Random Thoughts: 2018 Golden Globes


It’s hard to believe the Golden Globes have (once again) come and gone and the Oscars are right around the corner. As always there were funny moments, some not so funny moments, some surprises, and some disappointments. As usual I have a few random thoughts I cant help but share. So here we go…

  • There was definitely a theme of the night. Women rising up from Hollywood inequality seemed to make its way into every speech and in many awards. Some of the language was beautiful and inspiring. Others seemed a bit out of place. For example…
  • Natalie Portman’s slam at the Best Director category. Presenting the award she said “And here are the all male nominees”. Now I have to admit it was a glorious shot. But it also felt a little dirty and demeaning to what the nominees accomplished. But they’re big boys. They’ll get over it.
  • Another thing on the womens theme, did anyone else sense Hollywood saying great things about moving forward but very little about their culpability? It was Hollywood that allowed and maintained the sexist (and in many cases) abusive environments. I would have loved to see more of that introspection.
  • And lastly let’s hope Hollywood is serious about moving forward and that this isn’t simply their “Cause of the Year”. The women of the industry deserve so much better.
  • It was great seeing Daniel Day-Lewis there and heartbreaking to know it’s for his last film. Simply put he is one of the greatest actors of all time. In many ways I would have loved to see him win Best Actor but…
  • Gary Oldman absolutely deserved it. Talk about an amazing performance. In his long line of great performances this could be his best and it was great to see him get recognition for it.


  • Seth Myers was fine. Nothing bad. Nothing special. Simply okay. But did he have to yell practically every syllable of his monologue?
  • As I watched winner after winner from the television categories I couldn’t help but notice the slew of ‘movie stars’ taking home statues. It just shows how television has changed. Big screen stars committing to 7-10 episode seasons. Seems weird.
  • Oh, and I realized I haven’t seen one single episode of one single nominated TV show (pathetic, I know). I guess that’s why it’s called “Keith & the MOVIES”.
  • “Three Billboards Outide Ebbing, Missouri” left the big winner and potentially the Oscar frontrunner. With all due respect to the great ensemble, the Globes love blew my mind. So many better films.
  • I’m still shaking my head at Martin McDonagh’s Best Screenplay win for “Three Billboards”. How it beat Aaron Sorkin’s blazing script in “Molly’s Game” or Greta Gerwig’s “Lady Bird” is beyond me.
  • Speaking of “Lady Bird” what a great win in the Best Musical or Comedy category. I’m so proud for Gerwig who was the true architect of that film.
  • And speaking of “Lady Bird” again, Saoirse Ronan! I squealed when her name was announced. She’s been great so many times and it’s wonderful to see her get some much deserved recognition.
  • But can Ronan knock off Frances McDormand who won the Best Actress Drama award? McDormand was good in “Three Billboards”. She always is. But I would have taken Chastain over her in a heartbeat.
  • Speaking of always good, Allison Janney won for Best Supporting Actress Comedy. It’s really hard to argue that win but man I was rooting for Laurie Metcalf. Of the eccentric overbearing mothers, Metcalf moved me so much more.
  • Sam Rockwell winning for Best Supporting Actor? Sure. It’s hard not to like Rockwell. But there were so many omissions from that category.


  • The Hollywood Foreign Press must not care much for music. Did you see them fly through the nominees and winners for Best Original Score and Best Original Song?
  • Gal Gadot and The Rock. Yes please.
  • I can’t bark too much because I’ve only seen two of the nominees in the Best Foreign Language category. But may I say (again) that Angelina Jolie’s “First They Killed My Father” is one of the best film’s of the year? There, I said it.
  • “Get Out” was shut out and I have to say (don’t crucify me) I was glad to see it. I know I’m practically alone but I just can’t see the fascination. Some cool ideas but far from awards-caliber execution.
  • Speaking of “Get Out” I saw some interesting tweets insinuating the movie’s bad night may have racial foundations. I don’t buy that. “Get Out” isn’t good enough. But then I wonder where is Idris Elba, Dee Rees, and Rob Morgan? Hmm.
  • Think about this – both Tommy Wiseau and Tonya Harding were celebrated in the same Golden Globes show.
  • And James Franco winning Best Actor Comedy was okay I guess. It may see him at least get an Oscar night invite. But does anyone really think he has a shot at winning? Nope.
  • “Coco” wins for Best Animated Feature. The most predictable win of the night in what turned out to be a very bland group of nominees.
  • Let’s face it, Christopher Nolan apparently doesn’t make movies that appeal to these voters and I love him for it. Obviously they “appreciate” them but not enough to award them. That’s a shame. “Dunkirk” is phenomenal.
  • Which brings me back to Best Director and its winner, Guillermo del Toro. There were some big omissions among the nominees. But of those listed, Christopher Nolan’s accomplishment was unlike any other. But see previous point.

75th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Season 75

  • Another happy Greta Gerwig moment – how about her speech for the big “Lady Bird” win. Talk about humble, unscripted, and pure appreciation. It made me happy.
  • I can’t tell you whether he deserved it or not, but Sterling Brown being the first black actor to win Best Actor in a TV Drama. Let that astounding fact sink in for a second.
  • And Oprah. I’ve always been mixed on Oprah but never downplayed her cultural impact. Sure, parts of her speech were inspiring. But I still love it when these speeches focus on the art and the person’s accomplishment within the art. I know, but that’s just me.
  • Those Kevin Spacey jokes…WOW!
  • Speaking of Tommy Wiseau, did you notice how Franco, Rogan and company didn’t let him sit at their table? It looked like he was stuck in the back somewhere.
  • Remember when Seth Myers introduced “TV Legends” Carol Burnett and Jennifer Aniston? TV Legends??? Carol Burnett absolutely. But Jennifer Aniston. Hmmm.

