First Glance: “Dolittle”


Author Hugh Lofting’s classic character and perennial children’s favorite Dr. Dolittle has a long and impressive history. Since first appearing in 1920, he has went from page to radio to television to the big screen. He’s appeared on stage, in a musical, as an animated series, you name it.

His latest iteration sees the intensely likable Robert Downey, Jr. playing the titular animal-loving character. The first trailer sports a really sweet vibe, a load of creature CGI, and it reveals a really great supporting cast. And of course Downey, Jr. is an automatic plus. But it doesn’t give us much in terms of story and the film has had several notable delays. Let’s hope it’s huge budget delivers more than just pretty visuals.

“Dolittle” lands in theaters January 17th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

19 thoughts on “First Glance: “Dolittle”

  1. It looks OK. It could be any worse than that horrendous and bloated film version back in the 1960s. Man, that film was boring. I saw it as a kid and was bored to death. As an adult, I still don’t like it. It’s one of those films that hasn’t aged well and still gets deserved hate from critics as even actors from that film didn’t like it including the late Anthony Newley.

      • Yes and apparently was a real asshole to a lot of people on set. That was one of those movies that was a reflection of how out of touch studios were with today’s audiences and helped with the decline of Old Hollywood.

      • Good book that has some stuff on Doctor Doolittle, and Harrison being a spoiled child during filming – Pictures at a Revolution by Mark Harris.

  2. That January release date gives me the biggest reason to doubt its quality. That’s *TYPICALLY* a dumping ground for movies studios have no faith in. I like RDJ as much as the next person, but I kinda wish he isn’t doing this. I have serious reservations about this.

    And on a weird side note. What on earth is the deal with this Carson Maitland-Smith. It cannot be a real person. I click on that name and it takes me to my Facebook page! What the heck! I spy a little bot, methinks.

  3. This trailer was practically an anti-trailer for me. Not only do I now not wish to see it, but I think I’ll actively exhort others not to see it as well. RDJ is a far better actor than this trash deserves – and what was with that accent? Thus far, Dolittle is a big hairy NOPE from me.

    • Ouch. I have questions about it but the trailer didn’t show me enough to have a strong opinion one way or another. My daughter is certainly excited though.

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