Most Anticipated Fall/Winter Movies of 2015



With the sweltering heat of summer and the barrage of big budget popcorn flicks in full swing, what better time to look ahead to the cooler temperatures and hopefully great movies on the horizon. Fall and Winter will be here before you know it and it has grown into a much more diverse time of the year for movies than it once was. That is an exciting prospect especially considering how mediocre the 2015 movie year has been so far. But the second half of the year looks good. Here are just a handful of movies that I’m really excited for.

“Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” (12/18/2015)


No movie could possibly excite me more than a new Star Wars film. Disney takes the franchise’s reins which can be exciting considering their willingness to expand the franchise. It can also be troubling considering their potential willingness to milk it for every dollar it is worth. I choose to be optimistic and my love for Star Wars, from childhood to present day, drives my optimism and enthusiasm. This is a special series to me and it means everything that Disney and J.J. Abrams gets it right.

“Spectre” (11/6/2015)

007 purists will probably laugh me out of the room, but Daniel Craig’s run as James Bond has provided all I have ever wanted from the immensely popular franchise. Craig has brought a unique flavor to Bond and the subtle and not-so-subtle changes have won me over completely. Craig’s fourth Bond film “Spectre” lands in November and it looks insanely good. Considering the events of “Skyfall”, this installment should have a lot of story to tell and did I mention the casting of Christoph Waltz? I’m all in!

“The Martian” (10/7/2015)


Some people’s enthusiasm for Ridley Scott has started to dry up. Personally speaking he remains one of my favorite working filmmakers which is the main reason I am excited for “The Martian”. In my opinion (for what it is worth) Scott has mastered big cinematic storytelling and he has also provided some of my favorite films of all time. Just as intriguing is the film’s cast including Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristin Wiig, Michael Pena, Sean Bean, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sebastian Stan, and more.

“Midnight Special” (11/25/2015)

Midnight special

Speaking of filmmakers that automatically grab my attention, Jeff Nichols is one of my favorite directors which is impressive considering he has only three films to his credit. But all three have been superb especially “Take Shelter” and “Mud”. “Midnight Special” is Nichols’ new film about a father who takes his son on the run after realizing he is endowed with special powers. Watching Nichols play in a more science fiction sandbox is thrilling. He is a director who deserves an audience.

“The Revenant” (12/25/2015)


I have never fully bought into director Alejandro González Iñárritu the way many have. At the same time I always find myself interested in his style. “The Revenant” is a movie that may change my mixed feelings about Iñárritu and some are saying it is the film which could finally net Leonardo DiCaprio the long awaited Oscar. The western revenge tale also stars Tom Hardy which is just icing on the cake. The first trailer just hit the web and it looks absolutely fabulous.

 “Macbeth” (2015)


This may be a bit of a cheat for my American readers mainly because “Macbeth” doesn’t have a firm 2015 US release date (although one is speculated). But my friends in the UK only have to wait until October 2nd. The film premiered this year at Cannes and the buzz doesn’t surprise me. I mean we are talking about Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard starring in the William Shakespeare tragedy. Whether the film can fully deliver is a question, but all the pieces are in place for something special.

“Sicario” (9/18/2015)


Another exciting film which premiered at Cannes is Denis Villeneuve’s “Sicario”. The first trailer is fantastic. It is tense, gritty, and violent. But what would you expect from a film about border violence and drug cartels. But what really excites me is seeing Emily Blunt getting a tough leading role. Readers know she is a favorite of mine who I believe deserves meatier material. It looks like she is getting that kind of role in “Sicario”. Josh Brolin, Benicio del Toro make the supporting cast equally exciting.

“Knight of Cups” (12/11/2015)


While the film hasn’t been getting a ton of great reactions from early audiences, I still find myself excited for “Knight of Cups”, the latest film from ‘do-it-my-way’ filmmaker Terrence Malick. We got the first look at “Knight of Cups” several months back via a trailer that is as cryptic as the movie will probably be. Still I found myself utterly enthralled by what I saw and my appreciation for Malick’s visual and lyrical style of filmmaking makes this a must-see.

“Everest” (9/18/2015)


I have a real soft spot for disaster films so it’s no surprise that an upcoming disaster film has caught my attention. I’m talking about “Everest” based on the true events of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster. The story is perfect for the cinematic treatment and judging by the trailer this looks like a film that could actually make thrilling use of 3D. And listen to this cast: Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, Kiera Knightley, John Hawkes, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emily Watson, Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, and Sam Worthington.

