First Glance: “The Night Clerk”


Ana de Armas is unquestionably an actress on the rise. The 31-year-old Cuban star broke into American film in 2015 but it was last year’s “Knives Out” that opened up a ton of eyes. Things only get bigger in 2020 where she is set to be in four movies including the new James Bond flick and this intriguing crime thriller from writer-director Michael Cristofer.

“The Night Clerk” stars Tye Sheridan as a creepy, eccentric front desk clerk at a hotel. He works the night shift and apparently has an affection for voyeurism. In walks a beautiful yet mysterious young woman (de Armas) who gets a room. Soon after a murder takes place and Sheridan’s character appears to be the chief suspect. I’ll let you check out the trailer for yourself but it looks like a fun little crime story.

“The Night Clerk” is set to release February 21st. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

12 thoughts on “First Glance: “The Night Clerk”

  1. This looks quite interesting .Ana de Armas star is definitely on the rise ( she was my fav for the role of Cat Woman in the Reeves pic), she was excellent in Knives Out. Looks like one to put on my go to list.

    • The first time de Armas caught my attention was in Blade Runner 2049 (did you see it). Anxious to see what she brings to the Bond series as well. This one looks really interesting.

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