5 Phenomenal Fiery Movie Scenes


A couple of weeks ago I did a Phenomenal 5 list on rainy movie scenes. Well this week I’m doing the exact opposite. Today I’m going to list for you five fantastic fiery movie scenes. Now obviously this list could go in many directions. To narrow it down I wanted to stay away from supernatural or superhero type movies. In other words people who are able to control or generate fire and horror movies that deal with fiery phenomenons are not eligible. But fear not, there are still plenty of great scenes to choose from and considering that I wouldn’t call this the definitive list. Still there’s no doubt that these five fiery movie scenes are absolutely phenomenal.

#5 – “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”


You can consider this my goofy pick for the list but it is still a scene that I absolutely love. Indy (Harrison Ford) and his father (Sean Connery) have gotten themselves captured by the Nazis. While tied up Connery manages to set the place on fire with a cigarette lighter. First it’s the floor, then the carpet, and soon the entire place is ablaze. So the two now find themselves trying to escape not only the Nazis but the fire that was started by their own doing. Some good action and some even better comedy follow their attempt to get out of their crazy predicament.

#4 – “The Artist”


This particular scene happens at the end of the film so consider this a SPOILER WARNING! As this incredible film winds down, George Valentin sits alone at home with his once prominent movie career all but gone. In a moment of absolute depression he destroys all of the movie reels containing his life’s work. He then lights a match and sets them on fire. He quickly snaps back to reality and tries to put out the fire but it’s too late. The flames ignite the room and the smoke overtakes him. Luckily he has Uggie the dog who saves the day. It’s a fantastic scene.

#3 – “Bambi”


In the Disney animated classic “Bambi” there is a raging forest fire that plays a huge part in the film. As the fire tears through the forest, the animals are sent scurrying for cover and refuge. Lead by his father, Bambi races for safety as burning trees fall and embers light up the sky. It’s truly an amazing bit of animation loaded with an incredibly thick, edge-of-your-seat tension. In an emotionally satisfying conclusion we see many of animals finding safety on a small island in the river as the fire consumes the shore in the background. It’s a solemn and powerful end to a thrilling sequence.

#2 – “There Will Be Blood”


There is an unbelievable fiery scene in Paul Thomas Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood”. At one point in the film an accident causes an oil derrick to catch on fire. Flames shoot hundreds of feet in the air and black smoke clouds the sky until the daytime turns as dark as night. It’s one of the most visually impressive scenes you’ll see. The fire completely engulfs the derrick and it also leads to some pretty costly injuries. A quick fun fact – the Coen brothers were filming “No Country for Old Men” at the same time in that area. They had to delay their shoot because of the massive clouds of smoke coming from the fire.

#1 – “Gone With the Wind”


For all of its elegance and pageantry, “Gone with the Wind” has an amazing and somewhat metaphorical fiery scene that is unforgettable. As the Civil War intensifies and the Union army moves further into the South, Atlanta soon finds itself in Sherman’s crosshairs. Rhett, Scarlett, Prissy, and Melanie with her new baby attempt to escape the burning city by horse and wagon. Racing against the fire, scavengers, and the approaching army, the group move down streets, through alleys, and along a burning train depot. The special effects were ahead of its time and the backgrounds which the fire provides are haunting. It’s a brilliant scene.

So there are my 5 phenomenal fiery movie scenes. Obviously a lot more could be mentioned. So which ones came to your mind? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please take some time and share your favorite fiery scenes in the comments section below.

45 thoughts on “5 Phenomenal Fiery Movie Scenes

    • That was one of the first movies I thought of by I assumed it may be a little too obvious. I also thought about a couple of scenes from The Towering Inferno. Have you seen that one?

      • The Towering Inferno is sitting on my DVR, I last saw it when I was a child. Apart from the pyrotechnics I am looking forward to watching Paul Newman and Steve McQueen finally sharing the screen.
        Outside of your chosen five, I thought of Mississippi Burning. I seem to remember the cross burnt in warning outside Dafoe and Hackman’s motel room being pretty chilling.

      • Oh that’s a good one to mention. It has been a long time since I saw Mississippi Burning. That is an example of what I was going for with this list. If I opened it up too much movies like Firestarter and characters like Johnny Storm would show up. I also thought of the movie Cast Away.

        If you think about it, fire pops up in all sorts of movies.

  1. Great list, Keith. I haven’t seen There Will Be Blood or The Artist, but I agree on the other three. Especially your number 1. I don’t love that movie, but the fire is amazing.

  2. Nice one! Fiery scenes are always fun to watch, they’re so visually dramatic. That’s a really cool fun fact with There Will Be Blood and No Country. . .I wonder just how close they were to each other’s sets. I guess close enough!

    A good fire scene that comes to mind has got to be the burning of the Initech building at the end of Office Space. There are many reasons why I choose it, but in case you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil anything! 😉

    • Which scene? There were a couple that came to mind such as the breathing fire under the door and the big melodramatic final fire. But ultimately neither of those are as memorable for me as the five listed. In fact, fire was such a part of that whole movie, more so than a particular phenomenal scene.

      • I just liked how that was shot and the sounds used to represent it. You are right though that that movie as a whole is remembered because of the fire and not of particular scenes.

      • If I remember correctly that film had a pretty big cast, didn’t it? DeNiro, Kurt Russell, Scott Glenn, and a few other pretty big names. I haven’t seen it in a long time but we used to watch it quite a bit after it first came out.

    • It really is worth seeing. It’s a fine movie but it’s a long one. So make sure it’s a rainy, messy day outside and you don’t have much else to do. 😉

      I do think the fire scene will really stand out to you especially considering the film came out in 1939. The effects truly were ahead of its time.

      • Ahh yes! I remember those days! My kiddos are now 12 and 9 which make that a little easier. Not much easier though. A four hour movie is still next to impossible unless they are sleeping over at the grandparents!

  3. Oh, The Artist scene! It was so wonderful, Uggie seriously deserved his own Oscar for the movie. The fact that it’s the movie reels catching on fire was one of the many simple but clever ideas they used in the film.

    • Exactly!!! That’s the big reason I included it. It wasn’t just a fire scene but it was what the fire was consuming and how connected it was to the main character.

      And of course we must consider who the big hero was! He also played a big part in the movie making my list. Such a great scene.

    • Thanks man. I’m glad someone else really likes that scene. For me there are several reasons it works so well. I had to slip it on this list. It was really hard to narrow it down to just five. When you think about it there are so many scenes that have memorable uses of fire.

  4. Hi Keith! I was just joking in my DM, I actually haven’t even seen Backdraft. I LOVE all your choices except for “There Will Be Blood” which I haven’t seen yet. I like the variety, even including Bambi which is quite a tearjerker. I LOVE that scene in ‘Last Crusade,’ it’s just sooo fun to watch those two!

    • LOL! I had several who have mentioned Backdraft in the comments. To me it’s a good movie where fire plays a prominent role but it really doesn’t have a specific phenomenal scene where fire plays a big part. Still it is a pretty cool movie and one I watched a ton after it came out.

      Isn’t that “Last Crusade” scene a hoot? Their constant back and forths and that goofy scene with the rotating secret wall. Great chemistry between those two!

  5. Love that sequence in Last Crusade – it’s a really great sequel and one of the few examples of a “part 3” being better than the franchise’s “part 2”!

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