5 Phenomenally Annoying Actors

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I don’t know about you, but I find some actors incredibly annoying. In fact, often times some of Hollywood’s biggest draws drive me up the wall. Today I decided to give these actors the discredit they deserve by listing five of the most annoying actors in the world of cinema (to me of course). Now this is sure to get me some flack because there are a couple of names on this list that have a huge following. Then again I do tend to go against the grain just a tad. Now with so many fitting actors I wouldn’t call this the definitive list, but these five are phenomenally annoying.

#5 – Adam Sandler


To be completely honest, it’s not so much that Adam Sandler himself annoys me as an actor. It’s just that his balls of crap movies annoy me to the ends of the Earth. For that very reason I am inserting him onto this list even though he doesn’t really fit. Sandler has settled into this groove of churning out stupid, unfunny turds disguised as movies and he seems completely content with it. I guess it’s easier when you are making the money he is. But I would think there would be at least an ounce of creative integrity somewhere within him. On the other hand…

#4 – Seth Rogen


Okay, let the hate begin. Well maybe I am exaggerating the response a tad, but I know many people really do like Seth Rogen. Personally I have never found the guy funny. Like many modern day comedy stars, Rogen is pretty much a one-trick pony. You know exactly what you’re going to get anytime you see a Seth Rogen picture with the exception being his forays into playing non-stoner characters. But even then the movie feels exactly the same as the others. Despite his popularity, Rogen is a blow-hard that just doesn’t impress me.

#3 – Jack Black


Thankfully Jack Black hasn’t been as prominent on the big screen as he was several years ago. For me that is a good thing. Black is an actor that has one act and one act only. If you don’t find his shtick funny, well you’re out of luck. Even when he tries to take on remotely serious roles, that insipid act of his bleeds through. The actor is mostly known for his mush-for-brains roles that fits him. In all fairness I have to say I loved him in “Bernie”. Unfortunately I can’t say that about anything else he has done.

#2 – Chris Rock

84th Annual Academy Awards - Show

I think it’s safe to say that Chris Rock’s popular glory days have passed by, but he still sticks in my side. He has had an occasionally funny moment, but overall I find his humor to be more akin to fingernails on a chalkboard. Rock is sometimes brash and loud and that’s not always a bad thing. But I think a lot of his act is generated from pretty bad and unlikable attitudes that he does little to hide. All of that, mixed with his obnoxiously shrill voice, makes him an actor that I find terrible annoying.

#1 – Ken Jeong


I swear I have no idea how this guy has a career. I know some people find him funny and some like his brand of humor. I honestly frown, turn my head, and often times turn the channel whenever this obnoxious, annoying clown shows up on screen. He is a guy whose gimmick may have briefly worked well but he has driven it in into the ground. For me Jeong isn’t funny. He isn’t entertaining. He isn’t talented. But he certainly is annoying.

So those are my five phenomenally annoying actors. Agree or disagree? Is there a name I missed? Please take time to share your thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you.

43 thoughts on “5 Phenomenally Annoying Actors

  1. Hahaha I’m feeling the vitriol flow freely, Keith!!! I hear you on Ken Jeong. I do like him. . .but he’s driven his shtick into the ground and now we’re subterranean. He kind of is ruthless.

    I’ll agree on Jack Black as well. The guy gets kind of old after awhile, but I was glad to see you note his terrific performance in Bernie. That was so different for him. I find though if he’s actually got a solid script in front of him he can do more with it than some of these other guys can. He’s prob the “most” three-dimensional of the lot, if u will

    • Thanks man! Black did have the one performance that I love out of these guys. In fact it was so good that it completely caught me off guard. Of course it was a Linklater film so anyone would probably excel!

      • Very valid point. 🙂 Although, I’m not even sure if this counts b/c it was such a minor role. . .but I found he was good in Enemy of the State. A dramatic. . .virtually no-nonsense fringe player. Not sure if u remember that one

  2. Ahah, fun post Keith! I’d agree w/ all of these. Well I actually don’t mind Jack Black so much in certain roles, but man I can’t stand Rogen and Sandler. I think Jeong is annoying too but I find it fascinating that he’s actually a successful doctor before he starts acting.

    • Thanks Ruth! 🙂 Jeong needs to go back to medicine. He is abysmal in the arena of acting. And his limited talent shows in the fact that he does the same teeth-grinding act over and over! Arrrghhhh!

      • Ahah yeah I thought so too, he probably is a better doctor than actor anyway.

        Btw, did you see Guardians of the Galaxy? Just posted my review, curious to hear what you think of it.