Well that’s enough randomness. Lets do it again next year!

23 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: 2018 Golden Globes

  1. Natalie’s diss on the category was awesome and I’m glad the nominees were able to take it as I was even happier when Guillermito won! I hope he wins the Oscar for Best Director but I want him to be nominated w/ at least one woman director. Better yet, 2 in Patty Jenkins and Greta Gerwig. Make it more interesting.

    • Not a big fan of del Toro winning Director but 100% agree on the women nominees. And here’s the thing, these wouldn’t be token nominees. The women killed it this year! Gerwig, Jenkins, and I would add Dee Rees.

    • Get Out has a huge following and I respect that. It definitely does some cool things. But for me there were some glaring flaws and overall it doesn’t come close to being awards worthy.

  2. I really hope Saoirse can top Frances. Not that Frances wasn’t good, but Academy Award Winner Saoirse Ronan sounds amazing and Frances already has one.

    • No doubt! I would absolutely love a Ronan win. She’s an incredible young actress. I think she could have won for Brooklyn. She’s even better in Lady Bird.

  3. I missed the Globes this year, your recap summed it up nice for me. Thanks! 🙂 I also might agree that I’m not one hundred percent on board with the Three Billboards hype. Amazing performances but yes… better films out there. In my humble opinion of course 🙂

  4. I just cannot fathom the love for Three Billboards. The cast was great, but I think the writing leaves a lot to be desired and the direction I found pretty average, as well as the score. I remember seeing a tweet somewhere that TBOEM winning best picture would be a mistake akin to (I actually forget which movie the tweet referenced) so I’ll just say Crash lol! Probably what it was. Only difference is, TBOEM had a nom for Best Drama at the GG, Crash never got one.

    I found the GG’s fine, overall. Liked Myers’ monologue until the actor interaction, lost a ton of energy, but I think he had some tasteful jokes considering the serious matters at hand. Not an easy job. Kimmel, you’re up.

    • I can’t imagine Three Billboards winning in this field of movies. I’ll have my review up in a day or two and you’ll find I have a lot of problems with that thing!

  5. Great comments Keith. For me this whole black wearing thing was great, and everyone certainly got on board, but I can’t help but wonder how many of the men wearing black on the Globes are equally as guilty as Weinstein and Spacey? Also, a while ago everyone donned black to protest the farm murders in South-Africa. And then life continued the following day. These celebrities should understand that looking a certain way is nice and all but without proper action nothing will change. I really loved Oprah’s speech, but the culture of people believing celebrities are able to run countries is what got America into its current position in the first place.

    • As I mentioned I just hope this isn’t Hollywood’s ‘Cause of the Year’ and that they will make meaningful change. I often think they’re more interested in perception. This is no time for that.

  6. I didn’t watch the Golden Globes so I’m glad to read your recap! I too hope that this cause of women’s rights isn’t a passing phase. There is a palpable sense of rage and purpose which makes me think it isn’t, but still… the worry is there.

    • I know right? I think Hollywood tends to hop on a cause but then hop off when the attention dies down. This shouldn’t be considered just a cause. But I worry when I don’t hear Hollywood really speak to their culpability. That environment should have never been allowed to flourish. As I said, the women of the industry deserve MUCH better and hopefully this fire will stay lit until meaningful change is made.

  7. great recap Keith.

    I am actually a big fan of 3 billboards and was quite happy that it won so much.

    I have heard that the Post is amazing, so I hope that it is somehow able to get more momentum before the oscars but ya never know how these things will turn out.

    I really enjoyed Lady Bird, but I’m not 100% sure I would agree that it was the absolute best film of this year.

    I’m also not on the Get Out bandwagon and although I did enjoy it, it wasn’t as spectacular as it has been touted as being.

    looking forward to reading ur thought on 3B!

    • Thanks Rob!

      That Three Billboards review will be up soon. I’m with you on The Post. I still hasn’t opened here. I think Friday is its first day. Lady Bird is really good but it fell just outside my Top 10 this year. Also it’s great to hear from someone who felt like I did when it comes to Get Out.

  8. “Big screen stars committing to 7-10 episode seasons. Seems weird.”
    That’s actually why they do it: Not a lot of episodes means that they won’t have a super busy schedule.

    “I haven’t seen one single episode of one single nominated TV show (pathetic, I know).”
    It’s not pathetic. A lot of of the nominees were new. I watch a bunch of them but, among the winners, the only one I watch is BIG LITTLE LIES.

    “I’m so proud for Gerwig who was the true architect of that film.”
    What do you mean? I know she’s the writer and director, but your comment seems to imply that not every writer/director is an architect.

    “It’s hard not to like Rockwell. But there were so many omissions from that category.”

    “TV Legends??? Carol Burnett absolutely. But Jennifer Aniston. Hmmm.”
    FRIENDS is one of my favorite shows… and I even disagree with Jennifer being a legend. I don’t mean it as an insult. On the contrary, I think she’s prover to be talented in that show and some movies… but being a legend has a different meaning.

    • 1. I know. But as I said it shows how television has changed. It seems like a much different thing than the actors who commit to 20 episodes.

      2. That’s one more than me. In fact, I can’t name a single show on today I watch. And the “pathetic” comment, wasn’t a lot of seriousness behind it.

      3. Don’t really see it as a all-encompassing implication. Not even close.

      4. Idris Elba (Molly’s Game), Rob Morgan (Mudbound), Ethan Hawke (Maudie), Mark Rylance (Dunkirk), Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water). Just a handful off the top of my head.

      5. That was a very loose use of the word “Legend”. Definitely not a slam on Aniston, but legend?

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