Best of 2018 – Supporting Actor


Yesterday I started my reflection on my favorite acting performances of 2018. The ladies started strong and now it’s the men’s turn. The Supporting Actor category was equally good with several true stand-outs. This was a bruising category and cutting some from the list really stung. But those are the rules so here are my choices for Best Supporting Actor.

#5 – Nicholas Hoult (“The Favourite”)


I know, I know. Nicholas Hoult over some real heavy hitters like Elliot, Ali, and Chalamet sounds ludicrous. So be it. Hoult was one of the few things I truly loved about “The Favourite”. His hilariously off-kilter performance was something I wasn’t expecting. He and his preposterous wigs stole every scene they were in.

#4 – Hugh Grant (“Paddington 2”)


If you have seen Hugh Grant in “Paddington 2” you know precisely why he’s on this list. Talk about a hysterical turn from a great actor who in some ways is riffing on his own career. Of course he takes it to absurd levels which makes it all the better. Oh, and his mid-credits musical number – magical!

#3 – Russell Hornsby (“The Hate U Give”)


Why on earth aren’t more people talking about Russell Hornsby’s brilliant work in “The Hate U Give”? I’m guessing a lot of people gave the film a pass which is a real shame. Hornsby offers up a powerful portrait of a loving father bruised by his past. He gives us a real-world character who has a lot to say.

#2 – Michael B. Jordan (“Black Panther”)


Remember back in February when everyone was talking about Michael B. Jordan’s riveting performance in “Black Panther”? That talk seems to have died down during awards season and it’s really a shame. His Erik “Killmonger” Stevens is a fascinating villain who is both menacing and sympathetic.

#1 – Adam Driver (“BlackKklansman”)


It’s good to see Adam Driver getting so many nominations this season. I would love to see him finally get a win. Driver has turned into one of my favorite actors and director Spike Lee taps into why. He’s so low-key yet never does he feel false. And his dry sense of humor is a great fit for this particular character. It’s such a perfectly well-rounded performance. I love it.

So there you have the supporting fellows. What do you think? Tell me what I got right and where I went wrong in the comments section below. Tomorrow it’s the Lead Actress category.

31 thoughts on “Best of 2018 – Supporting Actor

  1. Jordan is incredible in Creed 2. He was great in Black Panther too. Nice to see Grant mentioned too. Always nice to see him expand his range and he was a pleasure to watch.

  2. We share a couple of supporting actor picks in my top 5 Supporting Actors of 2018 so far in….

    1. Daniel Kaluuya-Widows
    2. Brian Tyree Henry-Widows/If Beale Street Could Talk
    3. Josh Brolin-Avengers: Infinity War
    4. Michael B. Jordan-Black Panther
    5. Adam Driver-BlackKklansman

    I also have some honorable mentions in: Jude Law-Vox Lux, Tim Blake Nelson, Bill Heck, Brendan Gleeson, Harry Melling, and Tom Waits-The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Chris Hemsworth-Avengers: Infinity War, Jesse Plemons-Game Night, and Lutz Ebersdorf-Suspiria *giggles*

    • We’re doing pretty good this year. Two shared picks among this much talent is nice. Great call on Tim Blake Nelson. If you think about it “Buster Scruggs” is just loaded with outstanding supporting work.

    • Long distance high-five for Hoult! You and I may be the only people who would put him ahead of so many other strong performances, but c’mon. He was great.

      • Long distance high-five, bro! Hoult was magnificent and I’ll be sorely disappointed if he doesn’t make the cut for the Oscar announcements tomorrow.

      • It’s funny, my wife hasn’t seen “The Favourite” but I showed her a clip or two of Hoult and she laughed hysterically. Something about his look, his handling of the dialogue, the tone of the performance. Here we go talking about it again. HA!

      • Haha! You’re wife is very perceptive. Hoult handles his scenes brilliantly. Regardless of how you feel about the film, the performances are fantastic! I’m rooting for Hoult come Oscar time.

  3. While I found Adam and Michael’s performances to be far from bad, I didn’t think they were that good either (even by low-key acting standards and intense acting standards respectively). I haven’t seen the other movies yet.

  4. YES for Hoult. He’d be in my supporting category too. I love that you put Russel Hornsby in here too, he’s criminally underrated for what he did in that movie. Adam Driver is also my #1. I hope he gets (and wins) an Oscar but I know it’s a long shot.

    • Yes!!! Another fan of Hoult’s performance! Great to hear. Sadly for many it seems his performance is all but lost among the film’s three biggies.

  5. I agree with all the actors you choose. But, Russell Hornsby was one performance I did look over and your post made me Realize I definitely should not have because his acting was amazing!

    • Hornsby was really good, wasn’t he? I loved how he sold his character – a loving father deeply scarred by his past life experiences. I think more people need to see that film.

  6. Love your top 3. I really wish Hornsby and Jordan were getting more love. Both were amazing. Donald Glover doesn’t get enough love for what he does in Solo. I know, it’s only a Star Wars flick, and not a particularly popular one.

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