Random Thoughts on the Golden Globes

GOLDEN GlobesWell the Hollywood Foreign Press held their annual movie and television gala last night and as usual there were a few surprises, a few predictable wins, and some head-scratching  moments as well. But that’s to be expected. I mean I enjoy them and there were a few applause-worthy moments. But let’s be honest, often times these things make no sense whatsoever. Still, they do give us plenty to talk about as we make our way to the Oscars. So, as I do every year, here are a few random thoughts about last night’s Golden Globes…

  • Okay, lets go ahead and get this out of the way. Everyone knows “The Martian” was not a comedy. Good film. I love Ridley Scott. But you have to wonder if it was shoehorned into the comedy category just to give it an award? Better yet, by it winning what does it say about the actual comedies of last year?
  • Jonah Hill’s bear bit wins for stupidest moment of the night. Wasn’t clever. Wasn’t funny. Kinda embarrassing. On the other hand, Jason Statham was hysterical.




  • I was so wanting Saoirse Ronan to win Best Actress for “Brooklyn”, but if she had to lose I’m so happy it was to Brie Larson. Both films were fantastic. Still not convinced either will win the Oscar though. My fingers are crossed.
  • Remember that scene in “The Martian” when Matt Damon had a piece of flying debris smash into his head? Pure comedy genius. Surely that’s one of the reasons he won for Best Actor – Comedy.
  • No Best Director win for George Miller. Bummer. But I guess “Mad Max: Fury Road” is an anti-awards type movie. Shouldn’t surprise us that it didn’t get the votes. Unfortunately it looks like it will need to be content with nominations.
  • Was it just me or did Brad Pitt’s face look especially stiff and bronzed? Not making any accusations. Just a little observation.
  • “Carol” went in with a lot of nominations and a ton of critical praise but left the show empty-handed. I must admit I was surprised. Unlike “Mad Max” it seems custom-made for awards season.
  • Ricky Gervais played the mean-spirited agitating Englishman to the hilt. He did have several funny gags. He also had some lame ones and others that seemed to come from his ego overextending itself. He was okay but exactly what we expected. Nothing more or less.
  • Speaking of Gervais, the bit with Mel Gibson got a little uncomfortable. Mel took Gervais’ ribbing well and had a great colonoscopy comeback. Apparently Gervais’ ego couldn’t stand it. He comes back out and the two have another exchange that didn’t seem mutually respectful.
  • Kate Winslet’s Supporting Actress win for “Steve Jobs” was a bit of a surprise. While I thought Jennifer Jason Leigh gave a good but not awards-worthy performance, she had some momentum going into the night. She certainly doesn’t have as much now.
  • Hands down, the biggest disappointment of the night was “Spotlight” getting shut out. What a shame. Such an important and thoroughly engaging film. But here’s the thing, it’s not the least bit flashy or ostentatious – both things the awards voters seem to love. Again, what a shame.


  • What a fantastic introduction of Denzel Washington by Tom Hanks for the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Funny thing is the exact same introduction could be made for Hanks and probably will be in the next few years.
  • So Jennifer Lawrence wins Best Actress – Comedy for “Joy”. Fairly predictable. I found that to be one of the weaker categories. I don’t see that win carrying over to Oscar night when (and if) she gets thrown into the mix with the other dramatic performances.
  • I had to rewind a couple of times to get what Quentin Tarantino was saying about Ennio Morricone. Before last night he had never won an award for a musical score in America. That is pretty amazing. His score was one of the best things about “The Hateful Eight”. Too bad he didn’t get to do original music for the entire film.
  • Keeping with some of the night’s predictability, “Inside Out” wins Best Animated Feature and “Son of Saul” wins Best Foreign Language Film. Don’t expect anything to change come Oscar night.
  • Speaking of nothing changing on Oscar night, Leonardo DiCaprio will be the biggest sure-thing at this year’s Academy Awards. He’s not going up against a big Daniel Day-Lewis type performance plus the standing ovation he received was telling. The crowd was genuinely enthusiastic for the win and many in that crowd are Academy voters. The Oscar drought is over.
  • Speaking of enthusiasm and standing ovations, those same Academy voters gave one to Sylvester Stallone for his Best Supporting Actor win. For me it and Best Actress are the strongest categories. Idris Elba was my choice but back when I reviewed “Creed” I said don’t be surprised if Sly got an Oscar nomination. Not only will he be nominated, but now he is the bona-fide frontrunner. Good for him. Plus he had one of the night’s greatest reactions at the calling of his name.


