First Glance: “The Secrets We Keep”


Things get a little dark in the upcoming thriller “The Secrets We Keep” from Israeli director Yuval Adler. Set in New York shortly after World War II, the film (from a screenplay by Adler and Ryan Covington) takes an intense look at revenge, absolution, and coping with enormous trauma. Speaking to the film’s subject matter, star Noomi Rapace told Entertainment Weekly that it left her and co-star Joel Kinnaman “emotional trainwrecks“. I’m instantly intrigued.

In the film Rapace plays a Holocaust survivor named Maja who is still trying to put her life back together some 15 years after the war. A chance encounter with a man played by Kinnaman brings back a flood of emotion flashbacks. Maja is convinced this mysterious man was her leading tormentor during the Nazi occupation. Maja takes matters into her own hands, abducting the man and intent on getting his confession of guilt by any means necessary. The always good Chris Messina plays her husband, torn between supporting his wife and doing what’s lawful. This looks really good.

“The Secrets We Keep” comes out in theaters September 16th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

12 thoughts on “First Glance: “The Secrets We Keep”

    • I really hope to get an early screener for it. It’s jumped near the top of my to-see list. Of course nothing beats TENET! Can’t wait for that one.

      • So far have missed any posts/news on Tenet and don’t know anything about it, but seen everyone cockahoop about it. Normally I would google but something perverse inside me wants to know nothing until I get chance to see it. Fat chance really, but, you know, goals 🤣🤣🤣

  1. This looks interesting as it play into the idea of Joy Division which was a term described by Nazis who rape and have sex with women who they consider to be impure such as the Jews. I think people should just know those 2 words as just simply one of the best bands ever.

    Still, I am intrigued by this as I do like Noomi Rapace who deserves more exposure.

    • That’s right. I’m really anxious to see this one. The cast is a real attention-getter. And it looks like it’s not afraid to get its hands dirty.

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