Thank You Rotten Tomatoes

As I lay here mending from COVID-19 that I was unlucky enough to pick up during our Disney World trip, I received a really nice surprise via email. Rotten Tomatoes sent me a message telling me I’m now individually approved as a Tomatometer critic. All of my reviews for our newspaper were already included on RT. But individual certification means that even reviews from this little old website we be part of the Rotten Tomatoes meter. It was a nice bit of news.

Thanks Rotten Tomatoes!

13 thoughts on “Thank You Rotten Tomatoes

    • Honestly I have no idea what tips to offer. This was basically my third time applying. What’s weird is that I was already on RT for every review I write for our newspaper. But not individually. I’m really not certain what changed.

    • Thanks so much man. It’s weird how they work. Prior to this, every review I write for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper goes onto Rotten Tomatoes. But nothing from my site. Now any review I write gets included. Really grateful.

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