“Bridge of Spies” (10/16/2015)


“Bridge of Spies” caught my attention the moment I first read about it. First, it is a Cold War period thriller from director Steven Spielberg. When Spielberg is on his game he is hard to beat as a filmmaker. It also stars the always reliable Tom Hanks in a role that looks custom made for him. But the most intriguing thing about the film is that Joel and Ethan Coen were writers which automatically makes me think this could be a special movie. Put them all together and that is one heck of a combination.


48 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Fall/Winter Movies of 2015

  1. It’s really hard to argue with that list, man. Having just seen the latest trailer for Spectre, I’m absolutely stoked for that. I loved Skyfall, so I’m looking forward to that. Star Wars, what can I say? I’m a Star Wars nut, so yeah, I’m excited for that.

    • That trailer looks really good doesn’t it? Are you a classic Bond fan? Do you like Craig’s interpretation? The Craig films are what brought me into the franchise. I’m hooked on them.

      And Star Wars…sigh…Why do I have to wait until December!?!?!?!

    • I loved the trailer for The Martian. I’m a big Ridley Scott guy and this looks like something right in his comfort zone. It has potential to be one of the best films of the year. Here’s hoping he delivers. Sounds like I need to read the book.

  2. I’ll probably check all of these out but like you it’s The Force Awakens that really gets my knees trembling! I only saw the trailer for The Revenant earlier today and that looks promising – every single shot in that two minutes is magnificent. I’m also still a Ridley Scott fan: I haven’t seen Exodus yet but I caught The Counsellor a couple of months ago and thought it was far better than the mauling it got at the time.

    • I forgot about The Counsellor. It is one that I never saw mainly due to the blasting it took. Exodus is that movie for me. I thought it was better than most did. Far from perfect but Scott’s touches made it work. And Star Wars…please take my money NOW!!!!

    • Dude, I hear ya. PLEEEASE let them get Star Wars right. I have loved that series since I was a kid (during their original releases). I can’t handle it if this movie is a disaster.

  3. Excellent list! so many awesome movies to come – The Revenant, Macbeth and Sicario are on my list too, though my most anticipated is The Witch but who knows if they even release it this year

  4. Lots of exciting stuff here man. We share quite a few films, including The Revenant, Spectre, Bridge of Spies and MacBeth. Honestly I had forgotten about MacBeth as of recently, so thanks for reminding me of that film, it’s got serious potential to be a classic retelling.

    I’ll throw in In the Heart of the Sea, The Green Inferno, and Pan. I’m really curious to see how they handle Peter Pan’s classic adventure and while some part of me is skeptical, if it goes work it could be really a lot of fun.

    • I can’t quite get excited for Pan yet but it is on my radar. The Heart of the Sea is definitely one I want to see more from. It could really be good. I’m also really interested in The Walk from Robert Zemeckis. Fingures are crossed for it.

  5. Lots to get excited for, Keith! I especially look forward to Macbeth, Knight of Cups, Spectre–well, gosh, all of them. A Spielberg/Coen collaboration? I’m in!
    Personally, I’m looking forward to Ron Howard’s film In the Heart of the Sea set for a December 11 release.

    • Thanks. You’re so right and my fingers are crossed that this is the one. They certainly have a really strong cast. I mean Fassbender and Cotillard? Brilliant!

  6. Awesome list Keith! I wasn’t wowed by SPECTRE trailer but I still look forward to the movie. Macbeth and Sicario sounds great too, featuring two of my fave actresses miss Cotillard and miss Blunt. Knight of Cups won’t be here until next March unfortunately, I suppose Malick will make us wait, nothing new there, ahah.

    • Can you imagine Cotillard and Fassbender? My gosh! If the material is good that could be an absolute delight. We know the performances will be. And thank goodness Emily Blunt is getting what looks like a strong lead role. Again, hopefully the material is good! Fingers crossed!

      • I’m not all that fond of Fassy anymore, I think he’s overexposed. As you know I have an affinity for unknown actors. But I have to admit he looks good as Macbeth. And Blunt looks amazing in Sicario, yes hopefully the script is worthy of her.

      • In the trailer Blunt looked really good alongside Benicio Del Toro. He plays a lot of these kinds of roles, doesn’t he?

  7. Is Knight of Cups coming out this year? I thought it was pushed back into early next year. Either way I’m eagerly looking forward to this as I love Malick’s work.

    • LOL. I’m pumped for it. November has really become known for some big releases. I’m hoping Spectre is as good as I anticipated it to be.

  8. It’s all about Spectre for me! Of course The Revenant is up there, but damn, I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a James Bond film. I’ve allowed myself a peek at the teaser trailer, but that’s it!

  9. Some great choices here Keith. I’m completely with you on The Revenant, Midnight Special and Macbeth. Everest also looks like it might be pretty good, but I hope it doesn’t sensationalise the events.

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