First Glance: “After Yang” (2022)

If you have followed my Sundance 2022 coverage you probably already know that I was a huge fan of “After Yang”, the new film from Kogonada. In many ways it’s the perfect followup to the filmmaker’s 2017 feature film debut, “Columbus”. Both films are thoughtful and moving meditations and both feature Kogonada’s easy narrative rhythm and elegant poetic visual style.

“After Yang” was high on my ‘most anticipated’ list and it delivered exactly what I hoped for. This endearing yet melancholy story of a family working through the sudden loss of their android turns out to be a deeper reflection on humanity, life, family, and finding your place in the world. I won’t rehash my review, but I loved the film and now A24 has released its first trailer. It has me even more excited to see it again.

“After Yang” is believed to be heading towards a March 4th release although the trailer simply says “coming soon”. Regardless, check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

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