Remember this trailer? #4 – “Top Gun” (1986)

Classic Trailer Flashback – “Top Gun” (1986)

“I feel the need, the need for speed”. It’s a ridiculous, cheesy, and absolutely fantastic line that captures what makes “Top Gun” such a great movie especially for teens of the 1980s. It actually wasn’t the trailer that first got me excited for “Top Gun”. It was the music video for “Danger Zone” by movie soundtrack superstar Kenny Loggins. But when I saw the trailer with my family my dad was sold. The movie actually had something for everyone and the trailer shows that. It is 100% a product of the 80s which may hurt it with younger audiences, but I loved “Top Gun” as a kid and…well….I still do.

So, do you remember the trailer for “Top Gun”? What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Remember this trailer? #4 – “Top Gun” (1986)

    • So true. The movie soundtrack was a bit different then. It was nothing new to have a top 10 single come from a movie. Loggins certainly represented that.

    • Oh I really like it. Have probably seen it twenty or thirty times. It’s very ’80s’ so seeing it for the first time now may not have the same effect. I remember it well then and still have a ton of fun with it now.

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