First Glance: “Brightburn” Trailer


On paper “Brightburn” sounds ridiculous, even a bit lazy. Essentially taking the guts of Superman’s origin story and adding an evil twist doesn’t sound highly original. But then I saw the new trailer and suddenly my perspective has changed…pretty drastically.

“Brightburn” is produced by James Gunn, written by Mark and Brian Gunn, and directed by David Yarovesky. It’s clearly borrowing the basic ideas of Superman’s origin but doing something dramatically different with it. Instead of setting out on the path of Earth’s greatest protector we see a young boy with something much darker and sinister at his core. The trailer sets up its premise well and I’m genuinely excited to see where it goes.

“Brightburn” will be here before you know it. It opens up May 24th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or giving it a pass.

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