REVIEW: “The Ridiculous 6”


Adam Sandler is an living, breathing enigma. He started as a young, fairly entertaining comedian on Saturday Night Live who eventually put out a couple of fairly entertaining movies. Since then has put out one painfully awful film after another. A quick gander at his embarrassingly bad filmography should leave you wondering how this guy is still making movies. Here is why he is an enigma – his movies make a lot of money. People go see his stuff and many find it funny. That is a mystery I may never be able to crack.

Sandler’s latest is the western spoof “The Ridiculous 6” and you have to give the guy this – he’s consistent. This has every bit of the stupidity, annoyances, and laziness identified with Sandler’s previous ‘comedies’. The Wild West offers a new setting but Sandler and company do nothing more than stain it with their brand of asininity. I only managed a few grins in this entire dopey and overly long slog.


Sandler plays Tommy who has been raised by the Apache after the murder of his mother. Tommy is given the name “White Knife” and is set to marry Smoking Fox (Julia Jones). A man named Frank Stockburn (Nick Nolte) arrives at the village claiming to be Tommy’s father. He reveals he is terminally ill and that he has $50,000 buried nearby. He wants Tommy and his village to have the money but before they can dig it up bandits arrive and take Frank away because of an outstanding debt. Tommy can’t find the buried loot so he sets out t0 swipe $50,000 in order to save his father.

Along the way Tommy finds that his father has been….active. He meets five different men claiming that Frank Stockburn is the father they have never met. They each join Tommy in his absurd quest to find enough money to pay off his father’s captives. Of course each have their on goofy quirk. Rob Schneider plays a Mexican with a gassy burro (it’s just as offensive as it sounds). Taylor Lautner is a village idiot with a strong neck. Terry Crews is a piano player who hides that he is black. Jorge Garcia is a hairy mute wildman. Luke Wilson is a guilt-ridden boozer.

Then there is the laundry list of cameos and brief appearances which Sandler movies are known for. Harvey Keitel, Jon Lovitz, Blake Shelton, Steve Buscemi, David Spade, Will Forte, Vanilla Ice, Chris Kattan, and John Turturro to name a few. Occasionally one of these will offer a mildly amusing moment, but most are just wedged in as a recognizable face. Why some of these guys signed on for such dumb roles and lame material is beyond me.


“The Ridiculous 6” is supposedly a satire of the western genre and all of the formulas and stereotypes they often used. I tend to give movies a lot of leeway and feel some people are often too easily offended. But this film doesn’t have the smarts to sell itself as convincing satire and it’s no wonder some have viewed the characterizations as offensive. When material is this poor it’s hard to accept it as good satire.

Ultimately “The Ridiculous 6” is more of the same from a guy perfectly content with delivering cheap overused gags and the same boring, unfunny formulas. I suppose Sandler is happy cashing the big checks and as long as people still flock to these things I don’t see him challenging himself or changing directions. So we can expect more films like “The Ridiculous 6” – juvenile, aimless, and consistently idiotic wastes of time. Lucky us.


1.5 stars

37 thoughts on “REVIEW: “The Ridiculous 6”

  1. My worst of the year. What a disgusting, awful, moronic, racist, bigoted bunch of garbage. No wonder the Native American performers and staff walked off the set.

    • Wasn’t it trash? I’m surprised it didn’t make more ‘Worst of’ lists. Maybe that means people didn’t see it. But can you under any circumstance believe that there are those who really like this thing? Undoubtedly it’s true. That blows my mind.

      • Me too. And it’s not only awful but it’s really long. I have heard some people claim it’s not a movie because it didn’t get a theatrical release and is just on Netflix but that didn’t keep it up from topping my worst of list. I didn’t think a movie could be worse than Hot Pursuit but Ridiculous 6 did it.
        All I know is Adam Sandler must be a super nice guy because he always gets these big casts for these terrible movies. I’m personally not even a big fan of his early stuff. It’s fine but held up more than it should because the later stuff is so bad. Adam Sandler should just stick to making Hotel Transylvania movies.

      • I think it definitely qualifies as a full movie mainly because Netflix paid a TON of money for exclusivity. Sandler definitely got paid. In fact a story came out today saying this movie was setting Netflix records. Baffling!!!!

  2. Lucky us, indeed!

    LOL, I didn’t watch this one, and I won’t…even though my friends actually said it was hilarious and suggested I do. I never listen to them when it comes to movies though…ever.

    And they don’t listen to me.

    • In this case your refusal to listen is a stroke of brilliance my friend. This is hot trash. Trust me, you aren’t missing a thing.

      Can you believe this guy still has a strong following????

    • You can do it Wendell! Be strong. Resist this crap. And you’re right. Netflix plasters this all over their website. But it’s just as crappy as his recent theater trash.

    • Thank you!!! Exactly! And what do you make of that? I don’t want to be some cinema snob, but this thing is as pathetic as they come in terms of entertainment and filmmaking. How do people still flock to the guys films are call them “good” or “hilarious”? What am I missing?

  3. Hey Keith, I heard this sets a record as one of the most watched Netflix original film/series, ugh! I won’t be watching it though. Btw, I got my Blindspot list up, thanks again for the recommendation. Curious to hear which other ones you’ve seen.

    • I read that news story today and it left me shaking my head. Ruth, I don’t get it. I don’t see how people view this as funny. I certainly don’t want to be a prude and I understand that comedy is subjective. But this stuff….just terrible.

      And I can’t wait to see you final list. BTW, I reviewed The Ridiculous Six today, but yesterday it was The Hateful Eight. Have you seen that one?

  4. The moment Netflix posted this and I saw the cast and read that description, I was so excited and stoked to totally NOT watch it. And it is the most watched flick on Netflix? Huh? So, does that mean that most Netflix subscribers are 13 year old boys? Nice write up, man. Thanks!

  5. I really was expecting a spoof of The Hateful 8, but I should have been smarter. I know that it got ripped just as much as this one, but I felt A Million Ways to Die in the West was light years funnier than this.

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