Random Thoughts on the 2017 Golden Globes


Awards season is upon us and the Golden Globes got the ball rolling. The Hollywood foreign press sparked several interesting storylines that we will be talking about all the way to Oscar night. It was a fun night will a few surprises and a few disappointments. Here are a handful of random thoughts:

  • Who had the best night? Do I even need to tell you? “La La Land” went a perfect 7/7 which was both wonderful and surprising.
  • The first surprise of the night came quick. Aaron Taylor-Johnson wins Best Supporting Actor for “Nocturnal Animals”. Hard to argue. It’s a great performance, but Michael Shannon was that film’s scene stealer and he didn’t even get nominated.
  • Predictably “Zootopia” wins Best Animated Film. I know I know, people love it. For me it was insanely heavy-handed. Great message but handled with bludgeoning subtlety.
  • Jimmy Fallon was an okay host. The opening musical riff on “La La Land” was a hoot. After that Fallon kinda disappeared.
  • Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical went to Ryan Gosling. Hmm. Well it was a weird group. The inclusion of Reynolds and Hill was baffling to me. And while Grant and Farrell are both good, they are hardly give Awards caliber performances. That’s why Gosling won. But he needn’t worry about giving an acceptance speech on Oscar night. He’s toast when tossed in with Washington and Affleck.


  • Speaking of Gosling, he gave my favorite speech of the night. It was humble and very personal. There was no doubt it came from the heart. Good job Ryan.
  • And then you have Meryl Streep’s speech. As unpopular as this may sound, I zoned out halfway through. I’m just tired of the political wrangling especially when both sides start repeating themselves. The speech will be heralded by the left and railed on by the right. Whatever. I would have MUCH rather heard her talk about what won her the award in the first place. Oh well, it was her time to spend.
  • The Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher tribute was such a tender moment. Just a lovely montage.
  • “Elle” certainly turned some heads. Not only did it win the Best Foreign Language category but Isabelle Huppert wins Best Actress – Drama. Look out Oscars!
  • Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig – Best presenters of the evening (Seeing Rocky and Apollo together – a close second).
  • Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn – Worst presenters of the evening.
  • Did anyone else notice the weird selective aggression when it came to the cut-off music. There was no rhyme or reason for it.
  • “Hidden Fences”?
  • Casey Affleck is a good actor. I’ll give him that. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find any better performance than Denzel Washington’s in “Fences”. Electrifying. I was hoping he would win.


  • Speaking of “Fences”, Viola Davis. I can’t express how thrilled I was to hear her name called for a Best Actress-Drama. It was a stacked category but her performance was on an entirely different level. Pure brilliance.
  • I loved Damien Chazelle’s win for Best Director. “La La Land” was such a gutsy undertaking, but to then deliver the way he does. A truly magnificent accomplishment and a well deserved win.
  • Chazelle’s win for Best Screenplay. Well, that was a little surprising.
  • Did you guys notice all of the beards?  I mean beards were everywhere!
  • “Moonlight” winning for Best Picture-Drama was no surprise. While I prefer “Hacksaw Ridge” out of that group, “Manchester By the Sea” was the only real challenger for “Moonlight”. Up next, a showdown with “La La Land” on Oscar night. That should be fun to watch unfold.
  • Every time I saw Ryan Reynolds I just shook my head. Very likable guy and all, but “Deadpool” nominated for two Globes? Can’t see it.
  • Yes Meryl Streep was nominated again this time for “Florence Foster Jenkins”. It’s become a regular thing at this stage of her career (whether deserved or not) . I’m hoping the Academy doesn’t do the same. Don’t get me wrong. Streep gives a nice performance, but there are so many actresses who deserve it more this year. Hey Oscar, let’s give them a shot.


  • Regardless of whether you prefer “La La Land” or “Moonlight”, everyone can agree that Dev Patel and Sunny Pawar were adorable!
  • How about that teleprompter malfunction? Could there have been a worse possible time for Jimmy Fallon? I felt for the guy.
  • Here’s hoping the internet doesn’t give “La La Land” the “Boyhood” treatment after such a big night. We may like one film more than the other and that’s okay. Winning at an awards show won’t change a film’s value to us. Let’s just be collectively happy that we have some really good films to talk about this season. That’s a good thing.

So there are just a few thoughts from last night’s big show. It was fun in a very Golden Globes-like way. So what did you think of the show, the winners, the losers, Casey Affleck’s hair? Share you thoughts in the comments section below.

31 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on the 2017 Golden Globes

  1. I got one question about them golden globes. How come all them people go there and sit through that mess when nobody ever heard of them moving pictures they talking about? I didn’t watch that. I turned it to that show with them folks trying to sell me that prostrate treatment.

  2. Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn’s was certainly the worst part of the show. The gag went on for far too long and it was incredibly awkward. However, seeing Ryan Gosling win, and give a heartfelt acceptance speech, made up for it. Love that actor. It was very well deserved!

    • Their gag tanked early yet they went on and on with it. I was really surprised at the Gosling win. Great speech for sure. Tender, grateful, and genuine. It’ll be interesting to see if he can hold his own against Denzel, Casey, and others come Oscar time.

    • I’m just tired of the division. This past election has highlighted the divide in this country and it’s so tiring. Just look at last night. Instead of people talking about the movies of the night and Streep’s body of work we are talking about her political lecture and Trump’s goofy Twitter response. Sigh…

  3. I didn’t watch the Golden Globes (though I caught Streep’s acceptance speech later on), but I was very pleased that Huppert won Best Actress. Hopefully the Oscars take notice.

