New on Home Video: “Code of the Assassins” on Blu-ray and DVD

Well Go USA Entertainment has announced the home video release of director Daniel Lee’s “Code of the Assassins”. With its rich and rousing mix of fantasy, adventure, and Wuxia-driven action, “Code of the Assassins” follows a young assassin who gets caught up in a web of power grabs, conspiracies, and betrayal. His twisty, mystery-laced story is accentuated by top-notch action choreography, terrific performances, and exquisite production design (Full review of the film coming soon).

This Blu-ray and DVD editions of “Code of the Assassins” hits shelves March 28, 2023. See below for a full synopsis and features breakdown of this brand new combo-pack.


Year: 2022

Rating: NR

Runtime: 119 minutes

Director: Daniel Lee

Starring: William Feng, Jun Hu, Gina Jin, Qingxiang Wang, Ray Lui, Jack Kao, Shu Li, Hugo Ng

After completing his training, an elite young assassin embarks on his first mission and is quickly ensnared in an intricate plot laid by powerful people pulling strings from the shadows. Upon failing to complete the assignment, he is forced to go on the run—from the government and rival assassin groups alike—as he seeks to unmask the players behind the conspiracy.

CODE OF THE ASSASSINS debuts exclusively on the martial arts streaming service Hi-YAH! on March 3rd, before landing on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD on March 28th from Well Go USA Entertainment. Directed Daniel Lee (Dragon Blade, 14 Blades, The Climbers), CODE OF THE ASSASSINS stars William Feng (Wolf TotemWhite Vengeance), Jun Hu (Red CliffDemi-Gods and Semi-Devils), Gina Jin (Wuxin: The Monster KillerHope All Is Well), Qingxiang Wang (The GrandmasterRed Cliff), Ray Lui (Transformers: Age of ExtinctionFlash PointRaging Fire) and Jack Kao (A Place Of One’s OwnWitness).

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