Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas. Thank you so much for every visit, every “like”, and every comment you’ve made over the last year. Your time, input, and encouragement has never gone unnoticed. So here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a blessed 2015 filled with great movies that we get to talk about throughout the year!

26 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Just finished, ‘The Nutcracker’. Made 10 dozen cookies, homemade corned beef hash for the morning, and now it’s time for
    ‘Its a Wonderful Life’. Might finish up with ‘The Holiday’. Cameron’s performance is one of worst, but I adore Kate Winslet in this role and the tie in with Eli Wallach. My daughter is 26 and my granddaughter will be sleeping. Sooo, with a Mamossa in hand, we will watch the chick flick and be Merry.
    All my best to you and your family, Keith! Blessings, Cindy

    • Oh wow. Reading that brought a huge smile to my face. Nothing like it is it? It’s funny how Christmas traditions change and evolve over time, but they just become a different type of “special”. I love this time of year. We’re watching “Scrooge” with Albert Finney.

  2. Cheers Keith! May you have a wonderful evening and a great Christmas tomorrow! Hopefully after these couple of days I’ll be back into the swing of blogging a bit more. I’ve really slacked off lately. 🙂

    • Everybody needs a break and a time to recharge those blogging batteries. Hope you have a great day as well and thank you so much for all the contributions you’ve made over the year. Always appreciate hearing from you.

  3. Merry Christmas Keith! When starting this way back in January, you were one of the first people I really took note of. Take care, and here’s to both of us doing our darnedest to catch (and review) all of the award-nominated films.

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