First Glance: “End of Sentence”


The Icelandic drama “End of Sentence” was actually shot back in early 2017, but is just now set to debut in the States later this year. The movie follows a widower who reluctantly sets out to honor his deceased wife’s last wishes of spreading her ashes near a lake in her native Ireland. But first he has to convince her estranged son, fresh out of prison, to make the trip with him.

The film is directed by Elfar Adalsteins and stars John Hawkes as the widower and Logan Lerman as the son. It looks to be a story of mending relationships in a fractured family and the first trailer seems interesting despite looking a little predictable. But I’m a big fan of Hawkes going back to his work in “Winter’s Bone” so I’ll watch him in just about anything.

“End of Sentence” is set for a May 29th limited release. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

22 thoughts on “First Glance: “End of Sentence”

  1. Even as an Oscar nominee Hawkes feels underrated. Weirdly, I first became aware of his existence in Eastbound & Down. Has a lot of really good character moments with Kenny.

      • It’s really funny too. I was flipping through YouTube TV this weekend when Rush Hour came on. I had to do a double take when Carter and Lee are in Chinatown and Carter is pumping some guy who is JOHN HAWKES for intel.

        It’s wild. I went to his IMDB page and discovered that I had seen quite a few things he was in as a kid/teenager (Rush Hour, Blue Streak, Identity) but of course didn’t have the knowledge/awareness that he was in them. Has had quite the long ranging career.

        Looking at his IMDB page, the last 10-12 years he’s become more of a rock-solid, glue guy actor who can do anything asked. Seems like Deadwood launched him into a 2nd phase of his career and Winter’s Bone cemented him as a go-to guy. Never an A-lister but a guy a movie absolutely benefits in having on-board.

    • I know. Not sure where this movie will pop up at. It’s such a weird time right now. It’s hard to say where people can find these movies.

  2. I’ll watch anything with John Hawkes in it. Have you seen him in “Small Town Crime” and “Three Billboards…”? The first thing I remember seeing him in was as the liquor store clerk in “From Dusk Til Dawn.” Then in Deadwood. Will definitely be seeing this one.

      • Yes it is, 😀 as a fair few of them well surpass movie quality. But each to his own! (If you only ever do one series in your life though, do Game of Thrones, once you get past season 1 they throw more money at it than any movie got, and the cinematography and acting are just superb.)

      • I think you would love it, I know there are people who pride themselves on not having seen it, or poo-poo it as just being a sex and debauchery thing, but they are brain defunct. Wonderful cinematography, fab emotional and characterful acting, such attention to detail in the weaponry and costumes, it’s a feast for the eyes and mind. Even ‘the making of’s’ are fascinating. OK soap box getting put away now, I just really believe if you’re in to great cinematic experiences, this would not disappoint.

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