Random Thoughts: The 2020 Golden Globes Awards


Last night saw the Hollywood Foreign Press rev up the awards season intrigue with the 77th Golden Globes. It was a show that did something I certainly wasn’t expecting – It got almost all of its movie categories right! I found myself actually cheering throughout and now I’m even more excited than usual for next month’s Academy Awards. Of course there were a few surprises, some…peculiar speeches, and (once again) Ricky Gervais. Here are a few Random Thoughts.

  • Let’s get the big surprise out of the way first – NOTHING for Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman”. I have to admit I was pretty surprised and I’m not sure anyone saw that coming.
  • Nothing for Pesci. Nothing for Pacino. Nothing for Steven Zaillian’s incredible screenplay. NOTHING.
  • I pretty much zoned out during the television stuff. Turns out this is yet another year where I haven’t seen a single nominated TV series. I know, it really is pathetic. That’s why I’m sticking to the movies.
  • Ricky Gervais was in full “look at what a bad boy of comedy I am” mode. The opening monologue was scathing, but he was stuck in his schtick all night and it got old by the end. That said there were a few real zingers in there and this morning’s headlines show that a few egos were bruised.
  • “1917” had one heck of a night. The film won one of the night’s biggest prize, Best Picture – Drama. That’s really exciting because the movie looks tremendous. Sadly the majority of us haven’t been able to see it. But that changes Thursday night!
  • The other big prize went to “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” which thrilled me. I really like “Jojo Rabbit” and “Knives Out”. But let’s be honest, Tarantino’s latest was the film to beat.
  • Sam Mendes took home Best Director for “1917” in a category that was absolutely stacked. Every single nominated director deserves their spot on the list. Scorsese, Tarantino, Mendes, Phillips, Bong. What a group!
  • I actually felt Mendes and Phillips were long shots to win. Scorsese and Tarantino eat up a lot of the conversation. But it was great seeing Phillips and Bong nominated. Again, they deserved it.
  • Jason Momoa being Jason Momoa and I love it. I mean who needs a tux?


  • While I loved the majority of the winners, I stand by my position that “Little Women” should have had a bigger presence. Hopefully Oscar will get that right.
  • Renée Zellweger wins Best Actress – Drama. While she wasn’t my first choice, I have no problems with her win. She was extraordinary.
  • Best Actress – Musical or Comedy went to Awkwafina for her incredible dramatic turn in “The Farewell”. Her performance was truly eye-opening and seeing her win was delightful.
  • Speaking of Awkwafina, her acceptance speech was one of my favorites of the night. How could not root for someone so genuinely surprised and grateful. Those are the speeches I love.
  • Then you have the other type of speech such as the one Michelle Williams gave. It’s 100% their right to spend their time saying whatever they want. But I often tune out the overtly rehearsed attention-grabbing political stuff. And there were several instances of it last night.
  • Man I loved seeing Hildur Guðnadóttir win Best Original Score for “Joker”. Her brilliant arrangements were essential to that film’s menacing and unsettling tone and atmosphere.
  • Did everyone else notice there was no Lupita N’yongo? Yes, I know she wasn’t nominated. This is just my gratuitous reminder that she should have been for her stellar work in “Us”.
  • “Missing Link” wins Best Animated Feature Film? I’m not well versed in this year’s batch of of animated movies but even I know “Missing Link” was one of those head-scratching moments.
  • It still makes me grumpy to think about “A Hidden Life” and “Ad Astra” both completely shutout of the show. No nominations, mentions, nothing. Such a shame.
  • Two of the best moments of the night literally made me shout for joy. Brad Pitt winning Best Supporting Actor for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” was fantastic. He was absolutely the right choice and his speech was great as well.


  • The second moment was when Joaquin Phoenix was announced the Best Actor – Drama winner. I would have been fine with Adam Driver, but Phoenix delivers a real stand-out performance unlike anything I’ve seen this year. Bravo.
  • But then we get his speech, eccentric and disjointed, kinda what you would expect from Phoenix. But there was also a striking bit of humanity to it. That didn’t make it any easier to follow, but it did make for a truly authentic moment. Too bad we couldn’t hear half of it because of his needless potty mouth.
  • Laura Dern winning for “Marriage Story” was great. She was terrific not just in that film but also “Little Women”. Go ahead and give her the Oscar.
  • Speaking of “Marriage Story”, despite leading the way with six nominations Dern’s win was the only statute Noah Baumbach’s movie would take home. That’s both surprising and disappointing.
  • Think about this, the four Netflix movies combined for 17 total nominations but only took home one lone win. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but could this have anything to do with the industry’s reluctance to embrace Netflix? Asking for a friend.
  • “Parasite” wins Best Foreign Language Film to no one’s surprise. I loved “The Farewell” and enjoyed “Les Miserables”. But let’s be honest, no one was ever going to beat “Parasite”, right?
  • In accepting the award for “Parasite”, writer-director Bong Joon-Ho gave one of my favorite lines of the night. “Once you overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.” Amen!
  • What the heck was Gwyneth Paltrow wearing? It looked like it was cut from a set of curtains out of a 1970’s hippie’s home. Wasn’t a fan.
  • For me the only real misfire was Taron Egerton winning Best Actor – Musical or Comedy for “Rocketman”. Egerton was fine but literally my last choice from that list. And him winning says more about the fascination with these music biopic roles come awards time.