  • Jim Carrey is a funny guy. Where so many floundered on the stage trying desperately to be funny (Hill, Tatum, Lawrence, Schumer to name a few), the bearded Carrey comes out and I immediately start giggling. Is it his goofy, well-spoken delivery or his even goofier expressions? I don’t know. He’s just funny.
  • “The Revenant” sure came out of the Globes in a strong position. Winning for Best Director and Best Motion Picture – Drama makes it the leader in the Best Picture Oscar pool. But some are saying don’t christen it the big winner just yet. I don’t know. It’s hard not to see it as the true frontrunner.

So there are a few random thoughts on this year’s Golden Globe festivities. What did you think of the show? What were you impressions of the winners, losers, or anything in between?


39 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on the Golden Globes

  1. I’m bummed Spotlight got shut out too. I’m okay with The Revenant winning because it’s great too, but I wanted more love for Spotlight.

    Jim Carrey is so effortlessly funny. You’re right about so many other presenters failing on that part. (Schumer and Lawrence were the worst)

  2. Yeah I think Spotlight is much better than The Revenant but the acting wins I was ok with and animated feature. Last year the Globes got it right with Boyhood and the Oscars flubbed it. Will be interesting to see what happens this year

    • I SOOOO agree with you on the Globes and Boyhood.It was so frustrating to see the odd shift of opinion on Boyhood during the time between the Globes and the Oscars. Accusations of gimmicky filmmaking by Linklater and this strange vocal turn to “Birdman”. It was frustrating because Linklater has never made a gimmicky film in his life and he has never made a single film with rewards in mind. His “Boyhood” experiment was extremely risky and he put a ton of his own time and money into the project. To brush it off as an awards grab was nuts to me. But that was the rhetoric that suddenly started coming out right after “Boyhood” won the big award at the Globes.

      • And the love for it seemed to explode. I thought it was a pretty good movie and the camera trickery was fun for a bit. But I really didn’t see the point of it all and there were times where I wanted the camera to simply sit still and allow the actors to tell me a story. But what do I know. 🙂

      • And I found it bizarre personally that supposedly modern Hollywood would embrace a movie thats kind of misogynistic. I mean think about the women of Birdman? They are all shrill, manipulative, and judgemental. It looks good and is well acted but I agree it needed to sit down and tell the story!

      • Good point. And in many ways it stroked the creative egos of writers, directors, and stars. I still think that played a part in winning over those Oscar voters.

      • I so agree! Hollywood always loves things about how tortured it is to be a star…Why the rest of the world declared it a masterpiece baffles me? I did not get the blogger/youtuber response. Oh well. Different tastes I guess.

  3. I don’t care too much for award shows and the only bit of the Golden Globes I saw was Ricky Gervais’ monologue. I’ve always been a huge fan of Gervais and even though I enjoyed many of his jokes, he seemed a little tired.

    I haven’t looked much over the winners list but I was pleased to see a win for Aaron Sorkin. I absolutely loved Steve Jobs and Sorkin’s one of the best and most powerful writers today.

    • That observation was spot-on. I thought the same thing. Gervais did look tired, at times completely uninterested. Sorkin is a dialogue powerhouse but I really hoped Spotlight would have won there. I thought the script was so smart and fluid. But to be completely fair I still haven’t seen “Steve Jobs” so my opinion probably isn’t an educated one.

