5 Phenomenal Movies That I Like But No One Else Does

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Ok, I’m opening myself up to tons of mockery and ridicule but that’s the nature of the Phenomenal 5 right? After a break for the holidays I thought it would be fun to start back up with a list that should have people letting me know how nutty my taste in movies can sometimes be. I’m listing five phenomenal movies that I really like and but that few others do (ok “phenomenal” may be a stretch but just go with it). There have been several movies over the years that I (and apparently I alone) have really liked. In fact, I bet we all have some of those films in the backs of our minds. I mean just here recently I took some good ribbing over my positive review of “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Well you won’t find it on this list but I’m offering up five flicks that I’ve seen multiple times and still thoroughly enjoy, even if no one else does.



It’s not that “Waterworld” is hated, but it’s safe to say that few people really appreciate the movie as much as I do. Everyone knows the story. At the time, “Waterworld” was the most expensive movie ever made and it never actually made a profit until well into it’s home video release. I’ve always believed this played into the reason why it never left much of an impression. It’s certainly doesn’t feature the most polished storytelling but as for creative post-apocolpyptic sci-fi goes, I found it to be a lot of fun. It didn’t do Kevin Costner’s career any favors. And it’s still laughed at by some and deemed utterly forgettable by others. But I feel “Waterworld” is clever and unique and still a lot of fun.


John Carter

I honestly still struggle in understanding the backlash against this year’s “John Carter”. Like “Waterworld”, it wasn’t the most even movie that you’ll see, but it was far from terrible. And to be honest, I had a great time watching it on the big screen with my son. It also held up well after a second viewing. This isn’t a movie that has any chance of making it on my top 10 of 2012, but I thought it to be a visual feast of cool effects and futuristic creativity. I also found myself interested in the story throughout even though there were a few rough patches. This movie was slammed by critics and moviegoers alike, but it’s a movie that I liked and I can appreciate despite its smattering of flaws.



Okay, it’s probably safe to say that not everyone hates this movie. But it’s also safe to say that millions of Star Wars fans took great issue with Episode I. In fact, many people still blast this film as a devilish plot to kill the Star Wars franchise. I certainly don’t consider it to be as good as any of the three films in the original trilogy. But it does feel like a Star Wars movie to me and it has its own special moments that set it apart. Yes, I dislike Jar-Jar and yes, midichlorians are absurd. But the space sequences never looked better and it probably gave us the best light saber duel in the entire franchise. It was a no win situation for Lucas, but for me he pulls it off.



Talk about a movie that I spent a lot of time defending! With the exception of my lovely wife and 10-year old son, I don’t think I found another person that I know who liked it. It was criticized for everything from the cheesy dialogue to Sam Worthington’s haircut. But I still think people completely missed what this movie was aiming for. I grew up adoring the “Sinbad” movies, “Jason and the Argonauts”, and of course “Clash of the Titans”. This remake was a simple tip of the hat to that past movie genre. It wasn’t trying to be new or groundbreaking. It was a fun, creature-filled action romp that took me back to my childhood. It’s sequel is utter crap, but I still proudly stand by this one. And I still think is does more things right than it will ever be given given credit for.



I really like every movie that I’ve mentioned, but this is the one film on the list that I truly love. It’s hard to explain especially because I recognize that this film has flaws. But for me it’s a great example of how a great lead performance and a handful of wonderful scenes can lead to a genuinely memorable experience. Look, I admit the special effects are sometimes laughable and it flies a little off the rails in the second half. But I love Guy Pearce’s performance and I buy into everything his character is doing and feeling. It’s authentic and heartfelt from the opening sequence to the beautiful final shot. And while most people have dismissed this movie, it still moves me each time I watch it.

So go ahead, get your verbal firearms ready. I’ve made myself an easy target. Which of these movies have I lost my mind defending? How about you? What are some movies that others hate but you adore? Please share your thoughts and please….go easy on me.

54 thoughts on “5 Phenomenal Movies That I Like But No One Else Does

  1. Well, I’m wasn’t a fan of either The Phantom Menace, John Carter, or Clash of the Titans. I did enjoy Waterworld though. Nice list, there are plenty of films I like that the most people hate.