Overall I thought the Hollywood Foreign Press picked some great winners which is something I haven’t been able to say in recent years. Now we march towards to the Oscars. What were your thoughts on last night’s big show? 

38 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The 2020 Golden Globes Awards

  1. As always thoughtful commentary . I’m so stoked now to see 1917 after it winning big . As to the win for Missing Link , all I will say its right up Hollywood’s ally with many “issues” they are banging the drum on. It wasn’t that good in my opinion . I was a Toy Story 4 guy all the way in that category with How To Train Your dragon 2nd. It was spread out quite a bit , so I suspect we will see the same at Oscar night.

    • Thanks so much. I have my ticket purchased for the first showing of “1917” this Thursday evening. I can’t wait. Annoyingly a certain group are already dismissing it due to its win. Fearful that it may win instead of their personal favorite I guess. I just want a REALLY GOOD movie to win. That’s all. And there are many of them in the running this year.

  2. No way it could have been worse than last years! It was fine. I kinda liked Gervais, though I could see where his schtick would be annoying to some. All in for Phoenix’s speech, but I imagine this may have dampened his Oscar winning hopes (as if he cares). Pitt easily with the speech of the night, I honestly kind of rolled my eyes at Tarantino’s speech.

    Again, I would have loved to see more overall love for Ad Astra, Waves, and Uncut Gems. Maybe we’ll get a surprise for Oscar noms, but I doubt it.

    • I thought Gervais had some really good zingers. But his fake apathy and bad boy routine was relentless to me. Maybe a slight tinge of appreciation from him would have went a long way. But (kinda like Phoenix), I really don’t think he cares.

      I was okay with Tarantino’s speech mainly because in a lot of ways that is him – scattered, hyper, and enthusiastic. Wasn’t great but it was QT. But I’m with ya…Pitt gave my favorite speech.

      I hope Phoenix wins the Oscar. He absolutely deserves it. I am wondering about Egerton though. The Academy is kinda smitten with those musical biopics.

  3. I’d like to talk about how much these results help foreshadow the Oscars but, over the years, there have been so many instances where the winners are different. There have been even some actors who won a GG and then didn’t even get an Oscar nomination, but an actor they defeated did get the nomination (like James Franco and Daniel Kaluuya). Based on how the award season as a whole has been, I think that might be the case for Taron Egerton and Leonardo DiCaprio.

    “Best Actress – Musical or Comedy went to Awkwafina for her incredible dramatic turn in “The Farewell”.”
    Pun intended?

    “It’s 100% their right to spend their time saying whatever they want. But I often tune out the overtly rehearsed attention-grabbing political stuff.”
    I’m surprised they even happened, considering Ricky’s joke about political speeches at the beginning.

    “I’m not well versed in this year’s batch of of animated movies but even I know “Missing Link” was one of those head-scratching moments.”
    You’re correct. This is only the 3rd time that movie has won an award. TOY STORY PART 4 was the frontrunner.

    “Think about this, the four Netflix movies combined for 17 total nominations but only took home one lone win. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but could this have anything to do with the industry’s reluctance to embrace Netflix?”
    If that was the case, Netflix wouldn’t have won a single award. They wouldn’t even have been nominated.

    “What the heck was Gwyneth Paltrow wearing? It looked like it was cut from a set of curtains out of a 1970’s hippie’s home. Wasn’t a fan.”
    Hahaha! I was shocked at her too. Also at Kerry Washington.

    • A. Yep, pun was intended. Glad someone picked it up. 😁

      B. Some of the political speeches feel so overly prepared. Sure they will excite certain groups, but for me these shows are about the art.

      C. I thought it was probably between Toy Story 4 and (maybe) Frozen 2. Any way that Oscar goes this way?

      D. You may be right. But I think they can nominate almost out of a sense of obligation and still make a statement. Who knows. It’s an interesting thought though.

      E. Oh yes! Washington’s was…..yep.

      • B. I’m trying to get inside the actors’ heads. I’m imagining that I rehearse something important to say for at least a day and then the host makes such a joke. I’d not dismiss him per se, but I’d take it as a joke instead of an actual prohibition. In that sense, it makes sense for them to still say those speeches. I don’t mind them as long as: A) they tie into the themes of the movie/show; and B) they’re more about teaching values than trying to indirectly convince people to change political sides.