  4. Good read..and reading thru your comments.. I was thrilled with the Revenant..the only competition it really has is Mad Max. While Spotlight is a very good movie..Me personally, I liked The Big Short much better with it’s pure dark comedy. I’ve no love for Room really.. as it just came off as an episode of Law & Order:SVU to me. But I do think it’s this years Boyhood kinda deal…and on that I can only say the difference is, Boyhood was a brilliant idea behind an average film. Birdman was just brilliant all the way around. 🙂 But Leo is a must-deserved shoo-in and I really did love Sly winning though that category was for me, the hardest pick of all. I like Gervais, always have..but a few mis-stepes for sure..he shoulda just left it alone when Mel responded..no need to have gone back to that..he made himself look petty.. ah well.. Here’s to a good movie-watching 2016. Cheers.. 😀

    • Thanks so much for the comments. I’m a huge fan of Spotlight. It had a pretty prominent spot of my Top 10 of 2015 list I put up a week or so ago. ( https://keithandthemovies.com/2015/12/27/the-top-10-films-of-2015/ )It completely pulled me in. I haven’t seen The Big Short and for some reason I’m having a hard time mustering any excitement for it. I’ve had a lot of support for it though. I was in the ‘love Boyhood’ camp and struggled with some of Birdman. We definitely agree on Leo though. He has this one wrapped up as does Sly. What a great moment when his named was announced. Totally agree on the Gervais/Gibson thing.

      As for 2016, it looks pretty intriguing. Several really good looking movies of all kinds are on the way!

  5. Keith, I’m not a fan of Gervais — tacky and crass isn’t funny to me, but I did laugh a couple times. I just think he’s annoying. I’m curious to see if Tom Hardy is nominated by the Oscars on Thursday. I love your GIF at the end of this post!

    • It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if the HFP went with someone else to host next year’s show. Hardy very well may find a nomination. But I think that Supporting Actor category is so loaded with great performances. Oh, and that gif…pretty funny, right?

  6. I think them golden globes was a good show. They was pretty hot back in the day, but I think all of them are dead now except Betty white.

  7. Ahah, that bit of Leo vs Gaga still cracks me up!! His expression is just priceless. I’m happy for Sly winning too, though I believe you that Elba was excellent. I just think Sly is so gracious about the whole thing so I’m glad he got a standing ovation too. Disappointed by Spotlight shutout but I was already bummed weeks ago that Hardy got zero nominations in a very strong year for the talented actor.

    “Wasn’t clever. Wasn’t funny. Kinda embarrassing.” Agree about the bear thing but you can apply your sentiment to a lot of moments of the night, esp the whole exchange between Gervais & Gibson, ugh.

    • The Gervais/Gibson thing was pretty rotten. It would have been okay if Gervais would have stayed in the back and been able to take a little ribbing himself. But out he marches with that nonsense. It was a big year for Hardy and I’m surprised he didn’t at least snatch ONE nomination. Big, big fan of that guy. One of my favorites since Inception.

      I still think Spotlight has a chance at Oscar. Boyhood won the big prize at last year’s Globes and we know how the Oscars turned out for it. Should be fun to watch.

      • I’m baffled by Hardy exclusion as he’s got so many great roles this year. I also think he’d be popular w/ the HFP?

        I sure hope you’re right about Spotlight! At least ONE acting nom please, I mean come on!

      • Spotlight fascinates me. Every single performance is perfectly in tune with the story. Not a single one draws attention to itself. Truly an ensemble piece. I wonder if that will end up hurting it?

      • Indeed, even the small supporting roles like Liev Schreiber were great. A true ensemble piece indeed, so yeah perhaps that’s why it might be tough to honor just one performer.

        P.S. I just posted an interview w/ 3 of the surviving soldiers involved in the Benghazi attack, surely you’ve heard of the 13 Hours film? I’d love to hear what you think, Keith, hope you have a chance to check it out.

  8. Nice breakdown.

    I’ll say this…I’m not convinced in Sly even getting nominated Thursday, let alone win. He was snubbed by both BAFTA and SAG, so he won’t get any momentum from them, and Creed is kind of dying. The Globes like to reward stars, and his comeback narrative is far starrier than Rylance getting a win.