  2. So my first thought when I read the headlines was “So, if I liked any of these, does that make you wrong?”

    But then I scrolled through and went, Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. LOL

    Closest it comes is Waterworld, which has moments, but is still majorly goofy. 😀 Fun post idea…. Bolld. LOL 😀

  3. John Carter is an underappreciated gem.Years from now revisionists will be asking why it did not hit with the audience. I’ m afraid you are wrong, Waterworks did make money despite bad reviews, just not as much as it needed to to shut people up. I think Costner got a raw deal from the public after 10 Years as the movies golden boy. Phantom Menace irritates because there is so much possibility there which gets smothered in pap. I barely remember Time Machine, but I did remember Guy Pearce being solid, I will have to revisit. Loved the original Clash of the Titans, never saw this one. Stand up for what you love proudly. Thus I say “The Quick and the Dead” rules.

    • “The Quick and the Dead” rules? There ya go! LOL!

      Yes “Waterworld” made money at the box office but it wasn’t until much later that it turned actual profit (factoring in the extensive and expensive advertising campaign, etc.). I remember it being shelled for not making up its money during its early box office run and unfairly so. As for Costner’s career…well, more on him in an upcoming Phenomenal 5! 😉

      Thanks as always for stopping by!

  4. Great post, Keith! I can’t agree w/ you on Clash of the Titans but I too like John Carter! I agree that it was”… far from being a terrible film.” Both my hubby and I enjoyed watching it on the big screen and I thought the special effects was pretty good.

    I haven’t seen Time Machine yet but I really want to now after seeing how much you praised it. I quite like Guy Pearce!

    • Would love to hear your thoughts on “The Time Machine”. I know you like a good score as much as I do. It has a wonderful score. And Pearce is excellent. Just get ready for some pretty goofy creature effects in the second half!

  5. The only one of these that I think were ‘bad’ was WATERWORLD. But then again I love Costner’s THE POSTMAN too.

    I liked JOHN CARTER. I actually thought it was pretty damn awesome. What flaws?! It was well written, performed and awesome.

    I like more or less every movie on this list. What does that say about me? 😐

  6. I’ve not seen all of those movies, but I did like John Carter a lot, so you are not alone on that one 🙂 I still want to see Clash of the Titans to see why it got such a bad rep.

  7. I’m with you on Clash of the Titans and Waterworld. I don’t see what’s so utterly awful about either of those films! Clash was frivolous fun and Waterworld was a pretty decent apocalyptic film, no?

  8. I liked these all myself and I own all of them too. I dug Episode 1 maybe to a lesser degree. It did have a wicked saber duel sequence that made up for the rest of the movie. Waterworld, John Carter and the rest are all cool in my book, man. So, I have your back on this Phenomenal 5 list! 🙂

  9. The Maul lightsaber battle is my second favourite fight across the saga, and so although I don’t agree with you that Phantom is particularly enjoyable, I can understand your view.
    I have a friend who also highly praised John Carter – I think I’m going to have to rent it out and decide for myself on that one.
    Very brave list here, I congratulate you! 🙂

  10. I like your list. Though not a fan of “Waterworld”, it is rewatchable. I agree that “John Carter” got a bad rap and enjoyed it as well. Really, all that negativity should have been thrown at “Battleship”. We’ll have to agree to disagree about Episode 1. The remake of “Clash” is definitely better than the original, and Guy Pearce’s “Time Machine” is not slouch. It also handles the typical time travel paradox dilemma well. No matter how many times he saves his love interests she always dies. Why? Because if she does not die then you do not invent the time machine.

  11. I am late to this party–hehe! Been falling behind on comments…

    Had to chime in–because I agree with all except Waterworld (which I disliked greatly). John Carter was unjustly crucified–I enjoyed it, a lot. We just re-watched it and were saddened that the adventure would not continue. 😦 I thought Clash was better than the original, which was ALSO silly, good fun. Phantom was the weakest Star Wars link, but a link nonetheless. Plus, Darth Maul is a Badass. And Time Machine is solid–I did not know–were we suppose to be embarrassed about that one?? LOL!

    Great post! Again. 😀

    • I really really don’t get the John Carter hate. It’s so misguided. I would absolutely like to see another installment but it’ll never happen.

      I’m not embarrassed about The Time Machine but it was called utterly forgettable by many. I don’t just like it, I love it!

  12. It’s not uncommon for me to like movies most don’t; Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, London Has Fallen, Independence Day: Resurgence, Stealth, White House Down, The March Sisters At Christmas, etc.

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