        C. We’ll know for sure after the Annie Awards.

  4. For all his annoyances it’s a shame they didn’t listen up, accept the little award, thank their agent and god and… well you know the rest. I only watch edited highlights so didn’t see much of it. Thanks for doing it so I didn’t have to! 😊

  5. I’m with you on Edgerton. He was very good but I really wanted Eddie or Roman to have that. I thought Eddie had it in the bag.

    I’m suprised Irishman got shut out too. I did so badly on my picks because of it.

    Gervais…blah. I’ve never cared for him. I laughed harder at Will Ferrell and Sasha Baron Cohen’s one joke each.

    I’m gutted that Marriage Story barely got any wins. Hopefully the other shows correct that.

    You need to watch Succesion! I know you’ll like it.

    • Hey Brittani. You were right. I found this in the SPAM folder for some ridiculous reason.

      The Egerton thing fits so nicely into the same old types of performances they always award. I guess I should have expected it. But honestly I would have voted for any of the others before him. And judging by history, don’t count him out for taking home the Best Actor Oscar. Shouldn’t happen but could.

      I don’t get the Marriage Story and Irishman snubs. Could it be some ill will towards Netflix and how they have disrupted the filmmaking and distribution model? Probably not, but it is an intriguing thought.

      As for Succesion, I may give it a shot. Watched Mandalorian (and loved it) so I definitely could watch another series in between the steady blast of movies. Is it a Netflix show?

  6. great recap.

    I am a big fan of both OUATiH and 1917 (which I saw last thursday) and was so happy when both films took home multiple wins.

    I watched Missing Link yesterday and am still scratching my head at that win.

    Overall good show (the move part at least) and I’m now really stoked for the Oscar nominations next week

    keep up the great work Keith!

    • I appreciate it, thanks. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see 1917 this Thursday. And I’m with you on OUATIH. It will be a force to reckon with on Oscar night. Were you a fan of Joker?

  7. I didn’t get to watch the Globes this weekend so I was very happy you have summarized them so nicely for me 🙂 I didn’t watch because I was at the theater seeing 1917 instead. It. Is. Amazing. I would describe it as more of an experience than a movie. I will very much be looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it. I spent a lot of the holidays getting caught up on movies and I think 1917 is my favorite, but JoJo Rabbit follows close on its heels. Such a great film! I also really liked Harriet – can I assume it didn’t get any awards? That’s too bad if so – I really thought it was very well done.

    • I think Harriet only received one nomination. Didn’t win. And Jojo Rabbit is such a delight. Saw it with my daughter and we had such a wonderful conversation afterwards. Can’t wait to see it again. As for 1917, you have me even more excited for Thursday!

      • I loved JoJo Rabbit for sure. I went from laughing at the beginning to being absolutely horrified towards the end. Not many films can take you on an emotional journey like that. And yes – be VERY excited to see 1917! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

      • Your experience with Jojo is exactly what I think the movie is going for. It certainly affected me that way. And I just love Thomasin McKenzie. She can say so much through the quietest performances.

  8. I didn’t watch it (I was cleaning my house as my mom’s cousin went home) as I didn’t care for it though a lot of what Ricky Gervais says is smacked on. As for the winners, eh… I’m just glad Taylor Swift didn’t win as I hope she stays away from the world of film.

    • HA! Swift most certainly didn’t win. But most of those who did (at least on the movies side) really excited me. That’s usually not something I’m able to say about these award shows.

  9. I watched a lot of it then went to bed. I’m surprised that The Irishman was snubbed. I wasn’t suprised by most of the results–I thought Leo did a better job than Brad, but yes, his speech was good.

    • The Irishman snub was weird and unexpected. I liked Leo a lot and wished he would have won over Taron. But (obviously) I’m pretty high on Brad’s performance. But not even a nomination for A Hidden Life. Bafta announced their nominations overnight – nothing for A Hidden Life. Malick wasn’t kidding when he said he wasn’t going to ‘campaign’.

  10. i don’t like the gg since they hand out prizes to the biggest names. this is like the 4th time tarantino wins for screenplay.
    there’s no way in hell the once upon a time script is better than the marriage story script. none.

    • I love them both so I would have been okay with either. Two very different movies but I really appreciate both screenplays. The funniest thing is with how many times I agreed with the winners. I don’t have the best history with award show choices even though I love watching their broadcasts. This year I was pretty excited.

      • I haven’t watched an award show broadcast since Boyhood lost to Birdman. Funny enough, that’s the year I began to read the Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot series that THR publishes yearly. To say that my respect for the ceremony vanished overnight would be an understatement…

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