First Glance: “The Twin”

Those darn creepy kids. I can’t even count how many movies have been made about spooky children. Certainly enough to be a horror sub-genre all their own. The latest is a catchy little chiller called “The Twin”. It comes from director Taneli Mustonen and it seems to have an interesting release model – in theaters, on VOD, and streaming exclusively on Shudder.

The often underrated Australian actress Teresa Palmer stars as the mother of twin boys. When one of the twins is killed in a tragic accident, she and her husband (Steven Cree) relocate with their surviving son to Finland to try and start a new life. But (as you might expect considering this is a horror movie) their retreat to the quiet and tranquil Finnish countryside turns into a nightmare. I’ll let you watch the trailer to see what I mean. I’m intrigued.

“The Twin” is set for release May 6th on the above spots. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

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