” made it all the more attractive. Asgard is pure visual splendor – a capitol city for the gods. The pomp, the gold, the rainbow bridge – how can you not be drawn to such a celestial sight? Now being a simple lowly little human I probably wouldn’t get the royal treatment, but that doesn’t mean the visit to Asgard wouldn’t be incredible.

#4 – Bedford Falls (“It’s a Wonderful Life”)


Nothing captures that heartwarming, idyllic, small town charm quite like Bedford Falls. Well, aside from mean old Mr. Potter. The quaint New York town from Frank Capra’s perennial classic features so many elements that are all but gone in today’s society. But for me I wouldn’t want to visit Bedford Falls as it would be today. Instead I want to visit the exact time and place we get in the film. I want to take the walk down the main street. I want to sit at the train station. I want to buy ice cream at Mr. Gower’s store. How can you not want to visit Bedford Falls?

#3 – Toontown (“Who Framed Roger Rabbit”)


I have to admit, sharing spaces with cartoon characters could be a little jarring at first but wouldn’t it be crazy fun? I think at first I may have the same reaction as Bob Hoskins. Toontown does look a bit overwhelming. But just think of shooting the breeze with Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Tweety, Huckleberry Hound, Dumbo, and of course the sizzling Jessica Rabbit. Fabulous! Toontown would be an absolute blast although it certainly looks like a place I would want to visit but not live.

#2 – Emerald City (“The Wizard of Oz”)


Located somewhere over the rainbow and at the end of the yellow brick road lies the magical emerald city from the 1939 Victor Fleming classic. Perhaps the most iconic city in movie history, Emerald City is also the place of mystery and answers for young Dorothy and her group of friends. I happen to like the color green which is a good thing. In Emerald City green is everywhere. It’s a city with such renown I would have to visit. But there is one thing that keeps it from being tops on this list – it’s just a bit too weird.

#1 – Rivendell (“The Lord of the Rings”)


Cities, towns, and villages of Middle-Earth could probably find several places on this list. Minas Tirith, The Shire, just to name a couple. But the one place that always stood out for its unmatched beauty and elegance with the elven outpost of Rivendell. From its wooded mountain backdrop to the beautiful waterfalls that run through and around it, Rivendell’s glory is beyond words. The architecture lies in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings, and a simple walk through the city would be an amazing experience. The elves aren’t always socially outgoing and I’m not too keen on their choice of foods, but in terms of cities I would love to visit, Rivendell is #1.

So what do you think of my choices (and reasons behind them)? See any I missed? Please take time to share your thoughts on great movie cities worth visiting. I would love to hear them.

30 thoughts on “5 Phenomenal Movie Cities I Would Love to Visit

  1. I grew up in Gotham, aka New York during the 70s and 80s, so I might still give Gotham a go, lol. The first city I thought of when I saw the post title was Emerald City. I’d probably have it #1, weirdness and all. Should be fully prepared for it after visiting Toontown. No cities from Star Wars, though? Cool post.

    • Wendell, thanks for the comments and I LOVE that you mentioned Star Wars. I’m so smitten with Star Wars that I could have filled the entire list. Cloud City, Naboo, even Coruscant. No many good ones.

  2. For your number 1 spot, I think if you went to Lake Como, Italy, you would be close! I suppose that’s why Universal Studios is so popular, don’t you think? Visiting your favorite movie settings–what fun! Imaginary worlds. Great topic, Keith.

  3. Ooooh! Take me to Asgaard and Rivendell with you!! Those fantastical cities are so magical to look at and beautifully rendered on screen by Ken Branagh and Peter Jackson. Phenomenal list here Keith!

  4. How about Hill Valley from Back to the Future series?
    Well my favourite would be Perfection, Nevada from Tremors. The idea of that space lends so much to the movie plot and its beautiful too.

  5. You know, one of these days I’d love to do my own Phenomenal Five of your most phenomenal lists. This would be up there. Wonderful idea man, cities/towns often inspire me in movies as well. Rivendell is a great #1, suggesting much about its beauty given I’m not very into the LOTR and all that

    • Ha, I appreciate that. I think Middle Earth could have easily taken up this whole list. So many unbelievably beautiful and unique landscapes and vistas. The problem would be narrowing it down to just five!

  6. Excellent choices and I wouldn’t mind visiting these either. Looking at the pictures though, might there be a link between Asgard and Emerald City? They look very similar and you know some metals turn green over time…. 😉

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