2013 OSCAR NOMINATIONS – First Impressions


I don’t know about you folks but I love awards season. After a year of movie watching it’s fun to see where your favorites measure up with those of critics and movie fans around the world. And of course then there are the Oscars. This morning the 2013 Academy Award nominees were announced and let me just say it’s a healthy field. But as with every batch of Oscar nominees, there are surprises and snubs. Here are my quick first impressions from this year’s nominees.


*Did anyone see “Silver Linings Playbook” getting a nomination in every single major category? I doubt it. Now it’s unfair for me to comment on this film because I skipped it. But considering the host of great movies and performances from 2012, it’s a surprise to see this one getting this much Academy love.

*I was THRILLED to see “Beasts of the Southern Wild” get so much recognition. I’ll be stunned if it wins much of anything come Oscar night but the fact that this little movie garnered so much attention from the Academy is fantastic. This will also ensure that more people will get to see this overlooked gem. And how can I not be happy for Quvenzhane Wallis, the youngest Oscar nominee ever! She was incredible and deserves to be there come Oscar night.

*I’m going to categorize this one as a surprise mainly because it wasn’t a film that I loved. But I was surprised to see “The Master” not nominated for Best Picture. Paul Thomas Anderson’s complex film is something that I thought the Academy would be drooling over but apparently not. It received nominations in several categories but not the big one.


*This will sound weird considering I haven’t seen “Zero Dark Thirty”, but even I can recognize a snub when I see one. The film gathered several nominations but none for director Kathryn Bigelow. That’s not good news for Bigelow especially considering everyone expected her name to be there, but it’s even worse news for the movie. Historically a movie doesn’t win Best Picture without winning Best Director.

*How did Tom Hooper not get nominated for Best Director for his work on “Les Miserables”? The highly ambitious musical just missed my Top 10 of the Year list but it’s still a very good film and was nominated for several Oscars, just none for Hooper. What makes this more of a head-scratcher is that he won the Best Director Oscar for “The King’s Speech”, a movie I really liked but a considerably less challenging film. I just don’t get this one.

*Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” was shut out of almost everything. He did get a nomination for Best Original Screenplay (a no-brainer) but this movie deserved much more attention. This is a snub that really makes me wonder how the minds of the Academy work. I can’t figure it out.


*The Academy did something hilarious this year that I’ve seen in the past. “Amour” did very well, racking up several nominations including a Best Picture nod. It was also nominated for Best Foreign Film. Ok, since none of the other Best Foreign Film nominees were nominated for Best Picture, isn’t it safe to say that “Amour” has that Oscar wrapped up? Those folks can save their money and watch the Oscars from home.

*Some of the most fun I’ve had during the past year was trying to defend my 4 Star review of “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Well guess what? Now I can call it the “Oscar Nominated Snow White and the Huntsman”. It received two Oscar nominations (Best Visual Effects, Best Costume Design). True vindication, right?

24 thoughts on “2013 OSCAR NOMINATIONS – First Impressions

  1. I’m with you – Hooray for “Southern Wild”. It’s insulting that they only nominated 9 films though. They could have tossed Skyfall into the mix and earned all kinds of street cred. 😦 Bastards.

  2. Sad that there was no nomination for Ben Affleck for actor or director. Very disappointed at that. And no nominations for TDKR at all. No technical categories. Nothing. Not even the score? Shocking.

    I don’t put any stock in the awards, just like to bitch when it doesn’t go the way I think it should!

  3. Enjoyable post here man. It’s good to hear your musings on this. Its fantastic to see Beasts of the southern Wild on there and particularly for young Wallis. I haven’t seen The Master it Silver Linings but I’m surprised to the first omitted and the second included. I’m also surprised to see the omission of DiCaprio for Django (from what I’ve heard) and the same goes for John Hawkes in The Sessions. One that I’m very happy to see is the inclusion of DeNiro. This is where he belongs and hopefully it’s a turning point in his recent dreadful career.

    • I know you were excited to see DeNiro’s name on the list. As for DiCaprio, a lot of people are starting to thing the Academy has something against him. Next year will tell. He’s in The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street. Both could get a lot of attention.

  4. Ahah, Oscar Nominated Snow White and the Huntsman! Well at least it’s not for ACTING as it’s the end of the world as we know it. Frankly i think TDKR should’ve gotten a nod for Visual Effects instead.

  5. Yeah, I was happy to Beasts nominated as well. I also loved seeing Amour in the Best Picture category, since foreign films pretty much never get nominated for the bigger categories. The nominees this year were stronger than in recent year, despite the snubs of The Master, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Dark Knight Rises.

  6. I’m really glad that Bradley Cooper has strayed away from his “Hangover” movies, and started doing some good things! He’s a great actor. I also don’t know why the best picture nominations was only 9. why not squeeze in skyfall or the master?

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