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Your Voices is a simple concept created to encourage conversation and opinions between movie lovers. It works like this: I throw out a certain topic. After that I’ll make my case or share my opinions. Then it’s time for Your Voices. Head to the comments section and let fellow readers and moviegoers know your thoughts on the topic for that day!


I fully admit that this is a rather odd topic for a Your Voices feature but what the heck. Jack Black is an actor whose popularity quite honestly baffles me. His brand of comedy and peculiar acting style has certainly resonated with many moviegoers. His filmography is certainly diverse. He has dabbled in an assortment of films including all kinds of comedy, family films, animation, and even big budget adventures.

But let me be honest. I’m no fan of Jack Black. In fact, I would go as far as saying that he is one of the most annoying actors in movie’s today. With the exception of one movie (“Bernie”), none of his films stick with me and most of his performances and roles leave me wishing I had spent my time doing something else. He is one of those few actors who instantly turns me off of any movie he stars in. I thought he was fabulous in “Bernie” so maybe that is a sign of things to come. But as of now I’m not holding my breath.

YOUR VOICES: What are your thoughts on Jack Black? Are you a fan?

So now it’s time for Your Voices. What are your thoughts on Mr. Black? Are you an official Jack Black fan club member or do you distance yourself from his movies the way I do? Are you excited whenever you hear his name attached to a project? Please head to the comments section and let Your Voices be heard.

31 thoughts on “Your Voices: On Jack Black

  1. I’m a little on the fence with him. I loved School of Rock which he was the perfect fit for, but nothing else I’ve seen him in has grabbed me, although I haven’t seen Bernie. I think he’s one of those I can handle in small doses.

  2. I absolutely cannot stand the man. There are very few people that can put me off of something so thoroughly as he can. How he is famous is beyond me, really. I could handle him in Brutal Legend (the game – solely because it was a game, nothing more, you didn’t have to watch him try to actually DO anything). I don’t know, the fact he is famous baffles me.

    … Evidently I am not a fan hahaha.

      • It astounds me whenever I think about it. I mean we all know there are a few tools that got famous and all that, right, not all of them have talent, but he is truly one of the worst I have ever laid eyes on.

        Glad to hear that someone else understands haha!

  3. Nice question. I think Jack Black can be very funny and I’ve liked him in Bernie and School of Rock, but he does a lot of annoying kids movies these days.

    • I’m wondering if his leading comedy roles have dried up a bit? He was great in Bernie. In fact, as much as it pained me to do so, I put him in my top five list of best male lead performances from last year.

  4. I thought he was perfect in ‘King Kong’ because he played an annoying, opportunistic scoundrel. I dislike him in most films. Now that he’s older perhaps he can stop trying to be cool and act instead. He’s in my mental box along with Will Ferrell.

    • King Kong is a good mention. I didn’t really care for his performance there but he certainly didn’t detract from the movie. The majority of the time though…

  5. I’m not a fan of his, but I don’t harbor any deep hatred for the guy. I loved him in “Bernie” and in both of the “Kung Fu Panda” flicks. I thought he was a weak link in “King Kong” but I still enjoyed the movie quite a bit. And I’ll admit, “Shallow Hal” is a guilty pleasure of mine. But yeah, everything else of his is pretty terrible.

    • I don’t hate the guy from a personal standpoint. I just don’t find him the least bit talented. I’m really interested to hear the thoughts of others on him since he seems to have a good following.

  6. I have quite enjoyed him in a few films and I kind of love Tenacious D but I wouldn’t say he’s a favourite and he can be really annoying.

  7. Definitely not a fan. Maybe once upon a time I’d say I didn’t really care, but it’s just his brand of comedy acting I can not stand. I was fuming when he appeared in an episode of Community. Just shocking.

    Side note… Emile Hirsch in Prince Avalanche is a dead ringer for Jack Black.

    • You’re in my camp for sure. I just don’t get his popularity at all. He would fall into the annoying category for me. And what’s weird about it is that I actually like absurd comedies. Just not his.

  8. I can’t say I’d rush to see any film with him in…but that said I did enjoy him in High Fidelity, liked School of Rock and didn’t mind King Kong. So… I’m on the fence. I guess, without ever having thought about it before, I don’t mind him!

    • It’s interesting that I have not found a single person that says they love the guy. I know he has a following out there but most people just consider him tolerable.

  9. I don’t hate Jack Black, but I don’t think I’ve seen enough to be all I love him either. However, I like him as the voice of Po in Kung Fu Panda and his role in The Holiday was pretty good also. School of Rock was decent as well..but then I’m indifferent to Tenacious D and there was another one I saw that I can’t remember the name of…

  10. I actually don’t mind him, I quite like him even in The Holiday, but I can see why he might turn some people off. I think he’s great in Bernie, but I’m not fond of High Fidelity. Interestingly I just heard him on NPR today about his comedy festival or something, he seems affable enough.

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