The 5 Worst Movies of 2015

Well, it’s an imperfect world so I guess it makes sense that not all movies are perfect. Some are merely very good, fair, or downright crap. Today we’re looking at the dregs of the 2015 movie year, the bottom feeders, the lowest of the low. Overall it was a good year for movies particularly in the last quarter, but that didn’t stop these abominations from staining the year that was.

#5 – “The Gunman”


There was something off about “The Gunman” going all the way back to its first trailer. I think it was the idea of Sean Penn playing a gun-toting action hero. Well whatever it was I call it prophetic. The entire movie is ‘off’ and that’s being kind. Penn is never convincing. He seems more interested in showing off his freshly carved physique than telling a good story. And he never looks interested in what he’s doing. Instead he has an ever-present sour facial expression that looks like he ate some bad sushi. Penn is boring. The action is boring. The so called political message is boring. “The Gunman” is boring.

#4 – “The Boy Next Door”


Another year and another crappy J-Lo movie. I’ve always thought Jennifer Lopez was a better actress that her movies suggest, but I’m honestly starting to second guess myself. “The Boy Next Door” does her no favors. This ‘thriller’ starts off with a tingle of promise but it squanders it within minutes becoming a predictable and dumb exercise in tedium. It’s too absurd to be taken seriously and too serious to be good campy fun. The ending is the cake topper – a completely idiotic finale that leaves more gaping plot holes than answers. A total waste of time.

#3 – “The Ridiculous 6”


What would a ‘Worst of’ list be without an Adam Sandler movie? This serving of Sandler’s annualized cinematic slop ventures into the Old West, but aside from that there’s no difference between this and the normal garbage he churns out. Sandler and his usual cronies follow the same formula of dopey characters, overused juvenile gags, and general lazy humor. The sad thing is “The Ridiculous 6” will have a following. It will make a profit. Some people will think it’s funny. And ultimately that will be enough to encourage another movie of this type for next year. Ugh!

#2 – “Fantastic Four”


Talk about a trainwreck from its inception. The Fantastic Four aren’t exactly box office gold to begin with, but this was a film riddled with odd decision-making from the start. The casting intrigued some but felt terribly off to me. I also wasn’t big on Josh Trank who I feel gets too much credit for his overpraised “Chronicle”. Both concerns proved to be valid. None of the cast feel comfortable or even engaged and Trank’s direction is all over the map. And then there is the story itself, a clumsy and painfully dull slog. Hardly anything works in this series death knell.

#1 – “Mortdecai”

Leave it to Johnny Depp to give us something worse than any of the above disasters. You would think his career would be bruised by the number of painfully bad film choices he has made, but I’m not sure that’s the case. “Mortdecai” is probably the worst of the bunch. From start to finish “Mortdecai” feels like some kind of weird disjointed in-joke and the audience are never let in on it. The gags are appallingly unfunny, the dialogue is  lifeless, and Depp’s attempt at quirky humor is inane and frankly quite embarrassing. There are some talented people in its cast, but when the material is this dreadful it just doesn’t matter.

53 thoughts on “The 5 Worst Movies of 2015

  1. Fantastic Four…ugh! I’ll own up to loving The Boy Next Door in a “so bad it’s awesome” way, but we’ve already discussed that. I have no problem with it being here because it is bad, lol. Haven’t seen the others, just yet.

    • Haven’t seen the others? You are a lucky man! Those are precious moments in life you will never get back!!! 😉

      And here’s a question – will Adam Sandler ever make another decent movie?

  2. Ridiculous 6 and Fantastic 4 made my list and Ridiculous 6 was the worst I saw. What a horrible, disgusting film. Fantastic 4 at least wasn’t offensive but it was very bad especially Dr Von Doom. What a lame villain!

  3. For me from what I’ve seen so far:

    1. Aloha
    2. Fifty Shades of Grey
    3. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
    4. Insurgent

    The only film in that list that I’ve seen entirely is The Gunman which I thought was mediocre at best. I’ve only seen bits of The Boy Next Door but not enough to really consider putting in the worst of 2015 list, yet. You will never get me to watch The Ridiculous 6. I’d rather jump to my death than see that.

