First Glance: “Crisis”


While not as prominent in today’s news headlines as the current global pandemic, opioid addiction is ravaging lives at its own unspeakable rate. The new drama “Crisis” from director Nicholas Jarecki’s (“Arbitrage”) looks to tackle the issue head-on by using its star-studded cast to cover several interconnected storylines. Jarecki’s goal is to show how the epidemic and its devastating effects are impacting every social group and every class. That’s a lot to cover but the first trailer looks promising.

The cast is filled with familiar names and faces, each representing different walks of life and each connected to opioids in one way or another. Gary Oldman plays a principled professor hoping to bring the crisis to light. Armie Hammer is a DEA agent battling the epidemic from the trenches. Evangeline Lily is a frustrated vigilante mother searching for her addicted son. Luke Evans heads a shady pharmaceutical company protecting its billion dollar interests. Add in Greg Kinnear, Michelle Rodriguez, Lily-Rose Depp, and Martin Donovan among others. Strong cast, strong subject.

“Crisis” hits theaters on February 26th and premieres March 5th on VOD. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

12 thoughts on “First Glance: “Crisis”

  1. Oh heck yes, I’m going to see it. It’s about time we got a big Hollywood movie highlighting this very real crisis in EVERYBODY’S back yard. What’s bad is that the “legal” community can dish it out with little backlash. In my old job I saw it up close. The reality is it’s more often the parents hooked on them, where it starts with an injury of some kind then *quickly* turns into addiction. Kids are more likely to use weed but are often pulled into selling the pills and powders.

    • It’s tragic isn’t it? I hoping people are starting to wake up to this epidemic. Not sure how this movie is going to be, but if it brings light to the issue it’s well worth it.

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  3. This movie automatically moved to the Never Gonna Watch It List just for that bitch Evangeline Lily. I’m sure there are other actors out there who have been quite vocal about how lockdowns and masks are encroaching upon their first amendment rights or what-the-fuck-ever it is they think this shit is “doing to them,” but this woman became an early villain in this fight against the disease. What a stupid, entitled bitch. While I’m not entirely surprised she has found work for herself despite being the horrible organism that she is, it’s fucking puke-making that it happened so soon.

    Fucking Hollywood. A bunch of entitled hypocritical liberals who don’t know how to apply the rules to themselves but have no problem hounding the rest to do what they won’t do.

    • And this is all not even mentioning the way she is treating Armie Hammer on the press tour for this movie right now. Total shade being thrown. I fucking REALLY hate Lilly. She’s a total cow.

    • Don’t forget politicians. Scold us for not doing our parts but then a camera catches them at a restaurant with 20 people crowded around a table with no masks. 🤷🏻‍♂️

      • Oh, no doubt politicians make for the best hypocrites 😀

        Def not intending to go into a political digression but that woman really riled me up with that shit. She’s certainly not the only one to go flaunting an obnoxious stance on such a simple and basic public health issue.

        I really wonder how movies going forward in the next decade or so are going to tackle the morality of all of this shit. You know those dramas are coming and will probably come in abundance.

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