5 Phenomenal Movie Parties

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With Christmas behind us and January 1st right around the corner, many people will be attending New Years parties. While big crowded parties aren’t really my cup of tea, many people enjoy them. There have also been a ton of big parties in the movies. That’s what we are looking at in today’s Phenomenal 5. I know there are several movie parties that automatically come to mind and I’m going to stay away from those. These are fun and unique parties that may not instantly come to mind. Now considering the number of parties that have been thrown in the movies I wouldn’t call this the definitive list. But there’s no question that these five movie parties are absolutely phenomenal.

#5 – “The Dark Knight”


I never said these would be parties you would want to attend. Such is the case with the great party scene in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”. What makes this such a fantastic scene isn’t really the party itself. It’s the unexpected guest who crashes it. Bruce Wayne is throwing a fundraiser for Harvey Dent, but it’s unexpectedly interrupted when the Joker shows up. Heath Ledger steals the scene by terrorizing the crowd. Batman shows up, a fight ensues, and we are left with one of the many great scenes from that movie. I had to sneak it on this list.

#4 – “The Fellowship of the Ring”


Peter Jackson’s remarkable “Lord of the Rings” trilogy began with a party. It was Bilbo Baggins’ 111th birthday party to be precise and the hobbits of the Shire spared no expense. Loud music, lots of dancing, a huge cake, plenty of ale, and of course fireworks from the gray wizard Gandolf. It’s a fun little introduction to the merry playfulness of the hobbits. Too bad Bilbo wasn’t that enthused. He had a big surprise awaiting the partygoers which set in motion the events that would follow. Afterwards things got grim pretty quick but that opening party was a hoot.

#3 – “The Great Gatsby” (2013)


I’m not the biggest fan of Baz Luhrmann’s wild and schizophrenic style. But I have to say I really enjoyed his 2013 film version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic “The Great Gatsby”. Jay Gatsby really knew how to throw a party and Luhrmann really knew how to film it. The bright and vibrant colors, the sweeping camera shots, the booming big band music, and the surprisingly effective use of 3-D all contributed to making the mysterious Gatsby’s parties so alive. It was dizzying to be caught up in the mass of people who were jumping, laughing, and dancing. It was an effect that I think perfectly captured what that wild and excessive party would be like.

#2 – “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”


Audrey Hepburn. Need I say more? If I could I would find a way to put her on every list. But throwing my bias aside, this is a list she truly belongs on. I mean who can forget that great apartment party she throws in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? In the scene we basically sit back and watch this motley array of characters overindulge to the point of making themselves look like idiots. Too little space, too much to drink, to loud music ends up angering the landlord and bringing the police. But not before we get one good laugh after another as we watch Audrey flex her big city socialite muscles.

#1 – “Midnight in Paris”


Before you roll your eyes and say this is an unworthy pick, let me describe it for you. You’re sitting on church steps in a lovely part of Paris as the clock strikes midnight. An old classic Peugeot picks you up and transports you back to the 1920s where you attend a party for Jean Cocteau. While there you see and hear Cole Porter playing the piano and you meet Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Now that may not strike a chord with you, but if offered I would be there in a heartbeat. This is such an awesome scene. Owen Wilson, Alison Pill, and especially Tom Hiddleston are a blast to watch and Woody Allen’s vision beautifully captures what I would imagine a 1920s party scene would look like. I adore this film and the party scene was the moment I realized it was something very special.

So there they are, my unorthodox list of phenomenal movie parties. Obviously there are many more that come to mind. Some are obvious but others are unique. What are your thoughts? I’d love to read your favorite movie party scenes in the comments section below.

27 thoughts on “5 Phenomenal Movie Parties

    • That’s a really good one and I gave it a lot of thought. Glad someone mentioned it. It’s funny, there are soooo many party scenes in the movies. They are in ever genre and you’ll find them in every decade.

    • He can really throw one. There’s almost a sense of chaos to his parties. Not sure if I would be a regular attendee, but I would have to come to one of his parties just to see it for myself.

  1. Very good list. I strongly dislike Gatsby (a lot a lot) but I am willing to concede the parties are well executed. And I totally agree on the Breakfast at Tiffany’s party. Such a strong scene.

    Other good party scenes? I don’t know if they’re quite a party, but the Casablanca extravaganzas are good, especially the one at the beginning of the movie, when there is gambling aplenty.

    Also, the Michael Keaton Batman had a good party scene.

    I’m sure there’s others, but those are the first two jumping to mind. 🙂

    • Ahhh Casablanca. My favorite film of all time. I’m not sure if that was really a party or just a bother night at Rick’s place. Love that scene though! Brilliant.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting. Really appreciated.

  2. Cool list. The wedding party scenes in both “The Godfather” and “The Deer Hunter” come to mind for me. Harmony Korine’s “Kids” has possibly the most disturbing cinematic party of all time. And since I brought up Korine, he has some pretty wild ones going in “Spring Breakers,” too.

    Without a doubt though, the first movie I thought of when I saw the subject was “House Party.” A great movie party, if ever there was one.

  3. Can’t fault you for ‘Midnight in Paris’ –now that’s a party I wish I could attend. I liked the energy and romance in the wedding party of Baz Luhrmann, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The ballad at the fish tank scene contrasting the craziness of the costume party was dazzling.

  4. Awesome picks!! And these are parties I don’t mind attending, too, unlike the one in the other Leo movie, The Wolf of Wall Street! I’d LOVE to transport myself to Middle Earth to celebrate Bilbo’s b’day… or see Hiddles as F. Scott Fitzgerald, LOVE him!!

    • Thanks a ton Ruth! I was really hoping to list some scenes that differed from the normal high school/frat parties that many think of.

      Oh, by the way, it’ll be Top 10 time soon. I love reading and doing year-end Top 10s. Always fun.

      • Yep, glad that you did!

        I’ll be posting my Top 10 after new years, there’ll be a year-end recap of sort set for tomorrow. Looking forward to your list, Keith!

  5. Fun list. I wasn’t a huge fan of Midnight in Paris, but yeah, I would *love* to go to that party. Great call on Breakfast at Tiffany’s as well — that one didn’t even cross my mind, but it’s a brilliant selection.

  6. Love your selections, and when I watched Midnight in Paris, I actually said “wow, it’d be cool if we could go there” 😀 I’d say This is the End too, as it remains the funniest film I’ve seen this year and a party with all the current hottest comedians… could be fun. Oh, and the LOTR party just seems so sweet that I’d want to go. I distantly remember some crudeness happening there, but huh… 😀

    • I still haven’t seen “This is the End” although I’ve heard some really good things about it. Can you imagine attending that “Midnight” party with Porter, the Fitzgerald’s, etc.? And being zoomed back to 1920s Paris…I think it’s time for a rewatch! 🙂

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