My Guest Appearance on Tavern Talk…

Last week I had the pleasure of appearing on Tavern Talk to chat about “Joker”. The show is from Initial Reaction and the idea is that the host Phillip and his guest watches the newest release of the week and then immediately share their raw first impressions. We had a ton of fun.

Check it out below and let me know what you think.

25 thoughts on “My Guest Appearance on Tavern Talk…

  1. Appreciate the in-depth coverage — with a surprising restraint on spoilers! That’s tricky! Cool to put a voice to the blogger, man.

    As to the movie — I don’t think there’s any way I want to watch this. It feels like its too confrontational for me. I”m sensitive to watching a movie about a guy just getting crapped on the entire time. Ugh

    • I can see where you’re coming from. Arthur’s journey features a lot of that. It’s grim without question but you do begin to see him bring some of it on himself. It’s tricky material with a deeper narrative than I expected. Still, I completely understand it not being for everyone.

    • And also, it’s pretty tough to do especially with a movie like “Joker”. Basically what we did was watch the movie and then within 15 minutes we were shooting. It truly is a first impression/initial reaction show. And it was amazing how much fuller developed my thoughts were once I finished my written review.

  2. I’m not sure why this just came up in my feed but I really enjoyed it. The production values on this are solid for the kind of show it is. It looks like it was two cameras and maybe a boom mike because I did not see any clipped on microphones. I assumed there is a tie in with the theater chain since they allowed filming in the auditorium, it looks like it was right after a later screening since there was debris on the floor and no crowd pressing to get into the next screening. Both of you were good on camera, but it is clear there is a different way of expressing yourself in conversation rather than in a written thought piece. The natural discussion is fun and a dialogue like this is more sparse than the written commentary we have in most blogs. I appreciated seeing you for the first time as well, expectations met. Hope to see future video also, but don’t substitute for writing, I enjoy the style too much. Congratulations.

    • Thanks so much. It’s funny, I didn’t realize until later that I was talking waaaaay too low. He has me slated to come back to talk about the new Fast and Furious flick so I’ll definitely try and speak up…LOL

      He does a good job with this. There are indeed two cameras, lighting, and a boom-like sound thing (my knowledge of the tech is obviously pretty low). And he does have a nice tie-in with Movie Tavern. After a screening they give him an empty theater to shoot in. On that particular night it was already late so we had full use of it.

      Appreciate the kind words. That was the first time I had done something like that, but I’m such a natural blabbermouth that I can find something to rattle on about. LOL.

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