      • Didn’t get to see it this week. Hope to check it out this week. Sooo much going on here that my theater going took a back seat this week. That whole “130 miles round trip” to the nearest good theater ruled it out. But I really hope to after work one day this week.

      • I hear ya Keith! Btw, what do you mean by “130 miles round trip” to the nearest good theater?? Are you saying there’s not a decent one near you?

  3. Nice list. I mostly agree. I don’t mind Rogen, but understand your viewpoint. I like Rock’s stand-up, but generally not his acting. No arguments whatsoever from me on the others.

    • Thanks! I know a lot of people really like Rogen. He genuinely drives me nuts. I know some of it is that I just don’t like his brand of humor. But I also don’t care for any of the characters he plays.

      • Thats because Rogen doesnt play any characters. He is literally Rogen in every movie he plays. he could learn a thing or two from his buddy Jonah Hill. At least he is capable of diversity.

  4. Good picks! I haven’t watched a Adam Sandler movie yet, his SNL stuff was never funny to me. I like Rogen though even though he is a one-trick pony and can totallly understand why he’s annoying.

    • Thanks! Rogen definitely has his fans. A lot of them. I’ve just never got into his humor. I’ve always found him lame and extremely limited on what he can do.

    • Rock is like nails on a chalkboard, isn’t he? He ran his course and thankfully it’s not as big today as he once was. Adam Sandler keeps giving him a nod here or there but otherwise you don’t see him much. That is a good thing.

  5. I can see your point on Adam Sandler (though I think it’s more bad movie choices) and agree on Ken Jeong. With the others, I really like Chris Rock and Jack Black and think Seth Rogen can be charming in the right part (there have been exceptions). Jeong is even funny at times but is stuck in that same persona right now with The Hangover and Community. Sandler has been in some great roles, but they’re too few and far between.

    • The thing I find so annoying about Adam Sandler is that he is the one making these movies. By that I mean his production company. He has settled in this void of stupid, immature, and unfunny comedies. And he seems perfectly content to keep making them. Early in his career I could handle it, but now he annoys the socks off of me.

  6. What about Rob Schneider?

    I’d definitely agree with Sandler, I’ve always disliked him. I’ve enjoyed Jeong on Community, but his other roles are obnoxious. Rogen is hit or miss for me, I’ve liked him in some movies but found him irritating in others.

  7. Interesting post idea – I like it! I’m with you on Adam Sandler. And it’s too bad, because back in the day, Sandler actually made a handful of good movies in my opinion (Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, etc.). Now all he seems to make is crap!

    I’m also with you on Seth Rogan to an extent. He IS annoying. Although, I did appreciate his work in 50/50, primarily because I enjoyed the film so much. But for the most part, he seems to come across annoying to me too.

    Have you seen Jack Black in School of Rock? I know some people hate that movie (and him in it), but I actually love him in it. It’s an innocent enough movie, and he doesn’t play a super annoying character, I think. I’ve also heard great things about Bernie, like you mentioned.

    I’ve seen Chris Rock and Ken Jeong in very few things, it’s hard for me to think of movies with them in them. Nice list, Keith!

  8. I don’t particularly care for three of these actors either. Though I do enjoy most of Seth Rogen’s movies, and I have nothing particular against Jack Black. I even think, like you do as well, that he’s brilliant in Bernie.

    • Rogen has a pretty big following which quite honestly baffles me. But you get into that whole “comedy is subjective” truth which certainly effects an actor like him. Black shined in “Bernie”. In fact it made it into my Top 5 Leading Actor performances for that year. Unfortunately nothing else he has done has impressed me at all.

  9. I agree with those choices.
    I might add that i’ve always disliked sandler.
    Happy gilmore, billy madison are a couple of movies that people often say were good but i say no, they sucked too.
    The only sandler flick i’ve ever enjoyed was the wedding singer and that was due to the efforts of everyone around him and less on sandler himself.
    If i could throw in an honorable mention, i’d throw in michael cera too.

    • Dude this is hilarious! Forgot about the list and had to go back in order to remember who I put on it. Honestly I probably wouldn’t change much other then the order. I almost think Adam Sandler deserves the #1 spot by default. I’d probably move Rock to #5 although he really hasn’t been enough to warrant a place on this list. Still can’t stand Rogen or Black.

  10. I agree with the entire list….except Jack Black. I get the shtick…I love the shtick. Your assessment of Rogen is spot on. Cant stand that guy. Completely overrated and he thinks he is super creative with his writing which makes him double annoying. Ken Jeong too. I mean…I wish he would stop trying already and just find a new profession for fuck sake.

    • I know a lot of people like Black and I certainly respect that. Of those listed he is the one who has had performances I’ve loved. Bernie instantly comes to mind.

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