5 Phenomenal Movie Mullets


Who doesn’t love a good mullet? Okay, that’s probably not the best question since most of us can do without them. How about this: Who could forget the mullet? You remember, the hairstyle that is “short on top with a party in the back”. Well if you don’t know the mullet (consider yourself fortunate) thankfully movies have recorded them so that we may never forget. This prestigious Phenomenal 5 will look at the best mullets in cinema history. Why? Heck if I know. Just go with it.

#5 – Kurt Russell (“Big Trouble in Little China”)

Big trouble.png

Why not start the list with a quintessential movie mullet. Kurt Russell let his locks flow in the wacky 1986 action-comedy romp “Big Trouble in Little China”. It’s really hard to imagine such an important and distinguished list such as this without it.

#4 – Mel Gibson (“Lethal Weapon”)


Think of this one as an unorthodox mullet on steroids. Mel Gibson’s untamable hair in 1987’s “Lethal Weapon” was as crazy as his Martin Riggs character. Think of it as the mullet with a little 80’s ‘big hair’ tossed in. Let’s hope that style never comes back.

#3 – Nicolas Cage (“Con Air”)


Leave it to good ‘ol Nic Cage to not only give us a slightly more traditional mullet but to take it all the way. I mean look at the length. In “Con Air” he takes the ludicrous phrase “party in the back” to absurd levels. Good job Mr. Cage.

#2 – Jean-Claude Van Damme (“Hard Target”)


Throughout most of career Jean-Claude Van Damme kept his hair under control. You could say his hair was consistently normal with one enormous exception. In John Woo’s “Hard Target” JCVD sported a mullet for the ages. And he left no questions about it.

#1 – Kiefer Sutherland (“The Lost Boys”)


Now lets talk about a perfect amalgamation of textbook and style. In “The Lost Boys” not only was Kiefer Sutherland a great bad guy, but he rocked a textbook mullet – short top and sides with a train in the back. But it peppered it with a little style. Look at that spiked top. Sure we laugh now but at least his mullet made him tops on this list.

So there you have it. Several other killer/terrible mullets came to mind but didn’t quite make the list. Tell me what I missed in the comments section below.

29 thoughts on “5 Phenomenal Movie Mullets

    • Bwaahahaha. Oh yes! Roadhouse is a veritable mullet-fest! And Boz is another good one. He sported that wacky mullet playing football but he let it loose in Stone Cold. Textbook mullet!

  1. Ah, when the mullet was cool although Duran Duran had nice mullets in their day while Bowie as Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane was very spacey and arty. Bono had a mullet that definitely fit with the size of his ego. It no longer became cool in the 90s though Van Damme was the last one to make it cool. It just wasn’t cool after that. Like the jehri curl, it’s a hairstyle that should never return.

  2. These are all great movie mullets. But I think the greatest mullets have been in the music industry, starting with, Billy Ray Cyrus, the granddaddy of mullets. But the two greatest mullets of all time IMO belonged to Bono at Live Aid and the live video of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour Performing “Running Up that Hill” with Kate Bush. Truly epic mullets. Entertaining article.

  3. I love this so much!! A Mullet is, by all means, the biggest flop of the 80’s, but you have to appreciate this list. Nick Cage rocks his mullet and Kurt Russell is without a doubt my favorite mullet.

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