Lance Reddick (1962 – 2023)

It’s a sad day. Reps have confirmed that Lance Reddick, the charismatic star of countless movies, television shows, and video games, passed away this morning in his Studio City, Los Angeles home. It’s believed to be from natural causes. He was 60.

I’ve long loved Lance Reddick, and he had the innate ability to make anything he was in better. The Baltimore born Yale graduate appeared in such hit television shows as “Oz”, “Fringe”, “Bosch”, and “The Wire”. He’s been a signature voice in the popular video game franchise “Destiny” since 2014. But he’s probably best known for his reoccurring role in each of the “John Wick” films. He played Charon, the scene-stealing concierge at the Continental Hotel in New York City. Just recently he had been doing press tours for the upcoming fourth installment due in theaters next week.

Lance Reddick is survived by his wife, Stephanie Reddick and his children, Yvonne Nicole Reddick and Christopher Reddick.

12 thoughts on “Lance Reddick (1962 – 2023)

  1. I didn’t recognize him from that top image. He didn’t often have a smile with his teeth showing. I adored him in The Wire and also liked him in the John Wick movies. I do not remember him being in Oz but it’s been a very long time since seeing that. For some reason I thought he was African. He will be sorely missed in the world of TV and film 😦 Too young to pass on.

  2. Wow this sucks. Some names hit me harder than others, it’s wrong of me to say that but it’s just true. And yeah, like you said, this one stings indeed.

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