First Glance: “Jungle Cruise”


It’s tempting to say putting a huge amount of money into a movie based on a theme park ride sounds nuts. But then you think of a little film franchise called “Pirates of the Caribbean” and suddenly it doesn’t sound so crazy. “Jungle Cruise” sees Disney trying to strike gold yet again.

The first trailer for “Jungle Cruise” dropped late last week and I admit to being a little surprised. Right off the bat it gets points for casting Emily Blunt as its lead. She’s such a delightful actress full of energy and personality. And then they team her with someone else known for their energy and personality – Dwayne Johnson. The two look to be having a lot of fun and the jungle adventure angle has a ton of potential.

“Jungle Cruise” is slated for a July 24, 2020 release. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

10 thoughts on “First Glance: “Jungle Cruise”

  1. You know I really like Blunt in pretty much everything and the Rock , well he is just a fun watch. He seems to revel in the movie-making experience. Sometimes you need an adventure to escape for 2 hours and just have fun .That is what I think this will have in spades .

    • I think you’re exactly right. I’ve liked and even championed Blunt for years and it’s great seeing her get more and more roles. I still feel she’s a bit underrated but her career is in a good place. And I like your take on The Rock. He does seem to love making movies.

  2. I do like Emily Blunt but the Crock… I’m sick of him already and I’m tired of him always hogging the spotlight and trying to prove that he’s still the Great One when he’s really an overrated jabroni who isn’t worthy to step in the ring let alone keep up with the likes of Tetsuya Naito, Kota Ibushi, Kenny Omega, KENTA, Bryan Danielson, and other guys who had arrived since he went Hollywood.

    I was a fan of that man and when he returned and decided to hot-dog and grand-standing to the sheep of the WWE, reality started to seep in as I realized that he’s just another bitch for Meekmahan.

      • Yeah but it’s a shame that it’s scripted word for word and it doesn’t have the same energy and bite that he once had in his prime. Now he’s just another aging dinosaur that is to remind us that WWE doesn’t have anyone the fans to care about and be reminded of the old days. And I’m sure if the money’s right, we’ll see him do a show in Saudi Arabia. That’s why WWE sucks and that’s why the Crock is a bitch.

    • I was thinking it resembled the first couple of Pirates of the Caribbean movies (before that series went off the rails). A big, sprawling adventure with a sense of humor. I’m in.

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