First Glance: “The Irishman”


It goes without saying that a new Martin Scorsese movie that brings together Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, and Harvey Keitel is destined to grab attention. It certainly grabbed mine when it was first announced months ago. The film is considered a passion project for Scorsese and currently sits as the most expensive movie the acclaimed filmmaker has ever made.

The first trailer has landed ahead of the film’s upcoming debut at the New York Film Festival. First impressions – it looks very much like a classic Scorsese picture and it looks like the $200 million budget went to good use. Intriguing period recreation and a stellar cast back in their comfort zones is more than enough to get me onboard.

“The Irishman” is set for a theater release but the size has yet to be clarified. Netflix owns the rights so it should be available to stream later this year. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

13 thoughts on “First Glance: “The Irishman”

  1. I’M SEEING THE FUCK OUT OF THAT!!!!! It’s Marty, I’ll watch anything he does. Plus, if I know my local multiplex isn’t playing. I now have the Netflix to see it and hopefully in SUPER HD!!!!!

    • I’m so excited about this! It has sooo many pieces that gets me giddy. Seeing Pesci back is surreal. And thanks to Netflix we know we will have access to it!

  2. I am READY for Goodfellas-Casino Scorsese to make a return– especially gangster-De Niro, which is my absolute favorite De Niro. Completely unreal to see Joe Pesci in front of a camera again. Them stylish slow-mos a la Taxi Driver are already getting me hype! Seeing De Niro and Pacino chat makes me wanna watch Heat again.

    • I’m so excited for it. It looks like Scorsese in his comfort zone. Hopefully that de-aging stuff doesn’t become a major issue. That would be a real bummer.

  3. Oh hell yes, Scorsese equals instant anticipation. I loved his last film, though it was pretty heavy, and three hours long. I’m not sure what the plot of this one is exactly and I don’t wanna know until I see it, but the very first scene in that trailer indicates to me that there will be some great camerawork. The same with the closeups when he is on the phone.

    So that trailer had this de-aging stuff? What are people complaining about?! I didn’t even notice until I read about it.

    Random question, mainly cos people are touting it as some Scorsese mash-up, which is a bit much, but are you looking forward to ‘The Joker’?

    • Was “Silence” Scorsese’s last movie? If so I’m with you. Absolutely loved it.

      I am looking forward to “Joker”. The only thing that worries me is when the director comes out saying “fans of the character are going to be mad”. That’s such a weird way to sell your movie. I don’t demand that they stick like glue by the source material. But I do want them to respect the character’s legacy especially if they’re going to use his name and fame to make a movie. So my fingers are crossed.

      • I think that comment was more referring to the fact they could, within reason, do what they wanted (with the existing animated ‘Killing Joke’ as the basis) as Joker has no concrete origin. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens, to see a normal guy turn into the best villain in any superhero universe ever will hopefully be awesome!

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