    • I honestly think a death jump would offer more entertainment than Rid 6.

      I haven’t seen enough of Aloha but I started it not long ago and it was really, really bad.

      • You’re lucky you didn’t see it in the theaters like I did. There were times I wanted to walk out of the fucking screening but I stayed through because I knew I had a job to do. Those are 2 hours of my life I would never get back but it at least gave me one of the best reviews I ever wrote where I had no choice but to kill that fucking film.

  4. Pretty good list, Fant4stic is made all the worse, though, because I liked the direction they were trying to go. It was just a complete screw-up from beginning to end, however. It was a true cinematic train-wreck. Easily the WORST comic book movie to date. It managed to be even worse than Superman IV, a feat which I considered to be unfathomable at one point. Considering Josh Trank’s behavior on set, apparently, I hope he never gets another shot at a triple-A movie again. But the worst movie of 2015 as far as I’m concerned is Pixels. Never before have I walked out of a movie half-way through. It was truly embarrassing. Sandler has talent, but he just doesn’t give a damn anymore.

    • I skipped Pixels which I’m really happy about. I think you’re right about Sandler. He has found a cheap moneymaking formula that (for some crazy reason) draws big numbers at the box office and perfectly content to keep churning that junk out.

      • His stuff isn’t even drawing big numbers anymore, that’s the thing. Ridiculous 6 skipped theaters entirely. I know he has his fans, but I would imagine, even they are getting wise to his crap.

      • I don’t know. Pixels made almost $250 million. And The Ridiculous 6 was part of that lucrative 5 movie exclusive deal he signed with Netflix.

    • Let me say this, you’ve missed absolutely nothing! It also shows you have common sense, something I must lack considering I sat through all of these abominations! 😉

  5. This is now the second “worst” list I’ve seen that features Mortdecai! I think I’ll be giving it a miss then. Still haven’t caught up with the new Fantastic Four either… don’t think I’ll bother either! Thanks for the…erm… warning Keith!

    • Consider this me doing my civic duty – DONT SEE THIS TRASH! 😉

      Mortdecai is simply the worst. Stupid beyond measure. When I did my Best of 2015 list last week it took some deliberating. Mortdecai had this spot right from the start.

  6. The only two here that I did see (The Gunman and Fantastic Four) sucked so bad I am going to avoid the other three you list like the plague! My worst five would probably include the two mentioned above as well as Fifty Shades Of Grey, Entourage and…American Ultra.

    • Trust to be my friend, the two you have seen are in like company. I’ve managed to miss each of the three you mentioned. I think I will be perfectly content with never seeing them! Sandler had another one this year that seems ready made for this list. Did you ever see The Cobbler? I just couldn’t bring myself to watch.

      • Haha – I try and give his stuff a wide berth (The Cobbler even more so as I read it was supposed to be serious). Most people who saw Pixels have suggested it’s an abomination, so it’s another excellent year for Mr Sandler!

    • Good question. I think its because these five are so detestably atrocious that I didn’t want the list to then include simply bad or pretty bad films with these stinkers. These guys are an a level all their own! 😉 And thankfully I haven’t watched 10 stunningly horrible movies to round out a high number list.

  7. The only one of these I’ve had the misfortune of seeing was Fant4stic, and that was an appalling piece of film, to say the least. I’ll be sure to steer clear of the rest!

      • I was in tears by the end of the whole affair, not because of some emotional scene, but rather because it was so painful to watch. When your movie has a horrendous rendition of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.,” you’re in serious trouble.

  8. YES! I’m thrilled I’ve skipped all of these 🙂 Netflix usually did some pretty great original stuff, I’m baffled as to why they signed on to do The Ridiculous 6, I mean the name & main actors alone should be a signal of the final product.

    • Wait, you missed them ALL? Actually it shows how much better discernment you have than me!!! 😀

      The Netflix deal with Sandler is insane. But as I mentioned he has a fan base. It baffles me.

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