First Glance: “Thor: Love and Thunder”

One of my biggest questions regarding the MCU’s next big phase was wondering what they were going to do with Thor. Long before there were even thoughts of a sprawling lucrative cinematic universe, the God of Thunder was one of my favorite Marvel Comics creations. And while I actually liked the lighthearted bend of the earlier Thor movies, it was frustrating to see him suddenly turned into a punchline. So my biggest question going into Thor’s fourth solo movie centered around its treatment of the character. Would we get a better balance or would he remain a blonde beefy gag?

We’ve finally gotten our first look at the film through a brand-new teaser trailer and to be honest, I still don’t know what to think. Is it going to be the movie I hope it will be or the one I’m afraid it might be? I have no idea. We do get several shots of Thor and a handful of his supporting players while the weird choice of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” plays in the background. I’m not sure what they’re going for, but I’ll need to see more before getting too excited.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” hits theaters July 8th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

14 thoughts on “First Glance: “Thor: Love and Thunder”

      • I was definitely in the minority for feeling kind of meh overall on Ragnarok. Loved the visuals but the gags and the tone…little too goofy for my liking. Not that I always need a super serious superhero movie but I actually enjoyed the first Thor. My preference would be to make Thor movie that is somewhere in the middle between Ragnarok and Thor 1 tonally. Wonder if this will be it but do have my doubts.

        Funny you say that about MCU. I’ve long said that after Endgame and Far From Home (I’ll treat it as an epilogue of sorts), it’s kind of over for me. I did recently view No Way Home finally and I enjoyed…but that kind of feels like it could be a perfect official closer and I may treat it as such in my mind. Watching NWH also kind of confirmed my belief that I’m gonna miss out on so much connective tissue from here on out because I’ve little interest in the shows (don’t have Disney+) and I’m not interested in watching every MCU future feature release from here. Like I’m interested in the new Dr. Strange but also hesitant in viewing because I know a lot of it will consist of having good knowledge of WandaVision. Kind of frustrating!

      • I know exactly what you mean. I’ve stuck with them through these early installments of the new phase. But if I’m honest, they haven’t left near the mark on me as the previous movies did. I can’t see myself being super invested much longer.

  1. Thor is one of my favorites also. I haven’t been watching the last few of his movies. This one looks pretty good, and I like what you say here about hope.

  2. Oh… I’ve been watching this trailer several times already and there’s so many things that I love about it. The montage of Thor in different ages as well as an idea of what the story is about in a man that is just trying to gain a peace of mind. After all, he went through a lot. He lost his parents, he lost his brother, friends, Mjolnir, he had to unleash a prophecy by destroying his own planet to save his people, then lose about half of them to Thanos, another half to the Blip, broke up with his girlfriend, and then losing his own confidence until he got a pep-talk from his mother. He went through a lot of serious shit.

    Once they played GNR, I found myself doing the Axl/Davy Jones dance and just let it go. Seeing some of the gay subtext, that brief glimpse of Russell Crowe as Zeus, Valkryie not enjoying the bureaucracy of her new job, and all sorts of shit.

    Then… OH…. OH……. OH……. Child, I needed a six-pack of ice-cold bottled water in what I saw in the end. It made me sleep good last night as the look of that gorgeous woman carrying Mjolnir and in that helmet looking all gorgeous and buff…. I don’t think I will survive this screening at all.

    There are a few things I do hope to see in the film:

    1. A cameo from Rene Russo as Frigga giving some advice to both a young Thor and Loki.
    2. I know they had GNR and confirmation of Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark” in the film’s soundtrack but… can we at least have another tune from Led Zeppelin?
    3. Nebula going fucking insane!

    I don’t think we’ll see Loki in the movie other than him as a child as I think we’re going to have a Thor/Loki reunion in the 2nd season of Loki. There’s going to be a lot of crying in that reunion. It’s also likely we’ll have the first meeting of Lady Thor and Sylvie with Jane telling Loki “if you hurt her, I will bash this hammer right at your head” and Loki would say “you better not break my brother’s heart again or I will definitely stab you”. Thus, an understanding between family.

    • I wish I was able to muster up that much excitement. To me this feels like yet another Thor self-discovery story. We’ve already done that. Have they forgotten his entire first story? Where he lost everything and was forced to go out and discover who he really was. And all that work to earn back Mjolnir and become rightful king and now he’s just tossing it aside to go out and get in tune with his fun-loving self?

      And is Waititi’s comedic style fitting for the story featuring Gorr the God Butcher? It immediately makes me worry that he won’t get the supervillain treatment he deserves.

      But it’s just a teaser. We shall see.

      • Well, Thor’s whole arc is about self-discovery. He went from being this young god who dreamt of glory and nostalgia for what his father did only to remind his father of the shame his real first-born had done. He had to cast his son out in an act of humility though the reality was that Thor was goaded by his younger brother to seek revenge on the Frost Giants.

        I have no problem with that as Ragnarok became one of my favorite films of the MCU as I saw it as a complete deconstruction of the superhero genre where monologues got interrupted, there’s a lot of offbeat humor, a sense of looseness in the acting and freedom for everyone to improvise.

        I do have faith Waititi since I have seen all of his feature films and several shorts he’s done as I know he could manage something like this given that it does play into his entire body of work of comedy/tragedy. Maybe there is going to be this story about Gorr as there is an example of what he’s done in that one shot of Thor and Korg looking at the body of a giant ice monster that definitely came from the comic.

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