First Glance: “The Protégé”

For me, Michael Keaton is an instant seller. His status as one of my favorite actors has been solidified in this second stage of career. These days you’ll find him in fascinating variety of starring and supporting roles. They may be in big budget blockbusters or small indies. You may find him with flying around with metal wings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or a traveling milkshake machine salesman on the verge of founding the world’s largest fast-food chain. In “The Protégé” he plays the big baddie, something he’s always been able to do extremely well.

The film is directed by Martin Campbell, the man behind the incredible “Casino Royale” but also the not-so-incredible “Green Lantern”. In “The Protégé” Maggie Q plays an assassin hunting down those responsible for murdering her mentor (played Samuel L. Jackson). In her quest for revenge, secrets from her past are brought to light and (of course) Michael Keaton in knee-deep in it all. Admittedly the trailer looks pretty conventional but the big names add some intrigue. Hopefully it takes this common revenge tale and adds some flavor all its own.

“The Protégé” opens August 20th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

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