Great Images from Great Movies (7) – “The Dark Knight”

Great Images Dark Knight

Truly great movies leave indelible marks. It may be through an emotional connection to the story. It may be through a remarkable performance or a signature scene. But it could also be through the brilliant imagery that a film carves into your mind. That’s what this feature is all about – highlighting great images from great movies. I haven’t done one of these in a while. Today I’m looking at the greatest superhero movie ever made.


Dark12Dark18Dark23DARK16Dark3Dark9Dark10Dark4Dark13Dark17Dark5Dark2Dark1Dark19Dark11The Dark KnightDark8Dark7Dark6Dark20Dark21DARK14DARK15

So what are thoughts on this Christopher Nolan classic? Is there a particular image that stands out to you? There are more than one simple post can contain. Share your thoughts on the “The Dark Knight” and your favorite scenes.

25 thoughts on “Great Images from Great Movies (7) – “The Dark Knight”

  1. I love this movie so much and you chose some beautiful shots. The Joker leaning out of the cop car is always going to be one of my favorites.

  2. One that I would include is the image of Batman standing behind the Joker inside the interrogation room as soon as the lights go on. Or also the one of Harvey, Bruce, and Rachel at the table when Harvey gives his famous line “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

  3. So. Good. I can’t even pick a favorite part really because it all works together so well (although that truck tipping upside down is a sharp contender). I will say that I did really enjoy the joker’s quote: “This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.” So witty!

  4. Great pictures Keith. A very watchable film and of great quality. i had unusually high hopes(Batman Begins is among my best all time movies) so was a little dissatisfied with the Dark Knights narrative/story material feeling a bit too squeezed in or compressed. I might have preferred to see the Joker planting some of his traps instead of them suddenly being there. but either way, Ledger(Rip)was terrific and the film is highly engaging.

  5. Some of my favorite cinematic images come from Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. These movies, all of em, are exceptional — with this being probably the zenith. Though for me, it was where it all began in 2005 that really got me hooked on Nolan in general so I think I like that film more just for the introduction!

    You might have noticed a certain image from the Batman/Joker interrogation scene has made my blog banner. Love the intensity of that scene!

    • The interrogation scene is masterful in so many regards. The mental cat-and-mouse games are fascinating. But even technically it is pitch-perfect.

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