Remember this trailer? #3 – “The Lost Boys” (1987)

Classic Trailer Flashback – “The Lost Boys” (1987)

I was a teenager during the 1980s and even then movies were a big part of my life. On July 31, 1987 a witty little horror picture from director Joel Schumacher hit theaters. It was “The Lost Boys”. It featured a fantastic blend of horror, humor, great songs and style. And then there was they cast featuring an assortment of young 80s talent. The trailer highlighted all of these elements and did its job of making this a must-see for me. Over the years I’ve come to appreciate it for a number of things it does well, but at the time I remember thinking “vampires, cool music, and Jamie Gertz”. That was enough for me.

So, do you remember the trailer for “The Lost Boys”? What do you think?


17 thoughts on “Remember this trailer? #3 – “The Lost Boys” (1987)

  1. [Comment withheld out of fear of owning up to yet another film this so-called film reviewer has missed out on.]

    …..wait. shit.

    • (Just to pile on to you while you you’re down) WHAT?!?!? Oh man, you must see this one. It was one of my very favorite movies growing up. So many memorable lines and scenes. I think it is often dismissed unfairly. You have to check it out.

      • Like, I knew Michael Schumacher was known for something positive, and not just his infamously bad Batman movies. But yeah I just have not seen I don’t think any of his stuff outside of said Batman movies haha

        I’ll look forward to experiencing this for the first time.

      • The Lost Boys is by far his best. I truly love it. Out of his other movies (that I’ve seen) “Falling Down” about the only other one I really liked. Really good Michael Douglas performance in that one.

  2. I never saw the trailer. I was only 6 when it came out. I do love that film. Especially for that shirtless saxophone guy. The remix video of his song is hilarious and so homoerotic.

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