    • I think Huppert and “Elle” have a real shot. Emma Stone will be her biggest competition. Viola Davis dropping to the Supporting Actress category helped her too. Davis gave my favorite female performance of the year. She is so good. I loved Huppert’s enthusiasm. So incredibly genuine.

      • I would be perfectly happy if Stone were to win since she was excellent in La La Land, but Huppert’s performance was something else. I can’t imagine any other actress doing what Huppert did in Elle, plus it would show the Oscars shining more light upon foreign releases.

      • Stone was superb, wasn’t she? It’s funny, I’ve been a bit mixed on her until now. She knocks it out of the park in La La Land and that’s not an easy role.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with Streep’s speech. Certainly her time, but I too would have rather heard about her experience in the business. I think a good chunk of us in the world/US have had enough politics for a while, what’s done is done and let’s just move forward.

    La La Land is a great film. But the only award I’m mad it won was Best Original Screenplay. I think Nocturnal Animals, Hell or High Water, and Moonlight were much more deserving.

    • I’m with you man. I understand frustrations, but the level of division is insane. Think about it, here we are the day after and far more people are talking about Streep’s speech and Trump’s response. Very few are talking about the movies.

      I’m also with you on the Original Screenplay award. I too think La La Land is a great film and I was rooting for it most of the night. But winning in this category was a little weird. I too think Nocturnal Animals would be a great choice. How that story didn’t end up in knots is incredible.

  5. I usually like to watch all of the films before the big awards but was unable to this year for various reasons, so I wasn’t as invested in the Golden Globes as I usually am. I adore “La La Land” and I am happy that it won a great deal of awards. I have yet to see “Moonlight” but friends of mine have been raving about it for weeks. I am going to see “Elle” on Thursday and looking forward to it. It will be interesting when the Oscars strike!

    • There are a handful I still need to see mainly because of goofy release schedules. Elle STILL hasn’t opened up around me. So frustrating. I share your love for La La Land though. It’ll be a force come Oscar night.

  6. Hey Keith! Well I’m Team Moonlight but I did like La La Land so I’m not upset they won all the awards they were nominated for, except for Best Screenplay. I’m with you though that political wrangling gets tiresome fast, even though as an Asian immigrant myself obviously I appreciate her sentiment. I wish they’d just focus on the films themselves and the work they do. In any case, I thought Gosling’s speech was sweet, even if I still don’t think he’s that great of an actor (as I think you’d agree).

    • I think I’m just burned on all of the division. It’s such a fractured country right now and some (not all) of Meryl’s comments were so political. As I mentioned to someone else, instead of talking about the movies and Streep’s wonderful career we are talking about her political speech and Trump’s dopey Twitter response. Sigh.

      I am excited that there are some legitimately good movies to talk about this year. I honestly don’t see a real stinker that will sneak in and steal some of the big awards.

    • Oh nice! Will you be doing a write-up on the Bowie doc? I felt Streep was just fueling the divide. I’ve had my fill of this election and the politics surrounding it. As for Schumer, you tell me my friend. I just don’t get it.

  7. 1) Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Golden Globe nomination had been a surprise. Not only has his name barely been seen throughout this award season, but his NOCTURNAL ANIMALS co-star Michael Shannon has received more nominations. Since the other nominees are bigger Oscar frontrunners, nobody expected him to win tonight… but he did! Isabelle Huppert has won other awards for ELLE, but I didn’t feel that she was leading the race. Aside from those two, there weren’t really other surprises in the film categories, but I enjoyed the show nonetheless.
    2) I think that Jimmy Fallon’s best assets are his impressions. This type of show doesn’t allow him to be completely disguised, which is a shame. Well, he told some good jokes.
    3) My favorite part of the night was when Viola Davis presented Meryl Streep with the Cecil B. DeMille Award. It started as the weirdest speech of the night and it became the most touching speech of the night.

    “How about that teleprompter malfunction?”
    That wasn’t a bit? I thought it was all staged.

    “Here’s hoping the internet doesn’t give “La La Land” the “Boyhood” treatment after such a big night.”
    What do you mean?

    • Always appreciate to thoughts my friend. Nope, the teleprompter legitimately malfunctioned. They had to quickly run a temporary for him. Felt bad because Fallon is a funny guy. You’re so right about the impressions. Viola’s intro was superb! Here’s what I mean when I say ‘Boyhood treatment’: Everyone was fine with Boyhood until it won the big prize at the 2014 Golden Globes. Now when I say ‘fine with it’ I don’t mean everyone loved it the same. But they respected it. After it won Best Picture-Drama at the Globes this weird change in attitude occurred particularly over the Internet. Many people (many of whom preferred Birdman) begin roasting Boyhood. They called it gimmicky, Oscar bait, and I distinctly remember someone say that Linklater was “pandering for an award”. It’s as if the Golden Globes win triggered something.

  8. So much yes to Denzel over Affleck. Make it happen, Oscars.

    I agree Dev and Sunny were adorable, I’m in love with that gif.

    I loved La La Land, but it’s screenplay win is kind of bullshit. It’s got a very generic story, though beautifully executed.

  9. I’m not sure Streep’s speech changed anything and I always remember her standing up and clapping for Polanski so she shouldn’t be going on moral tirades anyways…but Gosling’s speech was indeed lovely. Very humble, brief and sweet.

    • Streep didn’t change a thing. She expressed herself (her right) but mainly to her choir. Trump followed by tweeting to his. Yawn x2! Good point on that standing o for Polanski. Whoops.

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