2018 Blind Spot Series


Last year was my second full year of doing this Blind Spot thing and it was a ton of fun. It compelled me to watch some films I should have already seen and to dive into classics that others have spoken so highly of. Unfortunately my cinematic journey was derailed during the Fall months. But now it’s a new year which means a new Blind Spot list. Here are the movies I’ll be seeing or seeing in their entirety for the first time in 2018

JANUARY – “Stranger Than Paradise” (REVIEW)


FEBRUARY – “Love in the Afternoon” (REVIEW)


MARCH – “My Night at Maud’s” (REVIEW)


APRIL – “Shane”


MAY – “The King of Comedy” (REVIEW)


JUNE – “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”


JULY – “Tender Mercies”


AUGUST – “Eraserhead”


SEPTEMBER – “The Producers”


OCTOBER – “”Picnic at Hanging Rock”


NOVEMBER – “Harold and Maude”


DECEMBER – “Through a Glass Darkly”


So what do you think of this year’s list?

34 thoughts on “2018 Blind Spot Series

    • Oh that’s exciting to hear. Now I hate that I put it at the end of the list. I’ve seen bits of The King of Comedy and liked what I saw. Can’t believe I’ve waited so long to see the entire thing.

  1. I’ve seen about half of the films you’ve mentioned. The King of Comedy, Eraserhead, and Liberty Valance are amongst my favorite films (the first is a really good companion piece to Taxi Driver), and The Producers ain’t bad either. Admittedly I’m not too big into Shane or Harold and Maude, but it’s been forever since I’ve watched the former.

    It’ll be a while before you watch it, but I’m looking forward to your thoughts to Through a Glass Darkly. I’m a big fan of Bergman’s but have shamefully not seen that.

    • It’s funny, most of those you mentioned are the ones I’ve seen parts of – King of Comedy, Liberty Valance, The Producers, and Shane. I have already watched the first two films of this year’s series. I’ll post my first review tomorrow, but let’s just say it’s off to a great start!

    • Thanks! I have seen bits of both of those movies but shamefully have never sat and watched them all the way through. I’m looking forward to curing that.

  2. Of the films in that list I haven’t seen, there’s Love in the Afternoon, My Night at Maud’s, and The Producers as they’re films I want to see. I haven’t seen Tender Mercies as I have no interest in it as I’m too iffy on Bruce Beresford’s films as I tend to think his Hollywood films are just overrated.

    The rest I can definitely recommend as they’re all great films.

    • Great to hear. I literally couldn’t wait any longer for My Night at Maud’s. I’ve seen it and “Stranger than Paradise” already. Does that mean I’m breaking the rules? 😜

      • Rules are meant to be broken. I’m doing the 52Films by Women and I’ve already seen 5-6 so far. I’m just doing films at my own pace. I have My Night at Maud’s on notice as it’s playing on TCM next month.

  3. I’ve only seen ERASERHEAD, THE PRODUCERS* and HAROLD & MAUDE. I know SHANE, THE KING OF COMEDY and THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE. I’ve never heard of the others. Anyway, good luck!

    *Will you also watch the musical remake and compare the two?

  4. I’ve only seen The King of Comedy and Harold and Maude, which I both liked. Can’t say much about the other ones, but might check out The Producers. Heard some good things about it.

  5. I’ve only seen two of these. Harold and Maude is easily one of the best rom-coms ever made, even if a bit cringy. Curious to see how you feel about that one. I watched The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance for my Blind Spot Series last year and loved it.

    • Really excited for both of those especially Liberty Valance. I’ve seen bits of it and enjoyed it. No idea why I’ve waited so late to watch it in its entirety.

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  7. Sadly I attempted one of these in 2016, didn’t make it through all the films. After seeing your post and few others recently, I should really make the effort in 2019.

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