    I still think Rylance will take the Oscar…and probably everything else.

    • I honestly can’t see Rylance winning. I liked him a lot in Bridge of Spies but it isn’t a performance that has stuck with me. I think Sly’s nomination is guaranteed. My gut says he will win but you may be right. I do think it’s a really strong and moving performance.

      Thanks for the thoughts Andrew!

  9. The ceremony was a lot of fun! It turns out that Ricky Gervais isn’t the only one willing to say “forbidden” things on T.V. Mel Gibson’s comebacks and Jaimie Alexander’s reaction to the prompter were very funny. Also, there were so many unpredictable winners (mainly in the TV categories). Now, to answer some of your comments:

    1) Of course THE MARTIAN didn’t deserve to win in this category. It’s the same problem when they nominate musical dramas: They always defeat the comedies by a landslide, so it’s not a fair competition.
    2) There’s a possibility that, since Rooney Mara was nominated as lead instead of supporting, that the votes for the 2 CAROL actresses were split. I think Cate Blanchett has as many possibilities as Brie Larson.
    3) I don’t understand. If MAD MAX 4 is an anti-awards type movie, why was it nominated at all?
    4) Of course that Brad Pitt was extra-tanned. Everyone has to be when they attend the “Golden” Globes.
    5) It’s hard to talk about the thing with Mel Gibson, because we don’t know if it was pre-rehearsed or not.
    6) Be careful when you make your predictions. The Globe winners don’t match the Oscar winners as often as most people think. Look at last year with BIRDMAN, BIG HERO 6, IDA and the music score of THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL.

    • Good comments! Always appreciated. Here are a few responses:

      2. My reasoning as well. That’s why I said I’m not sold on either Ronan or Larson winning the award. Blanchett will be really hard to beat.
      3. Being nominated is fine and all, but it ain’t winning. There have been all sorts of (what felt like) token nominations. It’s like saying “We recognize that you’re a cool movie and lots of people like you, but Best Picture winner? Sorry.”
      4. Many were tanned, but not many looked quite as…rubbery.
      5. Perhaps. I don’t think that final bit was rehearsed. Didn’t look particularly cordial.
      6. Exactly. As I said some are warning against christening The Revenant as the Best Picture winner. I do think it is in a very nice position heading into February 28th.

  10. Ok alot of interesting things that you pointed out. This is a super comprehensive post 🙂 I’ve been reading your comments and I absolutely agree with you on the Boyhood Birdman saga. Like you, I was firmly in the Boyhood camp and was sad to see the industry side with a film that was quite self-indulgent in craft. I loved the uniqueness, so Chivo and Alejandro deserved their awards. But Boyhood was just all-encompassing and so real. In the end though, I think it was something to do with the way they voted. If I’m not wrong, more voters included Boyhood in it’s top three but more voters put Birdman as first. Still baffled that the academy loved Birdman more.

    I was really hoping for Idris Elba to win though. And Tom Hanks was just pure awesome.

    • I love a word you used describing Boyhood – real. It felt so real from start to finish. Watched it twice in the theater and twice at home. Noticed new touches with each viewing.

  11. I could not even watch the show because my antenna wont get in that station. Im glad Brie Larson won for Room and now I really want to see Steve Jobs because I forgot WInslet was in that one. Having Carol and Mad Max shut out of awards is a bit odd

    • I hear ya. Mad Max, Carol, and Spotlight. Combined the three got NOTHING. But the Globes don’t always line up with Oscar. Just look at last year when the Globes went with Boyhood and Oscar went with Birdman.

  12. I think Stallone winning was easily the highlight of the night for me. Really, really hope he wins the Oscar. All though the banter between Gibson and Gervais was immensely funny too. ”From Mel Gibson and me, Shalom.” LOL!

      • I don’t think its embarrassing at all especially when you truly care about your work. Add to that the fact that Sly hasn’t really been recognized that way since maybe the very first Rocky film. Good for him!

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